Face Ratio and Ethnocentrism

Steve Sailer points to a recent study showing that men who have higher higher facial width-to-height ratios tend to be more masculine and more ethnocentric (the researcher actually uses the word “racist”):

As some of the commenters at Sailer’s blog note, the sample size in this study is quite small but it at least confirms what I prima facie would expect for European descended people.  Heartiste tweeted the following map for facial width-height ratios for Europeans:

This map would suggest that Southern Europeans are more masculine / ethnocentric than Northern Europeans, which would at least confirm my own stereotypes from having lived in both Southern and Northern Europe.

It’s hard to tell how this would play out for other races.  Northern Asian men, regardless of their ratios, might be more docile…but possibly still more ethnocentric than whites(?), whereas blacks, regardless of ratios, probably are always more aggressive and ethnocentric than whites.   White-guilt bracelets and political correctness notwithstanding, I think it’s safe to assume that white people, for better or worse (probably worse), are probably the least ethnocentric people on the planet — so much so that many of us now seem to suffer from pathological altruism.  Is it a result of the selection for individualism that Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, could have undergone for millennia?   This is not to say that European descended people, as a whole, are not ethnocentric, nor that they cannot be ethnocentric — certainly political correctness has helped to curtail European ethnocentrism — but it does at least demonstrate that natural European inclinations toward ethnocentrism can easily be suppressed.


3 thoughts on “Face Ratio and Ethnocentrism

  1. Interesting, but do you think that geography/culture may be putting some men in more direct conflict with other races?

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