Linkfest: In the News

Dennis Mangan on immigration driving down American wages

Greg Cochran on the difficulty of math and summarizing recent human evolution

Margaret Thatcher: “Mexicans Will Be The Ruin Of America

Jared Taylor on Philippe Rushton And Arthur Jensen

White South Africans have set up three embassies

Audacious Epigone: Married mothers are smarter than single moms

Sailer on Darwin: Are The Races Of Man Separate Species Or Merely Separate Subspecies?

Daily Caller: Student sought man on Craigslist to beat her up and have sex with her, then reported it as rape

HBD Chick: Arabs and genetic violence

George Will: Schools pushing Orwellian anti-white self-annihilation propaganda

Gregory Hood on a new mantra

Kevin MacDonald on monogamy

Pat Buchanan on record unemployment in USA

John Derbyshire on hot girls at the AmRen conference

Brenda Walker on Catholic priests wanting to flood USA with mestizos

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