How long before USA disintigrates as political entity?


11 thoughts on “How long before USA disintigrates as political entity?

  1. Depends on the dollar. How long the Fed can continue to purchase $40 billion per month of shit securities, only time can tell. My guess is shit hits the fan sometime in this second administration of the Messiah god-king Caesar Pharaoh Christ Obama.

      • Turner Diaries/Mad Max. I always wanted to be that guy in leather underwear and hockey mask and have my own feudal fief.

      • lord humungus? he is quite nietzschean too if you watch close enough, he is a “bird of prey”. the gas is all he wants, the sheeple are merely in his way, his way is survival, the only way the sheeple survive him is through the mercenary actions of an even greater bird of prey, max himself, the “road warrior” his second hand man is named crow, oddly “pagan”/odinist (aside from the assless chaps)?

  2. Five Years? The ZOG will be lucky if their dollar-drowned, debt-Ponziconomy lasts another 5 months. Personally, I can hear the guywires humming and stretching right now. So does the Regime. That’s why the sudden, desperate gun-grab.

    • Yep. People here underestimate how long a shit oligarchy can last. So long as people have food on the table and heat in their homes – bread and circuses – they’ll tolerate quite a lot. Of course, there’s always the Black Swan.

  3. Which political entity are you talking about? The USA of the early 1800s? Post Civil-War USA? 20th century USA? Because all of those are long dead. The version we have today is not meant to stand alone, it is meant as a transition to world socialism. Most likely, the political entity known as the US will remain a long time, it will simply shift ideologies around like it has in the past.

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