Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA

Dennis Mangan’s recent reminder about some Anti-Western Goldman Sachs executive demanding that the EU undermine national homogeneity in Europe got me to thinking about the open-borders elites in the United States.  While the American media paints immigration as a “divisive issue,” nothing could really be less divisive, as polls constantly show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to illegal immigration and want massive reductions in legal immigration.   In short, the immigration battle is between most Americans and a small open-borders elite.

Who is this elite?

Going from Kevin Lamb’s report “The Open Borders Network” and other resources, this elite is composed of:

Big Business: mega-corporations like WalMart and others who want cheap labor.

Christian Organizations:  Especially, the leadership of the  Catholic Church and Evangelical organizations, although the overwhelming majority of parishioners of these organizations seem to be opposed to immigration.  (I have long suspected that pro-immigration Christians suffer from pathological altruism.)

The NAABP (the National Association for the Advancement of Billionaire People, as Sailer calls them):  People like Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, et al.

Jewish Groups: These groups have been lobbying for Third World immigration since the passage of the Immigration Act of 1924. (Interestingly, roughly half of American Jews now seem opposed to illegal immigration in the USA, although the vast majority of Jews oppose African immigration into Israel, even going as far as sterilizing African immigrants and deporting many of them.)

Ethnic Activists:  Anti-white groups such as La Raza or a recent surge of Indian activists.

The US Media:  The one-sided reporting on immigration is mind-boggling.

Clueless Ideologues: Here I would include ethnomasochists like Bryan Caplan and Cheap Chalupas who seem not to live in reality but in some libertarian fantasy land.

As I’ve said before, we need new elites.  Despite all their faults, the old WASPs did after all pass the Immigration Act of 1924.


Regarding the length of influence of these elites, some Europeans have suggested that their immigration problems ultimately stem from the importation of American political correctness, which is supported by Mangan’s recent post.

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

18 thoughts on “Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA

  1. Elite anybody in the US it seems. To be part of the elite you have to be a serious status-seeker by nature. The Cathedral pretty well covers the awarding of ‘elite’ status in the US. Thus pretty much all elites in organizations, like, say, denominations of Christianity, are traitors. I start with the presumption that I don’t trust any priest/minister/etc with a congregation larger than about 150.

  2. Let’s not forget the education establishment, big philanthropy, and big labor, i.e. the other members of the Cathedral.

    • The non-elite white population is pretty strongly against it. Eventually they’ll become sufficiently frustrated with the methods of program, where money and concentrated interests rule, and open the old chest labelled ‘pogrom’.

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  5. IMO immigration wouldn’t be a huge problem without liberalism having a priori established the welfare system immigrants take advantage of. In pre-liberal America, an immigrant had to have initiative, work hard, and not burn down his neighbor’s house if he wanted to survive in America. Even black people had a much lower rate of crime and illegitimacy before liberals decided to start rewarding laziness and violence in the 1960s.

    Now a couple of black boys can shoot a white baby in the head, and no one even cares.

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