Fear of a Black Pope: Weenie of the Week: Not Rod Dreher!

Weenie of the Week

Here at Occam’s Razor, I propose we periodically award the “Weenie of the Week” badge to any white person who displays wanton pathological altruism or ethnomasochism.  I know, the number is many but there’s something to be said for creating a culture of shame, so even better to shame someone who should know better.

This week’s winner is Rod Dreher, who recently wrote “Fear of a Black Pope,” quoting some pathological altruist blowhard named Mark Shea, where Dreher says he hopes the next Pope isn’t white but black.  Dreher writes:

“If the cardinals elect a pope from the Global South, as I hope they will, it will be a shock, and a good one, to First World Catholics and other Christians.”

Don’t get me wrong.  Dreher writes some good things.  I like Dreher; he’s a good guy. But he often comes across as an ethnomasochist sissy, as the above quote demonstrates, where Dreher is essentially cheerleading the dispossession of whites from white-built institutions.

I’m not particularly religious, nor am I Catholic, but the Catholic Church is one of richest institutions and largest real estate holders in all of Europe (and the world)….and Dreher wants to turn it all over to some African witch doctor?

Again, this only demonstrates the utter stupidity of conservatives, who would side with black pope because he’s “pro-life / anti-gay,” even though this very black pope would most surely support the global dispossession of whites through mass immigration and global wealth redistribution.  In the continuing saga of the de-Westernization of Christianity, are many white religious conservatives going to end up being self-hating “wiggers” that re-brand Christianity with slogans from rappers like Public Enemy?

P.S.  Dreher is no stranger to weenie awards.  Back in 2009, he was nominated for the Chateau Heartiste “Beta Male of the Month” award.

P.P.S.  I notice that the phrase “African witch doctor” to describe a potential black pope is becoming popular. I hope more people start using it.


Rod Dreher defends neo-paganism here.  Rod’s post on neopaganism is quite interesting and demonstrates clear thinking-outside-the-PC-box skills, notwithstanding Dreher’s PC water-carrying quote above.  I hereby retract the Weenie Award for Rod Dreher this week.  Perhaps you can make other suggestions in the comments below?  Maybe we should just move the Weenie Award over to Mark Shea and make him the beneficiary.


12 thoughts on “Fear of a Black Pope: Weenie of the Week: Not Rod Dreher!

    • That’s what I am wondering as well. He seems very like that other pseudo-Christian Michael Coren, who is demonstrably Jewish in his views, words, values and by birth

  1. I like Dreher but his whining becomes tiresome. Mark Shea, on the other hand, is an insufferable idiot. I doubt he has a reader with an IQ higher than room temp.

    • I’m one of his readers, and given your post above, John, I don’t think I’d be too worried about matching my IQ up against yours.

  2. A good reason to pick the Cardinal from the Phillipines would be he is ethnically Chinese and speaks fluent Mandarin. There are a lot of Christians in China but very few Catholics.

    The Cardinal from Honduras is so anti-Israel that I don’t see him being pope after the last two popes were friendly to Israel. The trouble with virtually the entire Catholic Church in Latin America is that they have swallowed the “social justice” kool-aid and l”libeartion theolgy” crap.

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