US Gov: If you disagree with political correctness, you’re a traitor!

So much for open debate about, say, such things as human biodiversity or whether the USA is on a collision course with insolvency or whether we should flood the USA with 33 million new immigrants over the next decade or two transforming the USA into a Third World country. Yes, the Obama has reaffirmed May 1 to be a national holiday, “Loyalty Day,” which includes, among other things,

“Today, we rededicate ourselves to that enduring task. We do so knowing our journey is not complete until the promises of our founding documents are made real for every American, regardless of their station in life or the circumstances of their birth [i.e. don’t criticize illegals!]. Progress may come slow; the road may be long. But as loyal citizens of these United States, we have the power to set our country’s course. Let us mark this day by pressing on in the march toward lasting freedom and true equality [i.e. we need more racial affirmative action, another trillion spent on black and mestizo education, more white guilt, etc], grateful for the precious rights and responsibilities entrusted to each of us by our forebears.”

In other words, if you disagree with the Cathedral, you’re a  traitor!

But on the bright side, the Cathedral has just admitted that it has lost all arguments, since it seeks to replace open debate with state-mandated political correctness.  Ideological totalitarianism is the last stage of the Cathedral.  And more and more people see through the lies.  For instance, the “race doesn’t exist” meme has become a type of state-enforced Lysenkoism that only the dullest or most ideologically committed cannot see through.


Yes, “Loyalty Day,” is an older holiday but Obama’s recent proclamation seems to add a new egalitarian twist to it:   Agree with the Cathedral or Else!  Or, to put it another way, the original 1921 holiday was directed against foreign Marxist subversion; Obama’s recent recasting is directed against Americans.

On a similar note from Europe: EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief

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