Map of Visual Trichotomy of Dark Enlightenment

Nick Land provides this map of the Visual Trichotomy of the Dark Enlightenment:


(Click on image to enlarge.)

Regarding the tendencies, there is no reason for the theonomists and ethnicists to be in conflict.  As noted by many HBD and sociobiology writers, ethno-religion is the most powerful group identity one can have.  (It’s done wonders for the Ashkenazis.)  How would the techno-commercialists fit it?  Well, such a society doesn’t spring out of thin air, but requires certain features of IQ, impulse control, and social trust and investment, etc. Social trust and investment are usually more manifest in racially homogenous societies.  Not to mention that such states provide the added bonus of maximizing one’s inclusive fitness.  Are techno-commercialists opposed to maximizing their inclusive fitness? It’s adaptive.


Spandrell on ethno-nationalism.

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

18 thoughts on “Map of Visual Trichotomy of Dark Enlightenment

  1. I’m Christian but don’t have any beef with pagans. Pagans by and large don’t return the courtesy, which is a problem for pro-whites. Technology, including the technology of free markets, is a powerful thing but needs to be used responsibly by responsible people.

    • are you joking? Read Gibbon’s history to see what exactly the Christian atttitude towards pagans was. Black robed Christian monks would scour the country for Pagan shrines, desecrate them, and convert the populace to Christianity. And the Churches are continuing this behavior with Pagan polytheist religions across the world, from Confucianism to Buddhism to Hinduism to Shinto.

  2. I was quite surprised to see globalism show up on there. I had assumed that there was something of a consensus about reevaluating globalism.

  3. I think techno-commercialists (Nick Land’s name, not mine) are best described as post-libertarians: classical liberals who realize liberalism doesn’t work. Emotionally, they just don’t have much use for religiosity or ethnic loyalties. But they’ve come to grips with the fact socieities simply won’t work on pure libertarian principles, that the vast majority of people simply don’t care that much about liberty… and liberty is useless anyhow without a bedrock of ordered society in which persons and property are secure and justice is realiable and swift.

    Please note that the figure is attempting to show that neoreaction is not the union of the disparate groups, but that each supplies a subset of the consensus (fusion). There are plenty of Christian traditionalists who do not subscribe to the most of the core principles of neoreaction. I happen to personally doubt that most of them will stay identifiably Christian traditionalists for very long. The acids of modernity eat through traditions pretty thoroughly, usually within one generation.

    “Globalism” is probably not the right word. Perhaps I was thinking more “cosmopolitan”. The techno-commercialist is not globalist per se, but has little use for particularity. It’s like Eisenhower’s quip about religion. The reactionary ones realize particularity is important, but they still can’t work up great feelings about a particular particularity.

    Yes, I think the “theonomists” (Nick Land’s name, not my own, I don’t care for it) do have much in common with the entho-nationalist side. I look at the difference as being one of identity: I am an A (with or without B sympathies). As an A with B sympathies you’re probably in the orange area of overlap and almost surely a reactionary. Without B sympathies you’ll be strictly in the A circle (whether yellow or red), and you might very well not be reactionary at all.

  4. I’m no spokesman for techno-commercialism but I do think I understand its argument.

    Ethno-religion without capitalism is North Korea. Best case, you get Iran. You need to free capitalism if you want wealth.
    But capitalism inevitably tends to transcend ethnicity and religion. And it will continue to do so. It can’t be stopped nor it should be stopped.

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