The West Needs New Elites

In the news this week

It was reported this week that pro-immigration groups have spent around $1.5 billion since 2007  to push through amnesty and increased legal immigration (more reason to give money to VDare and NumbersUSA).  Interestingly, the pro-immigration lobby is makeshift coalition of billionaires, big business, anti-white ethnic activists, and some Christian organizations (such as the Catholic Church and Evangelical groups), although the roots of the pro-immigration movement are deeper.   Although both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages and 74.7% of Mexican immigrants with children are on welfare, our elites seem to think mass immigration’s path to poverty a good idea.  What the West probably needs more than anything else is a new set of elites.  Easier said than done, but our current elites either view themselves as alien or are short-sighted business elites, both quite different from older WASP elites who recognized their station in society as a long-haul stewardship.

Speaking of elites, the British seem to be gaining more sense on immigration than Americans.  David Goodhart admits that the biggest mistake of the left has been the support of mass immigration.  And Ed West writes in the Telegraph about mass immigration as a type of ponzi scheme benefiting our current elites (and screwing over everyone else).

And speaking of past elites, the New Zealand writer Kerry Bolton has come out with new books, Stalin: The Enduring Legacy (reviewed here) and Revolution from Above (reviewed here).  The second title is explicitly about Western elites and how far removed they’ve become from the people they’re supposed to represent.  The former title on Stalin is interesting because, although Bolton makes no apologies for Stalin’s brutality, it provides some insight to the internecine conflict between the Stalinists (Russian nationalists) and the Trotskyites (Ashkenazi international cosmopolitans), which is pertinent to the USA since the Trotskyites are the genetic and intellectual forbearers of the neoconservatives.   Speaking of neocons, or criticism thereof, Paul Gottfried has an interesting new book on democracy, reviewed here.

9 thoughts on “The West Needs New Elites

  1. I don’t think it’s so much that the West needs new Elites – it’s that the ordinary people of the West need to understand that the interests of their elites (whomever they might be, at any given time) consistently, relentlessly differ from their own interests. Doesn’t much matter whether said elites are a bunch of Wall Street bankers or a bunch of Soviet Commissars. Either way, they’re out for themselves, & nobody else.

  2. I agree on a certain level — the interests of elites and others will always differ. But the interests of some elites probably better compliment the interests of general population. I have little doubt that the interests of the previous WASP elite better complimented the general population than do the interests of our current elite.

    • Well, maybe. It’s hard to tell. My own people have been pretty relentlessly prole, as far back as I can trace them.

      Did the WASP elite of the early 20th Century treat us any better than the…ummm…rootless cosmopolitan elite of the the late 20th Century? Not to my knowledge. What’s worse, it looks to me like what little’s left of said WASP elite is 100% in league with said rootless cosmopolitan elite when it comes to screwing over,,,my own people – poor, sad naifs that they are.

  3. I have both WASP and prole ancestors, although, of the WASPs, no one really powerful. I wasn’t championing the WASPs because I think I’m a WASP elite. If I lived under the WASP elite, say in the very early 20th century, I’m sure I might have been taken advantage of by them. Nonetheless, they saw themselves as part of and caretakers of the West, unlike most of our current elite. (See: this article.) After all, it was the old WASP elite that passed the Immigration Act of 1924. It’s in this sense that I meant that the older WASP interests would more converge with poorer whites than do the interests of the current elite.

    But you are correct that the current WASP elite, what little of them are left, have completely sold out to the new elite and globalism. They are a pathetic lot.

    • Thanks for the link, AWC – fascinating stuff. And, yes – I think the *perceived* self-interest of the old WASP elite coincided more closely with mine and my extended family’s than does that of the current lot, for whom I feel nothing but loathing.

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