Poll: Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?

Regarding our recent posts here at Occam’s Razor about immigration (“Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion,” “Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring,” “Third World Immigrants Burn and Loot Sweden,” “Black Muslim Uses Meat Cleaver on British Soldier on London Street,” “Dominique Venner’s Suicide Note,” “Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA” and “Are Christian Leaders Today a Bunch of Girly Men?”), here’s a poll.

Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?

Leave comments below.


Can Multi-Racial States Ever Function? Some Examples with Caveats.”

Frank Salter: “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?

Helmuth Nyborg: “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection


Baron Bodissey: “A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain

Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

80 thoughts on “Poll: Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?

    • >“Third world immigrants.”
      >No Ukrainians then, eh?

      This subversion of language is nothing short of Orwellian.

      The original post gave several examples of what was meant by “third world.”

      “Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion,” “Why white girls were groomed by South Asians for prostitution ring,” ”Third World Immigrants Burn and Loot Sweden,” “Black Muslim Uses Meat Cleaver on British Soldier on London Street,” “Dominique Venner’s Suicide Note,”

      The author obviously meant “South Asians, Black Muslims, and whatever third worlders are burning and looting Sweden.”

      Your intentional refusal to comprehend plain English is an insult.

      No wonder Dominique Venner killed himself, he didn’t want to have to put up with idiots like these.

    • no white people period! you people are crooks liars and dirty people. open up a history book and read about what white trash have done to china and India. those countries are actually rising today even after being robbed.you whites are in for a very big rude awakening.

  1. Ukrainians are not Third World.

    The traditional meaning of “Third World” = Latin America (except Argentina), Africa, South Asia, and Middle East.

  2. I would have to say Yes, for now. We seriously need to be able to know who is entering our country and what their intentions are. We have had a MASSIVE failure with our immigration laws and they need overhauling, until that is accomplished, yes, foreigners should have to go home to their lands. My opinion.

    • >Yes. Send the whites back to Europe.

      If all the whites were sent back to Europe, they would rapidly come into lethal conflict with all the non-whites that have been imported there by socialist governments.

      So basically you’re calling for race war.

      You filthy, violent racist.

      • @JayMan: Haha, thanks.

        @Bert: Well, since we’re sending everyone back where they came from, we’d send all of pure-white diaspora back to Europe, and all the pure-coloured people in Europe to wherever they came from. Mixed people have the option to settle Antarctica, or be handled King Solomon-style and distributed evenly between their genetic homelands.

      • racism, fascism, colonialism, imperialism, sexism, jim crows law,ira,kkk, feminism, classism, are all white inventions you pinkturd fgt. non whites dont have the systemic power in order to be racist institutionalized racism is held by white inferiority complexed recessive reject parasites like yourself.whites are the most xenbophobic bigots on the planet towards every race.

      • Not all whites. Not all people are even thinking anyone should go back where they came from. It’s silly & sophomoric. What most level-headed people want is for people to learn to get along. No one has to be best friends, but treating people with respect & with a civil tongue should be standard operating procedure. This is not the first time people were at odds. Seems history repeats & no one learns to everyone’s peril. Maybe every generation has to go through the violence. Truly is a damn shame.

  3. I concur with JayMan – especially since I’m also of color.
    Methinks mass deportation would create many more problems than it’d solve. Mind you, I’m a proponent of tighter immigration controls and oppose the proposed US amnesty…

  4. I’d also recommend a re-think sometime before JayMan, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Clarence Thomas are being driven at bayonet-point onto the cargo freighter.

  5. I assume that the poll was talking abut foreign-born immigrants, not everyone who can trace descent from a third world nation. Could have been my misreading, though…

  6. Posts like this are as stupid as the ideas from left wing idiots who bang on about blank slates and the benefits of diversity.

    First, the question is utterly meaningless as it simply couldn’t be enforced – the political will doesn’t exist, never mind that most people (right wing / HBD types included) don’t have the stomach for the ensuing race wars that would happen – you implied as much on the the other thread where you brought up the gujarat riots 10 years ago, which you decry as being abhorrent, but what you’re asking here would lead to pogroms that would be directly comparable to the worst of the wholesale ethnic cleansings seen during the 20th century. By putting forward this question, you’re essentially marginalising your views further, and making it harder to gain any political traction for the useful aspects of HBD that could be worked into practical legislation / principles of governance.

    Secondly, the question is unintelligent – it lacks any real understanding of whats causing the problems, and worse still, an appreciation for the outcome of such a policy. For example, in the UK, if this was carried out, the health service would literally fall apart. Sure, you could argue that a health service reliant on immigrants is a huge issue (and I agree with this), but you fix such things over time – overnight changes would create catastrophic short term outcomes. The question also denies a fundamental aspect of right wing thought – property rights. If we’re talking about welfare payments, I’d be completely happy to agree that these are not an entitlement, and there is no issue with denying them to immigrants. However, what about the considerable wealth built up by those immigrant groups that have come to western countries and worked for what they have? Said wealth creation wasn’t a one way street (i.e. society benefited just as the immigrant did), and to deport wholesale would be to place western countries on the same footing as countries like Uganda which kicked out their (Indian) immigrants a generation ago and by doing so collapsed larged parts of their economy.

    Having said all that, I actually do agree in principle that deportation should be policy for well defined situations. In many cases, this wouldn’t even need to be drafted as deportation per se. For example, welfare payments should be denied to all immigrants – this alone would stem the inward flow significantly as well as making life far less comfortable for groups currently living off societal largesse. Penury should be grounds for deportation. Major crimes by immigrants (say those where custodial sentences could potentially exceed 3 years) should be grounds for deportation. A greyer area (but which is potentially workable) could be some kind of integration test – immigrants that can’t or won’t integrate into the culture of the host country should be deported.

    However, such deportation policies would require that the immigrant had clear citizenship of the country they were being deported to – the world no longer has ‘sinks’ for undesirables (as e.g. Australia and America were for the UK during the heyday of its empire), so ideas like the one suggested by this poll would only be possible through a very aggressive policy to force the deportees onto particular countries. The alternative (assuming, as is likely, that no such country could be found for a majority of them) is wholesale genocide. This point on its own should illustrate the sheer idiocy of the poll.

    • My stance has absolutely nothing to do with race, as soooo many try to make it, but rather people Intentionally breaking the law. We have laws for a reason and when people and especially our own Government intentionally break these laws to benefit everyone BUT the American citizens, then I have a problem with it.

      • you whites are terrorists so shut up and fkn leave you white foreign trash are illegal in america since1492 and british are illegal in kanata since 1775 GET THE FK OFF OURRRR LAND!YOU WHITE YOU DONT BELONG HERE GO BACK TO SH-HOLE EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you pink AlieN;;;cave ape

      • my stance does! whites dont belong here your people are ILLEGAL the constitution and charter of rights were not created by a native indian therefore you LEAVE! the constitution should be abolished. whites have no right to being here. your people removed the native Indians off the west Mississippi river in MAY 28,1830.indian removal act’ time for you whites to pack your bags and leave!

  7. A little clarification.

    Perhaps the poll should have said ‘most’ instead of ‘all’. But it’s certainly better to error on one side than another. When an oncologist seeks to remove bad cells, he certainly errors on the side of removing some good cells to get all the bad ones.

    And I wasn’t implying that people should be forcefully removed; you could probably just pay the undesirables to leave. What would be the magic number? $15,000 per family to return to their ancestral lands? Whatever it would be, it would be considerably less than the lifetime entitlements they would receive.

    There would obviously be some who remain, but one must also be sensitive to the health of states. In a previous post, “Can Multi-Racial States Ever Function? Some Examples with Caveats,” I looked at historic situations where multi-racial states can function.

    There’s also the French concept of ethno-pluralism, the idea that all racial groups (not just whites) should be entitled to their own ancestral lands that they can hold exclusively. How would would this work in a multi-racial state? Would each racial group be given its own “reservation” to hold exclusively as a “safe place” whereas other lands would be commons? But Europe is clearly the ancestral lands of whites; perhaps a different argument could be made for the New World.

    Regardless, the current situation is untenable. Importing a bunch of the Third World into the West will make the West the Third World. The average IQ of the West is falling because of Third World immigration (and relaxed selection pressure) and also, just as important, there is the dire issue of genetic replacement.

    • Fair enough, your explanation here makes the poll much more reasonable, but I’d be curious how many yes responses were based on an unthinking reflex to the question vs. a more nuanced understanding of what one is seeking to achieve by such a policy.

      Btw, “Should all 3rd world immigrants be deported” implies forcefully; the normal usage for deported suggests involuntary compulsion.

      I agree in principle with the payoff idea you mention above, and would count it as one more instance of a ‘well defined situation’.

      On your final point (ethno-pluralism), I think its fairly apparent that the idea is some kind of liberal fantasy. What I mean by this is that the idea of ‘entitlement’ to lands, or a group being ‘given’ its own reservation begs the question: who enforces the right? Its because modern day leftists have lost sight of the reality that all rights are ultimately backed up only by the threat of violence that we have the diseases of multiculturalism, diversity, and PC.

      Far better, in my view, for each nation to do what it can to take care of its own (hopefully this doesn’t include violence against other nations, but thats more a guideline than a hard and fast rule and reflects the way that history has always gone), and not feel guilt about past actions by long dead ancestors. On this basis, opening up your borders to selected immigrants who are given the right to settle in return for the responsibilities of full integration into your society and corresponding economic participation is a much easier prospect.

      Of course, even this approach is a pipe-dream in today’s political environment.

    • Why does everything come down to “race”? We are all the SAME RACE, its called the human race. I don’t care what color a persons skin is, it does not define them, their actions define them.

    • Thanks for the clarification. However, even this modified proposal stands little chance due to the toxic political climate (look at the Richwine ordeal, for instance) and, as JayMan points out, dealing with 2nd, 3rd, etc. generation immigrants.

      Concerning proposed US immigraion reform, even items like tighter border controls and reduced immigration is meeting fierce resistance (guess many politicos forgot immigration is more an economic issue than a racial/ethnic one, but I digress)…

  8. Even “most” is infeasible, particularly in America (where the number totals in the tens of millions). The concept holds more weight in Europe, but even there, since many of the Third Worlders are 2nd+ generation, precisely where should they be paid to go?

    • Agreed. Not to mention that whites being born are already less than 50 percent of the population. The population we have is the one we are stuck with, baring some sort of apocalyptic civil war (which some commmenters might fantasize about, although I certainly don’t).

      Additionally, US-born Hispanics and Asians are intermarrying at a rate of 36-37 percent, which indicates a certain level of integration into a general population, and that racial lines might not be so stark in the future: http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2012/02/16/the-rise-of-intermarriage/2/ Of course, the Asian/White intermarriages are much wealthier on average than the white/Hispanic intermarriages, so they are obviously integrating into different social classes.

      Most whites these days have either non-white inlaws or non-white friends, and it’s not going to be so easy to create this stark sense of separation that WNs imagine. Most segregation is class-based, although different racial groups have different levels of representation in different social classes due to HBD factors. Nonetheless, you’re average upper-middle class white person would rather interact with an upper-middle class black person than an ethnically-related white trash prole, although the percentage of blacks who constitute the upper-middle class is obviously low.

  9. No, we don’t want them back. They’re inmigrants in first world countries and they’d be inmigrants in third world countries. They’ll always be inmigrants waiting for handouts and slowing progress.

    We should deport them to a country in Africa where nobody will miss them and use that new failed state as an example of multiculturalism and diversity. Better yet, why not send them to Israel?

    • you white people had nothing so shut up and leave! you wouldnt be wearing clothes hadnt it been for non white countries who had silk and cotton to be quite honest.also whites are not geographically indigenous to anywhere on the entire planet not europe and certainly not the caucas region as that was originally brown tribes before whites ever existed.we believe you dont even belong on our planet and are completely foreign alien to our planet.i hope all races of color decides to get together and genocide you whites for good.non whites make two thirds of the worlds population.

      • Wtf?! Really trying to understand everyone’s point of view. Where are you from akado, what are you basing your information on & why so viciously angry?

  10. There would probably be unintended consequences; subjects would perceive alienation from a society which is attempting to rid itself of them. This would reduce any feelings of obligation or respect they might have had and they will become delinquent. They will treat their country of residence like a public toilet. They won’t just receive the offer and consider it with a cool head.

    We should really be looking at the root of the problem: white people aren’t breeding. Tighter immigration controls + incentivizing breeding among the white population may be a better strategy. But messing with the current immigrant population – especially those who are already citizens – is probably a terrible idea, and in very many cases would be quite unfair treatment.

    • In NW Europe and the US, White fertility is sub-replacement, but only just. Population decline will be slow – or may not happen at all, as fertility is likely to rebound in the near future. The main challenge is competition from immigrant groups, not the fertility rate per se…

  11. The phrase “third world immigrants” is misleading. Immigrants who are of the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Sikh religions don’t have any problems integrating into Western society but this not true of the people of the Muslim religion. The majority of them migrate with the aim of making the host nation adopt Muslim practices and eventually be ruled by sharia laws. You only have to google Pew polls to find this is so.
    The problem then is the Muslims. Host nations will have to pass laws to criminalize the practice of sharia along similar lines regarding Nazism. Otherwise there is no hope for the host nations.

    • What you’ve said here is true in my experience, but whilst religion should certainly be a necessary requirement, there should also be a realistic assessment of whether the immigrants you’re letting in are actually bringing net overall (economic) benefits. As I’ve stated before, I think one very simple way to do this is to make immigrants completely ineligible for welfare.

      The second key requirement is that the host culture needs to be strong and unashamed of itself. Immigrants coming in must be required to embrace the prevailing culture, and those who don’t should be politely but firmly told to leave.

      Despite the set of posts over recent days on this blog that are looking to identify race as the issue, the reality is that the problems we see today are primarily about islam. Short of outlawing islam in the west, I’m not really sure what can be done to fix the root causes.

    • ” Immigrants who are of the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Sikh religions don’t have any problems integrating into Western society”

      Yea right. The average IQ of South Asia is much lower than the West. For instance, the average IQ of India is only 82. This will create major problems for the West.

      Second, notwithstanding past terms like Caucasoid, modern genetic mapping shows that South Asians genetically cluster as a separate race. Their ethnic genetic interest do not align with Westerners‘.

      • The average IQ of indian immigrants to the UK is probably higher than the native population of british whites; this is because the majority of them are either professionals (doctors) or businessmen (from africa when they were kicked out by leaders like Idi Amin) or their descendants. They are overrepresented in university places and the professions.

        A similar thing happens in the US, where a lot of the immigrants are software engineers (largely out of the IITs, which are usually considered harder to get into than elite colleges in the US or UK).

        The figure of 82 for indian IQ is highly problematic, because it treats the entire country as a single group, when in reality there are a lot of subpopulations. The elites of the country (brahmins, jains) have comparable IQ to ashkenazi jews, whilst the middle classes are probably comparable to eastern europeans. However, the elites and the middle class in total comprise only around 30% of the population. The lower classes really bring down the overall IQ, though its unclear if this is because of innately lower potential or the lack of education/environment.

        India should really be compared to the whole of Europe rather than considered a single country that can be generalised about. Its population, whilst having some genetic markers that are unique (or at least highly characteristic), is an admixture of the three major races – caucasian influenced in the North and West, mongoloid in the North East, and tribal/negroid in the South and Central regions. Over time of course all three races have become blended to greater or lesser degrees.

      • Note that the above doesn’t apply to pakistani or bangladeshi immigrants, who are generally unskilled and have lower IQs (and are usually muslim).

      • It’s true, through selective immigration, some smarter Indians have come to the US and UK…but await there’s chain migration and soon all their dumb cousins will be coming too!

        Parts of India academically are on the same level as Sub-Sahara Africa.

        “[India] is an admixture of the three major races – caucasian influenced in the North and West, mongoloid in the North East, and tribal/negroid in the South and Central regions. Over time of course all three races have become blended to greater or lesser degrees.”

        Exactly, so their ethnic genetic interests (EGI) do not align with Westerners’.

      • Actually, from what I see, the major immigration from south asia into the UK today seems to be from pakistani and bangladeshi muslims.

        On the topic of continued indian immigration, this has fallen off, and may even be reversing as increasing numbers of 2nd generation (british) immigrants from India are returning to India to set up and run businesses there.

        For whatever reason, you seem unwilling to accept that the major issue with immigration from south asia into the west is really about muslims (who, origin wise, are usually from pakistan and bangladesh) rather than Indians. Conflating this as a racial issue that extends to immigrants from the entire subcontinent is incorrect, and does nothing to help deal with the true problems.

    • you whites have a problem integrating and assimilating to the native indian population whys that! why dont you get back on your mayflower and take a fkn hike

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  13. Richard Lamn former governor of Colorado gave a speech titled “How to destroy America” is germane to the discussion here.
    “I have a plan to destroy america by Richard d. Lamm
    We must first make america a bilingual-bicultural country. History shows, in my opinion, that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. One scholar, Seymour Martin Lipset, put it this way:
    The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon-all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with its Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans.
    I would then invent “multiculturalism” and encourage immigrants to maintain their own culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal: that there are no cultural differences that are important. I would declare it an article of faith that the black and hispanic dropout rate is only due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out-of-bounds. There is more at:

  14. Many should be deported; no more should be allowed in; and the ones which remain should not be provided with any benefits beyond being allowed to stay. But I worry the process of deporting ALL of them would prove to be a net negative on a strict cost/benefit scale.

    The concentration of financial and political power needed to achieve a 100% removal would lead to the creation of corporate/government institutions which are far more dangerous to liberty than the remaining third world population could ever be.

    I would be happy for mere stabilization of the culture right now – if we can get our pseudo-aristocracy to stop actively destroying civilization, civilization’s natural resiliency will provide a large amount of self-healing.

    The result won’t be what could have been if the last century’s genocidal egalitarianism had been avoided, but it will be a damn sight better than what we have now.

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  16. it’s too late to reverse the mass immigration of poor and uneducated third worlder’s from Canada without,dare i say it….a revolution where the common white and native Canadians take back control from the Government and there elitist puppet masters. Everyone just wants to complain but none seem ready to defend their beliefs when it’s necessary, remember the more immigrants they let in the more votes they get and they also get to lower our standard of living. We must take some action to change this behavior and voting for another politician is not the answer people. We built this nation not people from the Philippines or China/Africa.Pakistan/India. Where has our sense of dignity and pride gone to? Or is that just another thing that’s been outsourced to a non-white, non-Native because Canadians are just too lazy to work that job!

    • only people uneducated are you whites that’s why you were never self sufficient in your smelly cave.i dont recollect whites inventing the number system, number zero, trigonometry, the first university in the world, the laws of gravity, the revolution of earth arithmetic but i do see that India has achieved all that (Aryabhatta,Bhaskaracharya,shushruta,Jagdish chandra etc.without the numbersystem numberzero arithmetic and education you whites wouldnt have clocks,watches,telephones,blackberrys,ipads,iphones,videogames,trafficlights,microwaves,refrigerators as they all use timer numbers education arithmetic or number zero.i dont see pharmaceuticals belonging to whites that too is intelectual property of a non white country called India.cotton and tea comes from India iron ore to build train tracks too. China invented porcelaine,gunpowder,silk,green tea.blacks invented piercings,rock n roll

  17. whites copy from other races just like the guitar got its idea from the India instrument the sithar.drums were actually around long before whites as drumskins were made out of animal hide.whites are pests and should leave before the murder rate starts to spike of white deaths on non white lands just like Rwanda.whites should also quit missappropriating and marketing east Indians yoga as that is not for whites and that is east indians religious practice,whites are told not to be mocking indians religions i can see whites getting murdered for harrassing other races and they deserve it too.whites have no respect for other races intelectual property nor do whites have any self respect for themselves.

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