Cultural Anthropologists: Small-Minded Guardians of Political Correctness

The plight of anthropology is an interesting one.  If one were living in the early 20th century, anthropology would have been one of the most interesting subjects to study.  Anthropologists were beginning scientifically to understand human biodiversity, wrote on it, and had great influence on other disciplines.  Many of the best and brightest minds of this era, if not anthropologists themselves, were at least interested in anthropology.  Fast forward to today, and the subject of anthropology (esp. “cultural” anthropology) is nearly a joke, which as no influence outside its department and is generally mocked by better and brighter scholars.  While there still are many serious physical anthropologists, cultural anthropology has turned into a sort of religious cult (a secular version of religious creationists) whose only function seems to be to guard and protect the lies of The Cathedral (aka political correctness).  Much of this transition, from seriousness to religious cult, has to do with the Marxist Franz Boas (recently proven to be a fraud) who sought to divorce anthropology from evolutionary theory in the name of Marxist egalitarianism.

But, as I say above, there are exceptions to this trend, namely brilliant physical anthropologists like Henry Harpending and Peter Frost — so not all is lost.

This brings me to evolutionary anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon and his new book Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes—The Yanomamö and the Anthropologists, which has the guardians of PC worked up into self-righteous indignant hissy fits.  Chagnon seems to be guilty of speaking the truth about the violent nature of Amerindian hunter-gatherers, something which just can’t be allowed under the auspices of New Speak.  That’s Chagnon’s real crime.  He’s a real scholar among Cultural Marxist kool-aid drinking Lysenkoists.

Here are a few must-read reviews of Chagnon’s new book:

Nicholas Wade: “An Anthropologist’s War Stories

Gavin McInnes: “Anthropologists Gone Wild

Kevin MacDonald: “Napoleon Chagnon and the Struggle for a Scientific Anthropology

If you have the time, I really would read all three of these excellent reviews.

If you know of any other noteworthy reviews, please mention them below in the comments.


Outstanding Edge interview with Napoleon Chagnon

Historical Reality: Infanticide vs Abortion

12 thoughts on “Cultural Anthropologists: Small-Minded Guardians of Political Correctness

  1. Not all anthropologists are egalitarian lunatics. I’ve found quite a few willing to buck the system; and they’ve given me scientific ammunition to fight the egalitarians. Believe it or not, there are those that still believe in science over bullshit politics.

  2. I know not all anthropologists are lunatics. There are quite a few doing very good work: Henry Harpending, Peter Frost, John Hawks, Lawrence Keeley, etc. I was painting with broad strokes, perhaps too broad.

  3. Almost all science fields have been turned to political science, from global warming religion to science pledging the safety of GMO foods, steroid raised prison animals, pasteurized milk, etc…

    The enemy of the jew is the truth because the jew by nature is anti-nature. His means of existence is unnatural and his methods to get more is through more collision with the natural law.

    The first cities(civilizations) created surplus food, which allowed for the first time con-man to eat through the labor of others. The jew makes his living by getting a ‘cut’ out someone elses labor. If I were a farmer, how can I raise my income? I would have to farm more land and raise more animals, in other words work harder or/and work more land. How can a jew make more money? If he takes a 10% cut from you, his only method to raise his profits is to increase his cut, say to 28%. But such rate is oppressive to the farmer, and naturally the farmer will revolt drive the jew out(the origins of the progroms, exodus from Egypt, etc…). The only way for the jew to get his 38% is to convince you its normal, your duty, the will of God. So to impose his will on others he creates a religion that preaches tolerance and says turn the other cheek, let’s call this religion Christianity for example. He also needs political power, so the jew flatters and helps greedy kings squeeze more out of their subjects. Now that the jew has his 28%, he now wants 80%, but such rates are so oppressive that the folk will naturally rise up and topple the jew off(as occurred in Germany). To get his way the jew has to brainwash people from cradle to grave that this situation is normal, homos are natural, race does not exist, gender is social construct, oppressive patriarchy, there is man made global warming so pay more taxes to fight off climate change, whites are racist, holocaust 6 million, up is down, and down is up. To get his 80% and eventually 100%(jew world order) the jew has to disconnect his host people from reality, from nature. And to do this the jew has to get control of education, the media, government, so he can lie and confuse his victim, so his victim can never wises up and understand what is happening to him.
    That is the Riddle of the jew that most people can’t seem to figure out.

    So don’t be surprised that most scientific fields seem to be a joke these days and even the hardcore science such as engineering does not work to improve our lives but only make jew oppression more efficient.

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