Interesting Stories In the News

James Howard Kunstler talks about wishful thinking, economic collapse, decline of big retail, and immigration restriction.

Steve Sailer provides comprehensive analysis of white vote in 2012 election.

Nicholas Wade writes on anthropologist Napoleon A. Chagnon and notes that East Asian physical traits linked to 35,000-year-old mutation.

Vox Day argues that fewer whites means more polarized politics.

Satoshi Kanazawa ‏discusses why children must inherit their last names from their father, not their mother.

China invests heavily into discovering link between IQ and genetics.  (Meanwhile, US continues to suppress and unfund all research violating the taboos of political correctness.)

Education Realist writes on why we don’t teach proofs in geometry any more.

USDA/Mexican consulates tell Mexicans that receiving food stamps in USA won’t hurt chances of gaining American citizenship.

Sultan Knish argues that amnesty is a declaration of war by big government and big business against the American middle class.

Peter Brimelow provides six points to remember about the 2013 “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” a.k.a. Amnesty War.

Daily Caller reports that 2 billion spent annually for Medicaid emergencies, largely for illegal immigrant baby deliveries.

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