Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

Yes, this is a strong title.

Yes, on a basic level, the riots are about religion.  Many  of the Third World immigrants who are burning and looting Stockholm are Muslim.  And, yes, despite what our elites say, Islam is not a religion of peace.

Nonetheless, there is much more going on than mere religion.

Most Westerners tend to think of religion in universalist terms, since Western Christianity for the past few centuries has become an ideological, universalist religion.  But this is not the historical norm.  Throughout almost all of human history, ethno-religion has been the norm, as ethno-religion provides one of the most powerful group identities. (Just ask the Ashkenazis.) Even early European Christianity was an ethno-religion.

Many culturalist critics of Islam (such as the EDL) seem to think that racial groups are fungible and that somehow Islam has descended from the stratosphere making otherwise peaceful Middle Easterners, Africans and South Asians violent.

What these people fail to realize is how much HBD and religion are intertwined.  Islam didn’t descend from the stratosphere; certain groups of people created this violent religion and certain groups of people are drawn toward it.

We know now that much of violent behavior is genetic, so, even if these people cease to be Muslim, they will continue to be violent.

As we saw in the Paris riots in 2005, many of the North African rioters were secular.  Many wore American “gangsta” style clothing (e.g. NY Yankees caps turned sideways) and many were flashing American gang signs at the cameras.  After an expensive investigation into the cause of the 2005 riots, French authorities could not determine the cause.  It seemed that Africans just wanted “to tear shit up.”

Obviously, we don’t want the West to become Muslim, but there’s a much deeper problem here:  If you import the Third World to the West (regardless of their religion), the West will become the Third World.

All these people should be deported.


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24 thoughts on “Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

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  3. Interesting observation. Do we consider caucasian people form India or Pakistan to be a different rae or subrace just because they have darker skin? I really don’t care if the violence is racial, cultural, or religious in origin. The critical point to make is that many people in this world are no compatible with western civ.

  4. I think you’re underestimating the effect of ideologies such as islam.

    I can certainly see the point being made, that some racial groups are more prone to violence (usually an artefact of innate IQ and time preference differences), but group culture will often mitigate against (or conversely militate for) uncivilised behaviour, provided the groups involved have IQ above certain threshold levels.

    Across south and SE asia, I would argue that for the countries which have hindu or buddhist primary cultural influences, levels of barbarism tend to be lower than those countries that are primarily muslim. I would ascribe this to the relevant ethnic groups being generally intelligent enough (say mean IQ 85+) to benefit from the civilising effect of their culture.

    Conversely, amongst groups where mean IQ is in the 70-85 range, I imagine that the culture is simply not enough to make up for inherent impulsivity in the general population. This applies for example to many countries in africa, particularly sub-saharan africa.

    Meanwhile, it seems to me that whilst high IQ (say mean 100+) may protect against the worst effects of islam, most countries in the world that are islamic feature populations that are likely to find justification of their uncivilised behaviour in the teachings of their religion.

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    • White converts are far worse than cradle Muslims. BTW, why do female converts to Islam don’t have to virgin, while girls born to Muslim parents have to stay virgin until marriage?

  9. “If you import the Third World to the West (regardless of their religion), the West will become the Third World.”

    A lifetime ago, the great social experiment was to move people out of The Gorbals, the Glasgow slum, and spread them into other areas of social housing. The belief was that the better surroundings would cause those relocated, to be more like the rest of the population. It was soon discovered that the opposite was the case. The former slum dwellers, with their violent and anti-social behaviour, caused the rest of the population, in order to defend themselves, to behave like the transplants.

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  12. “Obviously, we don’t want the West to become Muslim, but there’s a much deeper problem here:  If you import the Third World to the West (regardless of their religion), the West will become the Third World.”


    If the population of Asians whether Muslim (higher out of all), Sikh, Hindu or Christian within the UK/West has a higher procreation rate and thus larger families, than the indigenous, then common sense dictates, the non indigenous will become the majority before the end of the 21st century. This is a non debatable reality.

    My question therefore is a simple one: “How do you stop this from happening when indigenous majority parties and interest groups, the only concerned and speaking out, will obviously continue becoming the minority in a growing non white society?”

    The answer is you can’t and you won’t. You ‘can’t’ because massive repatriation measures will never be employed due to the obvious and you ‘won’t’ because the only people concerned, the over 40 generation don’t have enough clout, up against a completely, pro multiracial/multicultural under 40 generation.

    Moreso, the pro immigration stance of governments is merely them following their agenda. The destruction of the indigenous block, as a majority, stops action taken against the controlling ‘tribe’ and their inevitable expulsion as has happened to them many times throughout history. To further add, more people is great for business owners and landlords – lower wages and higher rent.

    Forgive my realism, but the Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Roman and Slav peoples of the west will most definitely end up like the native Americans in their own lands. Only serious draconian measures, on a par with Hitler will stop the inevitable from happening. The problem isn no one knows who the real enemy is and unless you do, whom therefore do you know who to fight?

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