Best miniseries ever made?

I love a good miniseries. They are often better than films, as they are more developed and move along like novels.

Some of my favorite miniseries:

Forsyte Saga (1967)  (The remake isn’t as good as the original)

Upstairs, Downstairs (1971) (More of a series. The recent sequel is very disappointing)

The Counte of Monte Cristo (French, 1998)

Das Boot (1997 miniseries, which is uncut version of 1981 movie)

Brideshead Revisited (1981)

The Pallisers (1974)

I, Claudius (1976)

Rome (BBC / HBO, 2005)

Ring Of Nibelungs / Dragon King (Germany, 2004)


Any others?


6 thoughts on “Best miniseries ever made?

  1. Shogun; North and South come to mind. I always wanted to see Anton Myrer’s Once an Eagle. But it doesn’t seem to be available, anywhere.

    Ironically, I was overseas in the military when it aired in the States.

  2. check out Pillars of the Earth, a pretty good Medieval tale set in England during The Anarchy. Based after the book.

  3. If you’re interested in the American Civil War, 1982’s “The Blue and The Gray” is very good (based on the works of Bruce Catton) and historically accurate (for the most part); it’s also available on DVD (3-disc set) from Columbia/Tri-Star.

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