Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring

Much has been written about the recent Oxford sex grooming case, where men of South Asian descent groomed white British girls for a prostitution ring.

What hasn’t discussed, however, is the question why these gangs always seem to target white women and not their own women for prostitution.

From a sociobiological perspective, it seems to be a classic case of in-group / out-group dynamics.  The South Asians protect their own women to save for marriage and procreation, while prostituting the out-group, white women in this case, for economic benefit.

In a chilling article for Gates of Vienna, a Norwegian describes the double-standard that the more aggressive Third World immigrants have created in the pursuit of women:

“There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs. It’s something you learn early on. You just don’t go after a Pakistani girl, but Norwegian girls are available to immigrant boys. Norwegian girls prefer them. I don’t know why. I guess it must be that brown skin. That they are tough, that they have money despite not having jobs. They don’t see that they fight in packs, that they are cowards.”

In short, whites are at a great disadvantage in multiracial societies.  Part of the problem is the individualism of whites; whites think in terms of individuals, thus giving other groups who bond together an advantage.  In a broader sense, whites too often think in universalist terms (rather than in-group / out-group dynamics).  Such universalist thinking is probably harmless in isolated racially homogenous societies, but it’s suicidal in multiracial societies.  This in part explains why white journalists are so naive when confronted with the fact that South Asians were deliberately targeting white women for prostitution rings.


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28 thoughts on “Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring

  1. Evolution happens. Whites are learning to think as a collective, as a Hive Mind.

    This horrible period of having our nests invaded by invasive species is going to turn the next generation and generations after that into brutal fighters.

      • I did, and have replied to that post separately. The truth about the UK situation is that the grooming problem is entirely about pakistani muslims (possibly also bangladeshi muslims, but I’ve not seen any news articles mentioning those groups). There are no instances of such grooming being done by Indian Hindus / Sikhs / Buddhists. Culture (in the form of religion in this case) is most definitely at play here.

      • Also, I forgot to mention in my post above – as well as white girls, hindu and sikh girls have been targetted for grooming by these gangs; this in my view proves that the motivation is not racial, but religious.

      • Those riots were 10 years ago (not that this makes a huge difference) and the estimates for those killed are usually listed in the 1000 range rather than 2500 per the article you linked to (again, not that this makes a huge difference to the point you’re making). One other off-topic thing, Robert Lindsay is a left wing mangina, so I don’t really trust or care about what he writes.

        You quote indian IQ being 82, but I’m pretty sure that gujarat actually has a higher mean IQ – indian IQ numbers are generally brought down significantly by ethnic groups in central and eastern parts of the country, whilst gujarat is one of the richest states in the country (possibly richest, I haven’t looked up the statistics recently). This of course makes your point stronger rather than mine, but I wanted to point it out regardless.

        I’m curious (genuinely) what you think a real religious war looks like.

        There are many websites that talk about islamic incursions into western countries, and how something must be done to reclaim the culture. The gujarat riots ten years ago, sadly, are the reality about how these things end up playing out. The riots were not a clear cut case of a hindu majority deciding at random to kill a bunch of muslims either; there is substantial evidence of provocation, with a muslim attack on a train of hindus going to a holy site usually accepted as the proximate cause.

        One (very bleak in a sense) outcome is that since those riots, gujarat has not suffered any muslim terrorism that I’m aware of; meanwhile, during the 10 year period in question, the parliament in delhi was attacked, as was Bombay, by muslim terrorists. The grim reality is that terrorists prefer soft targets. If they are appeased, as is happening in the west today, they become emboldened to carry out more and more heinous attacks.

        Whilst from a modern liberal persective we’d prefer to find common peace through dialogue, its unclear that this will be sufficient to quell the terrorism being inflicted on the west today.

    • Admitted, there is a certain tendency to cannibalism, that is, Khaled dishonors the sister of Fouad, but doesn’t allow Fouad sex with his(Khaled’s) sister. This is however, against the rules of Islam.

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    • Even as an individual, you can disintegrate enemy family networks. And often, non-Muslim families try to prevent their members from acting against Islam. Cowardice and a lack of cunning are more damaging than individualism. Also, organizing as “Whites” or “Aryans” has its own downsides. Organize as “Xorgs” (check my website for “Xorg”), or adopt lone wolf tactics.

  3. I fully agree with Gunn here. I am a South Asian, who has lived parts of my life in different parts of South Asia and Europe. I find that associating South Asians with this group is the equivalent of equating all europeans with the ideologly of some of their 20th century dictators. The behavior displayed here is by men of a particular religion who have displayed similar behavior whereever they are be it Asia or America or Europe, simply because they believe their religion permits them to perform such actions on the female sex of non-believers, whom they perceive as sexually inferior.

    The statement of average Indian IQ being 82 is also baseless. I think this survey has been done by someone desparate to demean the Indians, and has only chosen some select uneducated and poor people to perform the tests. Even considering the argument of Indians having poor IQ is true, I wonder why the worlds biggest software industry is booming in India. IQ is a very one dimensional way of judging a person and checks only a persons logical aptitude. However, it does not consider if a person has better artistic or cooking skills.

    I wonder why educated liberal leftists are more worried about one incident in India than several thousand incidents of minorities, ethnics being killed on a daily basis in countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi, Iran, Syria and Egypt. I guess it is simply because for once India showed the world that a slap has to be returned not always by showing the other cheek, but by a nose-breaking punch once in a while.

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  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs.”

    Christianity forbids giving them a dose of their own medicine, White Nationalism forbids giving them a dose of their own medicine. How to compensate for that?


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    • Why does Islam forbid enslaving Muslim girls, as Muslims say that taking sex slaves is a good way to prevent fornication? Improve the world, start with your own. As long as Muslims bitch about sexual immorality, Muslims do not have the right to resist enslavement of their women, by let’s say, Buddhists.
      Is sexual immorality in British society caused by the fact that British men are too cowardly to kill Pakistani men and and enslave Pakistani women?

  9. It makes me angry when people box all South Asians together on the basis of ”oh well, you all look the same”. The fact is as someone mentioned previously on here, this grooming is done only by Pakistanis and always Muslims. There are never any Hindu or Sikh men involved within this grooming regime which goes to show that this is done on fundamentally religious grounds and not on a racial agenda.

    It’s pretty preposterous, Alfred that you then try moving away from the main discussion by stating India’s general IQ and mentioning that the Hindu population have done ‘horrific’ things recently. In regard to prejudice genecides, this applies to all and goes far beyond cultural or racial boundaries and is therefore a never ending argument for example one could say to you: How about the institutionalised massacre of millions of Jews and Romani Gypsies in Nazi Era Germany?

    And as for Indian intelligence quotient levels well most people in India are very poor, and on an international level are well below the poverty line. Most people in India live rurally and have never had an education. From an un-biased perspective for Indians whom have had a decent education well in England Indians get higher grades than White English children on average:


    So that says it all. To reiterate myself these prostition rings within the United Kingdom, are committed by Pkaistani Muslims and not Indian Hindus or Sikhs.

    • “Indians whom have had a decent education well in England”

      That is because of selective immigration. It still doesn’t change fact that average IQ of India is 82.

      Regarding religion, race and religion are intertwined:


      Genetically, Hindus cluster with their Muslim neighbors, not with Europeans. See: http://www.humanbiologicaldiversity.com/Race_Face_Plates.htm

      • Alfred, again you have not taken into account that most people in India live rurally and are poor and hence most don’t go to school – If one doesn’t have an education naturally they are going to fall low on IQ tests. On a fair basis a comparison would be to have a set of Indians whom are from a well educated background to a set of Western Europeans who have also had the same standard education, so it still remains that this point is a load of cods-wallop.

        Regarding the race of South Asians. I don’t see why there was a necessity to mention this as it is obvious that Indians and Pakistanis both generally share the same racial background (Except for Pakistani’s having a higher frequency of West Asian genetics and many like Imran Khan Niazi who is a Pashtun being fully Western Asian).

        The main point here is that these White Girls are getting groomed by Pakistani Muslims. Never Indians, and most certainly never Hindus or Sikhs. It is unfair to box all South Asians together.

    • I understand your anger, especially because Muslims target Hindu and Sikh girls as well. But… Muslims will say: “How do they know these men are Muslims?” Without a thourough knowledge of Urdu/Hindi and South Asian society, non-Muslim Brits cannot know whether someone is a Sanjay Patel or an Ahmed Khan. The reverse is also true. For a South Asian Hindu it is very hard to distinguish an European Jew from an European Gentile. Yet the Jew often allies with the Muslim against the Gentile and the Hindu.

      • Oogenhand:

        It is very frustrating for Indians here in England to be associated with Pakistani’s. People don’t realise that we hold more contempt for them than anyone (Not the whole group of course). Other than this disgusting grooming which to be honest has only recently garnished media attention, Pakistani’s are frequently involved in drug pushing in areas like Bradford and Luton along with other criminal activities. They don’t integrate and make their own ghettos, they live in England yet they hate white English people. Their culture and religion permits inter-familial relationships with cousins and hence there are millions to be paid in taxes every year because of inbred offspring:


        These things all apply to the Pakistani community in the United Kingdom, but not to the Indian community.

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