Primer on Immigration and Human BioDiversity

Our recent poll, “Should all Third World immigrants be deported from the West?,” has gained much attention but also highlights that there’s much confusion on what is central in discussing immigration into the West.  I thus offer this brief primer on immigration and human biodiversity.

Here are some key things to consider when discussing immigration.

Economics:  As Harvard economist George Borjas has shown, Third World immigration is driving down wages and lowering the standard of living both in Europe and the USA.  Third World immigrants also, since they use more in social services than they pay in taxesdrain the social services of Western countries.

Conservationism/ Infrastructure: More people in the West (through immigration) will put greater pressure on Western infrastructures and lead to environmental degradation.  (Do you want the West to look like this?)

IQ:  Outside Northeast Asia (China, Japan and South Korea), the rest of the world has considerably lower average IQs than European-descended countries.  As Helmuth Nyborg outlines in “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection,” allowing these people to immigrate to the West will prove dysgenic.

Crime and Corruption: Outside European-descended people and Northeast Asia, there might well be higher genetic tendencies toward violent crime. Also, outside European-descended countries (and isolated other places, like Japan), the rest of the world seems to consist of  low-trust countries, which results in more corruption, both in those countries and among those who immigrate to the West.  Bringing these problems into the West only makes the West more Third World.

Ethnic Genetic Interests:  As popularized by Frank Salter in “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?” and “Misunderstandings of Kin Selection and the Delay in Quantifying Ethnic Kinship” (using ethnic genetic distances first outlined by Cavalli-Sforza), Ethnic Genetic Interests (EGI) shows that human populations are not fungible and that mass immigration could lead to the genetic extinction of certain groups of people.  It’s thus imperative for groups to maintain largely homogenous areas to further their genetic continuity.

There you have it.  Here are big four issues relating to immigration and, other than economics, they’re rarely discussed in the media.


Who Supports Open Borders? Summary of Open-Borders Elite in USA


While IQ certainly is important, John Derbyshire doubts that the West needs to import any more high IQ people.

The French philosopher Alain de Benoist has offered the term “ethno-pluralism“: “a view stressing the ‘right of difference’ which asserts that each ethnic / racial group has the right to its own lands over which it can exercise complete sovereignty. This view envisions the world as a mosaic with a multiplicity of diverse races clearly delimited and with strict boundaries between them.”

Regarding IQ, here’s a roundup on the recent Richwine controversy where Richwine argued the US should not import low IQ immigrants.

Ted Sallis argues that ethnic genetic interests should be the primary concern when debating immigration.

Richard Spencer on the prospect of allowing white South Africans to immigrate to Western countries.



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