White conservatives seek another Black Jesus at CPAC

Back when liberals used to quote the ole John Stuart Mill adage, “Stupid people are generally conservative,” I would object.  Surely there were smart conservatives:  TS Eliot, Russell Kirk, etc..  And there were smart conservative figureheads. But that was then.  For lack of a better word, conservatism has become retarded.  There is probably no better example of this than the recent adulation of Ben Carson at this week’s CPAC.  Just check out Twitter.  Granted, Carson seems like a nice guy; he’s a neurosurgeon and probably on the far right side of the black bell curve.  But the guy is completely inexperienced and has no business in politics.  But as the GOP has become an affirmative action trough for aspiring minorities, former white potential leaders have been demoted to cheerleaders and love the job. It seems that every year now white movement conservatives seek out a new Black Jesus that is going to save them from x, y, and z.  A couple years ago it was Herman Cain, then Allen West, then Tim Scott.  For conservative Catholics, it was recently some African witch doctor named Kodwo Appiah. Now, for white conservatives, it’s Ben Carson.   What’s most interesting about this trend is not the aspiring blacks themselves but the psychological state of white conservatives that leads them to such frenzied states of ethnomasochism.  Is it for forgiveness for “past sins”?  More pathological altruism? Have they just been called “racist” for so long, white conservatives can only comfortably support a non-white leader?  Granted, Rand Paul won the straw poll but Ben Carson certainly had the most fanatical support among internet movement conservatives.

Will this be the poster of all future CPAC gatherings?

White Christian Woman Asks Forgiveness for Slavery

CPAC 2013 is a multicultural version of this popular song from the 1980s:

More happenings at CPAC 2013:

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