4 thoughts on “Video: Henry Harpending on the reality of race

  1. What an incredibly great guy. And how hopelessly naïve. In the 68th year of his life, has he still not learned the list of things that can never be mentioned – or even noticed?

  2. Dr. Harpending is right when he says that “racist” doesn’t mean what it used to, but he’s wrong when he says it has no meaning.

    He must not have noticed how the left has used this term, over and over and over again, against those to their right (often mere right-liberals), as a way to put the opposition on the defensive, to change the subject, and to shut their opponents up. Republicans and Tea Party members bend themselves into pretzels to appear non-“racist,” and for what? They still get smeared.

    As the saying goes, you know you’re winning an argument with a liberal when he calls you a “racist.”

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