As If

As if the Republicans could ever outbid the Democrats when it comes to sucking up to “Hispanics” – giving citizenship on the cheap to the millions who are already here illegally, importing as many more millions as possible, upping welfare benefits for legals and illegals alike, ramping up the “affirmative action” policies that privilege “Hispanics,” no matter how recently arrived, over native born whites, etc. etc. etc…

Oh, yeah. That’s gonna work.

I mean, it would never even occur to the Democrats to offer them *even more* freebies.

* * *

“But,” reply the G.O.P faithful, “Hispanics are natural conservatives! They’re Roman Catholic family-values types when it comes to the social issues! We just need to get our message out to them!”

I.e., what the Republicans need to do is to encourage the “browning of America” *even more* than the Democrats – and then play up their opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage.

And then all those anti-abortion, fag-hating “Hispanics” will start voting Republican.

* * * * *

Well, gee – what could possibly go wrong?

Seriously: anybody who *still* buys the line that the key to Republican salvation is to do a better job of “reaching out” to Hispanics is too stupid to live.


2 thoughts on “As If

  1. Yeah, they’re “natural conservatives.” That’s why their illegitimacy rate is 50% and their rates of crime & welfare dependency are so high.

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