Dark Enlightenment News from Around the Web

Nick Land on the neoreactionary trichotomy.

Steve Sailer on Jewish wealth by the numbers and teenage girls with crushes on Dzhokhar.

Antonio Regalado on genetic testing for the unborn.

Richard Spencer on facing the future as a white minority.

Daniel Martin on the UK’s demographic suicide.

Ed West on immigration becoming #1 political issue in UK.

William Neville on whether liberalism is like The Borg.

Tobias Langdon on the militant atheist who believes in miracles: All human populations evolved into equality.

New Book: Exodus: How Migration is Changing Our World.

JayMan on obesity and IQ.

John Derbyshire on Virginia Beach black flash mobs and his new book on the dissident right.

Dennis Mangan on Russia’s fertility increasing and the fabricated STEM shortage.

Daniel Greenfield on Tsarnaev Clan Receiving $100K Welfare, Now Getting Free Lawyers.

Gucci Little Piggy on Lee Fangs boner.

SBPDL on the racial demographics of the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

Michael Hanlon on the creation of the world’s fist genetically engineered babies.

Corey Watson on how race is liked to antibodies.

Zero Hedge: From Bust To Bubble, With No Recovery In Between?

Brenda Walker on a Dutch study that shows increased “anti-racism” education leads to more “racism”.

Peter Frost on how violent behavior is largely genetic.

Radish Magazine offers some genuine neoreactionary propaganda.

Jared Taylor recounts his trip to Europe.

Matt Taibbi on the world’s biggest price-fixing conspiracy: the $379 trillion interest-rate swaps market.

Unamusement Park: “I Woke Up This Morning and My Country Had Been Invaded

HBD Chick on the diversity illusion.

Spandrell on optimizing for truth.

Thrasymachus on nationalism the world over.

Roissy on why men with dark triad personalities are so irresistible to women.

RHN on racial demographics of world’s billionaires.

Malcom Pollack on ideological singularity.

Nydwracu on the aesthetic of the last man.

Moldbug on Bitcoin.

Habitable Worlds on forward optimization.

Foseti with links to Dark Enlightenment articles.

James A. Donald on what unites neoreaction.

Gregory Cochran on the evolution of virulence.

Reactionary Thinker provides an introduction to himself.

Avenging Red Hand on drive-by attack on Cathedral history.

Anomaly UK on reactionary unity.

Alcestis Eshtemoa on puppies vs cat.

Thumotic on player burnout.

New Reaction on the nascent order.

Amos and Gromar on the vomit called modern art.

Viktor Isaksen with his Generic Metalcore Opus 1.

Logical Meme on the white proms of Wilcox County.

Neoreakcija: “Coaseov teorem

Mitchell Powell on global IQ.

Red Pill Theory with mid-week linkage.

Sunshine Mary on vaginas.

Elusive Wapiti on looking the wrong way.

On US amnesty bill:  US amnesty bill contains slush funds for pro-amnesty groupsHalf of all new IT jobs will go to “guest workers”?  ‘Vanloads’ of Food Stamps Went to Illegal Aliens. Immigration Bill Gives Illegal Aliens Access to Welfare.  Why Is It News That ‘GOP Donor Backs Amnesty? Gang of 8 bill means 33 million more immigrants? Rubio’s Immigration Comment Fiasco: Indians To The Rescue! Sierra Club Reverses Course, Embraces Increased Immigration.  Impact of Mexican Immigration on Wages and Prices in the United States. Indians want to overpopulate USA like India. Crisis Magazine Censors Layman’s Criticism Of Catholic Bishops’ Treason Lobbying. Washington Partners with Mexico to Deliver Food Stamps to Mexican Illegals.  Senate bill to add 33 million through immigration in first decade alone. USDA/Mexico Spanish-language flyer: Get kids on food stamps without showing documents. A Majority of Americans Want Less Immigration Overall. Telling the truth about immigration.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage. Now I’m going to do some quick editing for grammar, as I popped my little article out without actually looking it back over at the end.

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