A Sane Voice at CPAC

I usually don’t read Ann Coulter’s columns or watch her videos, although she’s leaps and bounds better than about 99% of the other conservative talking heads, but in the following video at CPAC (discussed here by Peter Brimelow) she really gives a great speech.  While I think she might be wrong about conservatism being the future (I have better hopes for variants of identitaire / archeofuturist movements) she is completely right about immigration, and she doesn’t shy away from mentioning that our demographic train wreck was brought by the Immigration Act of 1965, that Third World immigration is the root of many of our problems, that if amnesty passes the US will become California, that she is a single-issue voter on immigration, etc.  She really does “get it.”  Nearly every other bad policy can be reversed; immigration is usually permanent.  Bravo!  Of course, now expect the zealous neocons / Trotskyites to punish her politically incorrect impropriety, since any talk of demographics and the Immigration Act of 1965 immediately reminds them of this.

Start watching around 11 minutes into the video:

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

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