How white is Argentina?

With the election of the world’s first Latino Diaspora European for Pope, there seems to be some general misunderstanding of the racial demographics of Argentina among American journalists.  I suppose this is to be expected since the USA’s closest southern neighbor is Mexico, which is over 90% mestizo / Amerindian.  While much of Latin America seems to be populated with Amerindians, Mestizos and Mulattoes, Argentina is fairly white — in fact, whither than the USA.  The CIA World Factbook estimates that Argentina is:

97% white (mostly Spanish and Italian)

3% other non-white groups (mostly Mestizo and Amerindian)

Wikipedia, however, estimates:

85% white (with 2/3 of Argentinians having some Italian ancestry; there are also many people of German ancestry)

8 – 15% Mestizo

1 – 3 % Amerindian

1% African & Mulatto

Although a small minority, the Welsh have the Y Wladfa Gymreig settlement in Argentina, where Welsh is still spoken by some people. From a 1961 documentary:


10 thoughts on “How white is Argentina?

  1. It’s white as heck. It isn’t generally “Northern European White”, but it’s very “Southern European White”. I think to a fair number of the liberal establishment, the latter still “seems ethnic enough” (which is idiotic, because they would not say the same thing about a pope who was formerly the Archbp. of Milan, for example). The reality is Argentina is white people with nice tans.

  2. One of the puzzles to “strong HBD” that Argentina presents is that its average PISA results are actually far closer to Brazil’s or Mexico’s, than to those of the European Mediterranean.

    • The final average IQ in Wealth of Nations of Argentina is 96, which is only slightly lower than Europe and much higher than mostly mestizo or Amerindian countries.

      I don’t know much about Argentina’s immigration history so this is mere speculation but you it could be the result of selective immigration.

      Look at it this way. India has a very low average IQ but Indians in the USA have a high average IQ because of selective immigration. Could something along the opposite lines occurred in Argentina?

      Also, could there be brain drain? I do know that many of the brightest Argentinians end up in the USA.

  3. Argentinians have lighter skin because they live a greater distance from the equator than the more northern parts of south america, their skin color is an environmental adaptation, just the same as northern europeans having lighter skin also.

    • Not really. I live in Córdoba. And most people here is…ugh…”white”. But very tanned because the weather is hot and sunny as fuck. (Like, seriously, summer in Córdoba is like living inside a oven). That logic of adaptation could be applied only before colonization. Yes, people in northern Europe had lighter skin because the cold weather and the ones in Brazil had darker skin because of the sunny weather . But since the massive immigration around the world started, that’s not applied anymore. Remember that architecture and technology evolved so much that now we don’t adapt to the environment. The environment adapts to us.

  4. Argentina is 68% white and 30% amerindian. The rest (2%) is mostly black and there are a few east Asians.

    I’m from Argentina.

    • My mother was blonde, and had blue eyes, but she was not white because she had amerindian ancestry? WTF?

      Then no one is white because everyone in the world has also african ancestry. You know, thats where we come from…

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