Conservatism Is Dead. What’s Next?

In a recent post, “Novelty of Neoreaction,” Michael Anissimov traces the history of the term ‘reactionary’ and also discusses the history of conservatism.

While conservatism at one point served a purpose (whatever that was), today conservatism has become a nearly useless ideology.  If Russell Kirk is the gold standard of American conservatism, what you have today —  National Review and hundreds of other neocon policy institutes — has devolved into mud, a sort of makeshift propaganda operation that supports such things as sane immigration policy for Israel but open borders for Western nations, endless war in the name in the nation building, and every policy imaginable to decimate the white middle classes (e.g. mass legal immigration, free trade, in- and outsourcing, etc. ).

The biggest problem, early on, was that American conservatism divorced itself from the traditions of the European 19th century right — traditions such as anti-universalism, Nietzschean critiques of egalitarianism, volkish art and philosophy, etc.  This anti-traditionalist tendency reaches its culmination in Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind, where, always evoking the bogeyman of “relativism,” Bloom turns the right on its head, essentially outlawing traditionalist thought and championing a repackaged form of Jacobin universalism.

Despite ongoing motion of Conservatism Inc., conservatism as a vital system of ideas is dead, and, as philosophy precedes action, it is only a matter of time before the conservative apparatus comes crumbing down.

The more interesting question is what will replace conservatism?

The most interesting contender is the rise of identitarian thought, a philosophy that has become popular throughout Europe — from Golden Dawn in Greece to Génération Identitaire in France.  Imagine a synthesis of ethno-politics, HBD, pro-science and radical traditionalism.  That’s identitarianism, which has also been called archeofuturism.

Others have proposed that natioanlism vs globalism will be the next big division in Western politics, which will completely mix up and re-align the current left / right division.   Identitarianism and nationalism aren’t opposed, so one could see both occurring simultaneously.

The biggest problem in the West today is philosophical, that is, a new outlook is needed.  The second is political and, in particular, our degenerate elites.  Fun times ahead…


Nick Land:  “Right and Left

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

Our recent poll, “Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?,” has gained much attention but also highlights that there’s much confusion on what is central in discussing immigration into the West.  I thus offer this brief primer on immigration and human biodiversity.

Here are some key things to consider when discussing immigration.

Economics:  As Harvard economist George Borjas has shown, Third World immigration is driving down wages and lowering the standard of living both in Europe and the USA.  Third World immigrants also, since they use more in social services than they pay in taxesdrain the social services of Western countries.

Conservationism/ Infrastructure: More people in the West (through immigration) will put greater pressure on Western infrastructures and lead to environmental degradation.  (Do you want the West to look like this?)

IQ:  Outside Northeast Asia (China, Japan and South Korea), the rest of the world has considerably lower average IQs than European-descended countries.  As Helmuth Nyborg outlines in “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection,” allowing these people to immigrate to the West will prove dysgenic.

Crime and Corruption: Outside European-descended people and Northeast Asia, there might well be higher genetic tendencies toward violent crime. Also, outside European-descended countries (and isolated other places, like Japan), the rest of the world seems to consist of  low-trust countries, which results in more corruption, both in those countries and among those who immigrate to the West.  Bringing these problems into the West only makes the West more Third World.

Ethnic Genetic Interests:  As popularized by Frank Salter in “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?” and “Misunderstandings of Kin Selection and the Delay in Quantifying Ethnic Kinship” (using ethnic genetic distances first outlined by Cavalli-Sforza), Ethnic Genetic Interests (EGI) shows that human populations are not fungible and that mass immigration could lead to the genetic extinction of certain groups of people.  It’s thus imperative for groups to maintain largely homogenous areas to further their genetic continuity.

There you have it.  Here are big four issues relating to immigration and, other than economics, they’re rarely discussed in the media.


Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA


While IQ certainly is important, John Derbyshire doubts that the West needs to import any more high IQ people.

The French philosopher Alain de Benoist has offered the term “ethno-pluralism“: “a view stressing the ‘right of difference’ which asserts that each ethnic / racial group has the right to its own lands over which it can exercise complete sovereignty. This view envisions the world as a mosaic with a multiplicity of diverse races clearly delimited and with strict boundaries between them.”

Regarding IQ, here’s a roundup on the recent Richwine controversy where Richwine argued the US should not import low IQ immigrants.

Ted Sallis argues that ethnic genetic interests should be the primary concern when debating immigration.

Richard Spencer on the prospect of allowing white South Africans to immigrate to Western countries.



Poll: Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?

Regarding our recent posts here at Occam’s Razor about immigration (“Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion,” “Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring,” “Third World Immigrants Burn and Loot Sweden,” “Black Muslim Uses Meat Cleaver on British Soldier on London Street,” “Dominique Venner’s Suicide Note,” “Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA” and “Are Christian Leaders Today a Bunch of Girly Men?”), here’s a poll.

Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?

Leave comments below.


Can Multi-Racial States Ever Function? Some Examples with Caveats.”

Frank Salter: “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?

Helmuth Nyborg: “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection


Baron Bodissey: “A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

Human BioDiversity and Functional Socialism

In a previous thread, a commenter said that Robert Lindsay is a leftist and shouldn’t be trusted.  Actually, of all leftists, I think Robert Lindsay is one of the more interesting, especially his belief in HBD / race realism.  In a recent post, “Liberal Race Realism – A Brief Definition,” Lindsay writes that he believes in race realism but is also a committed leftist.  Elsewhere, he has said that he supports socialism.

I don’t find this to be problematic. As those in the Dark Enlightenment know, economics is a subset of HBD.  An economic system cannot make a dysfunctional group of people functional, but functional groups of people can probably make most economic systems work.

So, when does socialism work?

The prerequisites for functional socialism are:  racial homogeneity, small country, high social trust, a minimum IQ, etc.

For socialism to function, you must have high levels of altruism, and people are hardwired to show more altruism toward co-ethnics than toward people of other races.  Thus, racial homogeneity is a necessary (not a sufficient) condition for functional socialism.

However, you also need a high level of social trust.  People must believe that there are not many cheaters.  And if a country is smaller, people will feel more trustful and generally be more altruistic.  And a country must have a minimum average IQ to make any system work.

Haiti might have racial homogeneity, but it lacks social trust and IQ, and every form of government has been a failure in Haiti.

Pre-immigration Scandinavia and Japan meet all these criteria.  For instance, pre-immigration (homogenous) Sweden had one of the best functioning socialist systems the world has seen.

So, yes, I think that socialism can work, if certain criteria are met.   But, as I note in the post on distributist economics, under any system you must still have selection pressure so that it doesn’t become dysgenic.


Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring

Much has been written about the recent Oxford sex grooming case, where men of South Asian descent groomed white British girls for a prostitution ring.

What hasn’t discussed, however, is the question why these gangs always seem to target white women and not their own women for prostitution.

From a sociobiological perspective, it seems to be a classic case of in-group / out-group dynamics.  The South Asians protect their own women to save for marriage and procreation, while prostituting the out-group, white women in this case, for economic benefit.

In a chilling article for Gates of Vienna, a Norwegian describes the double-standard that the more aggressive Third World immigrants have created in the pursuit of women:

“There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs. It’s something you learn early on. You just don’t go after a Pakistani girl, but Norwegian girls are available to immigrant boys. Norwegian girls prefer them. I don’t know why. I guess it must be that brown skin. That they are tough, that they have money despite not having jobs. They don’t see that they fight in packs, that they are cowards.”

In short, whites are at a great disadvantage in multiracial societies.  Part of the problem is the individualism of whites; whites think in terms of individuals, thus giving other groups who bond together an advantage.  In a broader sense, whites too often think in universalist terms (rather than in-group / out-group dynamics).  Such universalist thinking is probably harmless in isolated racially homogenous societies, but it’s suicidal in multiracial societies.  This in part explains why white journalists are so naive when confronted with the fact that South Asians were deliberately targeting white women for prostitution rings.


Ed Rubenstein: “Lesson From 1965: More Third World Immigrants = More Violent Crime

Fjordman: “Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden” and “Sweden Tops European Rape League — But Why?

Rushton: “Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals?”

Salter: “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?


Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

Ted Sallis:  “What the Immigration Debate Really Should Be About

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

Yes, this is a strong title.

Yes, on a basic level, the riots are about religion.  Many  of the Third World immigrants who are burning and looting Stockholm are Muslim.  And, yes, despite what our elites say, Islam is not a religion of peace.

Nonetheless, there is much more going on than mere religion.

Most Westerners tend to think of religion in universalist terms, since Western Christianity for the past few centuries has become an ideological, universalist religion.  But this is not the historical norm.  Throughout almost all of human history, ethno-religion has been the norm, as ethno-religion provides one of the most powerful group identities. (Just ask the Ashkenazis.) Even early European Christianity was an ethno-religion.

Many culturalist critics of Islam (such as the EDL) seem to think that racial groups are fungible and that somehow Islam has descended from the stratosphere making otherwise peaceful Middle Easterners, Africans and South Asians violent.

What these people fail to realize is how much HBD and religion are intertwined.  Islam didn’t descend from the stratosphere; certain groups of people created this violent religion and certain groups of people are drawn toward it.

We know now that much of violent behavior is genetic, so, even if these people cease to be Muslim, they will continue to be violent.

As we saw in the Paris riots in 2005, many of the North African rioters were secular.  Many wore American “gangsta” style clothing (e.g. NY Yankees caps turned sideways) and many were flashing American gang signs at the cameras.  After an expensive investigation into the cause of the 2005 riots, French authorities could not determine the cause.  It seemed that Africans just wanted “to tear shit up.”

Obviously, we don’t want the West to become Muslim, but there’s a much deeper problem here:  If you import the Third World to the West (regardless of their religion), the West will become the Third World.

All these people should be deported.


Ed Rubenstein: “Lesson From 1965: More Third World Immigrants = More Violent Crime

Fjordman: “Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden” and “Sweden Tops European Rape League — But Why?

Rushton: “Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals?”

Salter: “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?


Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring

Human BioDiversity and Functional Socialism

Ted Sallis:  “What the Immigration Debate Really Should Be About

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

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