Networks of the Dark Enlightenment / Alt Right

The blog Habital Worlds provides this network map of the Dark Enlightenment:

Alt Right Dark Enlightenment

(Click on above map to enlarge it.)

If Occam’s Razor were to be included, I’d  make it a part of the networks HBD, Neoreactionary Political Philosophy, Ethno-Nationalists and Secular Traditionalists.

A glaring absence from the map is VDare.  A separate anti-immigration sphere should be created, which would include VDare.  VDare could also go under HBD or Ethno-Nationalists.  Probably 1/3 of the bloggers listed on the map have written for VDare, so it should definitely be included.  VDare is also probably the most popular clearing house for many of the ideas promulgated at the other blogs.


Updated version of the map.

Must read:  “Characteristics of the Dark Enlightenment

Are Christian leaders today a bunch of girly men?”


11 thoughts on “Networks of the Dark Enlightenment / Alt Right

  1. Yes, thanks, VDare is on the list for the 2.0 version. And I think your own placement is precisely why I left you, and many others, off this 1.0 version. Things start getting cluttered, so I mostly mapped bloggers who fit into certain niches without too much problem. But, certainly, there’s overlap. Anything like this will oversimplify things

    • Thanks for the response, Scharlach. BTW, great work on creating the map. I didn’t mean to give impression above that I was all criticism.

      If you were to include Occam’s Razor under only one category, I’d put it under HBD, although my blogging colleague might prefer Neoreactionary Political Philosophy. I’ll see if he weighs in.

      • Yes, AWC – HBD, Neoreactionary, Ethno-Nationalist, Secular traditionalist pretty much nails it, so far as I’m concerned. But HBD comes first.

  2. Vdare must be important… because I can’t go there at work!!
    Also can’t get to Athol Kay’s, but Roissy and Roosh are (apparently) just fine and dandy.
    Bad robot!

  3. good points – also “stuff black people don’t like” – not sure where its hub/node would go – between Heartiste & HBD maybe?

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  6. The map cries out for certain additions. I nominate of Nicholas Strakon’s “Dispatches from the Last Ditch,”, Stuff Black People Don’t Like,, Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, Bob Belvedere’s “Camp of the Saints,” and links to the archived writings of the late, great Uhuru Guru of the South Africa Sucks blog, as well as the writings of the greatly esteemed and sorely missed Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, just off the top of my head.

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