Will Next Pope Be Non-Western (African or Mestizo)?

Although it probably wasn’t intentional, Matthew Yglesias had a telling tweet today about the selection of the next Pope:

“Catholics can rebrand with Hispanic Pope who makes random Tupac references.”

Yglesias was referencing (the non-mestizo) Catholic Marco Rubio who often and randomly quotes the gangster-rapper Saint Tupac de Harlem. (Reminds me of Idiocracy.) What Yglesias may or may not know, is how tribal identity is one of the most salient features of religion.   Although European Christianity stressed abstract theology, hunter-gatherer religion has been theology-free, instead emphasizing tribal solidarity, frenetic dance, trances, healing, etc.  Third World Christianity resembles more the latter.

As Christianity is quickly becoming a non-Western religion, one can soon expect a non-Western Pope, probably African or Mestizo.  Talking heads, especially conservatives, are already lobbying for some African witch doctor named Kodwo Appiah.  What many of these pundits fail to realize is how the terms “liberal” and “conservative” are almost meaningless when discussing Western vs. Non-Western religion.  HBD trumps ideology. African Pentecostalism and African Catholicism have more in common with each other than either does with Western Christianity.  Conservative Western Anglicans, who put their hope in conservative African Christianity, were a little taken back recently when a conservative African Anglican bishop called for “a war against the white man.”  While African or Mestizo Christians might be “pro-life” or “against gay marriage,” they most certainly harbor resentment against Westerners / whites, favor redistribution of wealth from the West to the Third World, want massive amounts of foreign aid or naive adoptive parents to feed the children are incapable of caring for, and want to flood the West with Third World immigration.

Christianity is a mess, especially in the West, which has taken on many of the worst aspects of political correctness and seems to be inundated with pathological altruism.  (I recently heard some religious talking head telling white people not to have white children but rather to adopt black children.)

Whither, Westerners?  As I see it, there are three options:  agnosticism / atheism, explicitly Pro-Western Christianity, or Neo-Paganism. (I’ll refrain from saying which I favor.)

What do you think?  Two polls:


31 thoughts on “Will Next Pope Be Non-Western (African or Mestizo)?

  1. Great post. Don’t look forward to hearing movement cons lobby for some black Pope as if he’s the next Herman Cain! Drudge already is promoting Kodwo Appiah.

  2. There’s really only one non-kosher option: paganism. But not the New Age crap. That’s heavily kosher and full of degenerates. I’m more with the Varg Vikernes brand of paganism with a lot of Greco-Roman philosophy mixed in.

  3. again i think that is would be a blessing (lol) for christianity to take on entirely alien cultural norms, that’ll drive the christians nuts and drive more of them into the WN sphere, if anything christianity would be useful if we could keep the idea of jesus as a whiteman, but ultimately he is a jew and that allows philo-semitism and ultimately semetic cultural domination. paganism or neo-opalism,odalism,odinism,asatru,etc is quite interesting and alluring, but i think you are forgetting to mention the choice of humanism, in particular nietzschean supra-humanism, as that is what is needed until a new order is established, one without the vapid nihilism and lack of seriousness, an age without trolling

    • because the problem of “new religions” these days is that they will putrify amongst the stripmalls and xboxs, without any sort of threat that they can address. (christinsanity–>totalitarian reassurtion of power over crumbling roman empire)

      • please digress? a Holy roman empire sort of job? or USA n RUS WN totalitarian superstate based on piercian logic and all the nuclear weapons

  4. Neopagans are living in a comic book fantasy. Only an explicitly pro-western Christianity can save the West! Paganism failed 2,000 years ago. Why will it work this time?

    • Yes, let us continue to worship the Jews. Without Jews, we’d still be barbaric savages, right? All hail Rabbi Yeshua son of Yosef, cosmic Jewish zombie of the Jew desert god Yahweh!

  5. Obviously Christianity was subverted by progressivism, just like every other institution of Western civilization.

    But Christianity was ripe for subversion. It includes too much rhetoric that can easily be used to make points that are universalistic and egalitarian. It seems like it will be very difficult to convincingly make Christianity ethnocentric again.

    It is doing a lot of harm now. My Christian, aging boomer parents are pretty reactionary and they’re very disillusioned with real life non-whites. But they are still mouthing these universalist anti-racist platitudes and sending money to Africa, due to their religion. Instead of basing their views on real life non whites, they base them on a few upstanding non-white celebrity preachers and columnists. It’s very difficult to counter something that is explicitly faith based like that.

    If not for Christianity, they’d probably be race realists by now, since the pillars of blank slate progressivism have pretty much been demolished by genetic science.

    Agnosticism is obviously the most rational position and it should probably be the (secret) belief system of our leaders, but it seems unlikely that a successful society can be based on it. People need religion, even white people. If you don’t give them one they will create a secular religion, like progressivism. So that leaves some sort of non-decadent neo-paganism… or Islam.

    So, neo-paganism it is. Ugh.

    • Christianity was a Jewish subversive religion to begin with. Before Saul of Tarsus came along and figured out how to sell it to the gullible goyim, Christianity was strictly a Jewish cult that worshiped a dead Jew on a stick and a Jew sand god named Yahweh.

    • Look, I know full well that a significant percentage of :”real life” blacks leave a lot to be desired culturally. I know better than anyone else here ever could.

      But I’m a “real life” black person too. Oh, wait, I know. Exceptions just prove the rule, right?

      Christianity asks a lot of us as human beings. Hard stuff, to buck against our natural inclinations in favor of transcendent virtues. That is what makes it superior to other religions.

      I’m mostly a lurker and will now return to that more comfortable position, but before I go away I wanted to say that this is a thought provoking blog, whether I agree with all of it or not. Anything that induces an increasingly thinking deficient culture to think is of merit.

      • Christianity is a wonderfully reactionary religion, whereas neo paganism is inherently left wing, and paganism is dead. Julian’s effort to revive paganism showed it was dead beyond hope of revival.

        On the other hand, Christianity is showing alarming symptoms of being dead beyond hope of revival. Progressives are retaining the old bottles with their old labels, pouring out the Christian content, and pouring in progressive content.

  6. The next Pope won’t be “mestizo”. The Latin American choices are all very white, as is most of the Latin American hierarchy. The one from Argentina is Italian, and is probably eligible for an Italian passport by virtue of his parents’ birth; the Brazilian is German, though it may be more than one generation back. The Colombian won’t be made Pope because he was bad on the priestly abuse issue, but he’s whiter than the other two.

    • Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera (Mexico City) is definitely mestizo and is rumored to be on the short list. He’s also very concerned about “immigration” and “social justice.”

  7. Logical fallacy: Christianity is decadent now. The West is decadent now, thus Christianity caused (post)modern Western decadence.

    No. Christianity is a mirror. It reflects the Zeitgeist, it does not cause it.

      • One’s attitude on Jews is also not necessarily related to degree of Christian belief. It’s the same. Philosemitism is everywhere, not somehow emanating from Christianity. Christianity went in that direction after that view became dominant for unrelated reasons.

        Christianity has been struggling to stay relevant, and so it has followed society ‘leftward’ in the pasty, say, fifty years. You’re putting the cart before the horse, I think.

        If Christianity is definitely “Jew-worship”, why would Luther have published anti-Jewish tracts?

      • Luther spent most of his life being a Jew-lover and it wasn’t until toward the end of his life he became anti-Jew. But that doesn’t matter. How do you reconcile White Nationalism with a religion that is universalist, with all the angels being Jews, all the most important saints are Jews, your Messiah is a Jew and the god you worship is a Jew god? Christ-insanity is a 100% kosher religion for goyim.

      • Jew or no Jew, the fact that Christianity is not ethnic-particularist is enough reason to discard it in favour of a religion that is.

      • And why not the religion of your ancestors? It is the total package. Racial purity, no Jews, European values and virtues. And you can either believe the gods exist or not (simply archetypes).

  8. Once the Papacy goes black, it won’t go back. Be assured that a black Pope will stack the pool of cardinals with his co-ethnics to assure that future popes are black too. This much is certain.

  9. agnosticism atheism has the advantage of truth, but how can we gussy it up so that it serves the functions of a religion?

    Pro western Christianity could only happen if the Cathedral is overthrown, and a military dictatorship or some such mandates an official Christianity that is pro western – but then the same is true for any pro western religion, or agnostic substitute for religion.

    Paganism is dead, and neo paganism is inherently leftist.

    • Why is neo-paganism inherently leftist?

      It’s pretty much amorphous, you can pick and choose whatever you want to put into it. There isn’t really an established neo-pagan tradition or body of doctrine, there are just some unimportant groups that can be ignored if needed.

  10. According to St. Malachy, 12th cent, or a Benedictine, 16th cent., – either way we get Peter or Pedro and that is pope number 112 and the last one. Then it’s game over.

    “The city of seven hills (Roma) will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end”.

    So if you are pagan oriented I suggest you might be in a foxhole soon and there are no atheists in a foxhole, it is said.

    Having avoided the Mayan calendar stuff we now get the Pedro prediction. Maybe the next asteroid won’t miss. In the meantime we’ll have a new pope soon so check out his given name or the name he takes as Il Papa. If it is Peter/Pedro then start praying.

  11. Marco Rubio isn’t mestizo, but he likely has non-trivial Amerind and sub-Saharan African ancestry. “White” Latin Americans tend to have non-trivial Amerind and or sub-Saharan African ancestry, even when they exhibit very white looking phenotypes. And even pure Spaniards and Portuguese in Europe have low levels of sub-Saharan admixture.

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  13. Ugh I don’t like any of these option.

    I don’t like the liberal and jewish elements of Christianity.

    But as Moldbug says, God is a useful concept and teaches us a lot about hierarchy, wisdom, and service.

    In all honesty, we should probably roll with Agnosticism and add Pagan/Christian elements.

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  15. he will be a queer irish pedophile that declares irsish whiskey to be holy and blesseded and requires everyone to drink it and use it as an enema

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