Harvard and the Anti-White Aesthetic

This story is a few years old but it’s telling because it demonstrates the anti-white power shift at elite American institutions:

About-face at Harvard

Boston Globe, Nov. 7, 2010

A push is on to make the portraits on the walls — white men, almost all — reflect the diverse face of the university today

CAMBRIDGE — The faces peer out, unsmiling, from the gilded frames lining the sea-green walls of the faculty room in Harvard’s historic University Hall. Some are mustachioed, a few bespectacled. They’re dressed in three-piece suits or cloaked in robes, sporting cravats or bow ties.

In this ornate meeting room adorned with crystal chandeliers, Greek columns, and Oriental carpets hang images of Harvard’s most venerable figures — row upon row of stone-faced alumni, professors, and presidents. They are mostly men; all are white.

Of the approximately 750 oil portraits that grace the libraries, dining commons, and undergraduate residences of the nation’s oldest university, roughly 690 were of white men, as of a 2002 inventory by the curator of the university’s portrait collection. Only two portraits, commissioned in the 1980s and ’90s, were of minorities. The remaining portraits were of white women — Radcliffe professors, benefactors’ family members, presidents’ wives.

Apparently, many people find all these paintings and sculptures of white people to be offensive so they want to move them and put in their place paintings and sculptures of non-whites.  They say they won’t get rid of these paintings of white people just yet — as long as there is still space, but when space becomes a concern we know what their priorities will be.

As anyone knows, East Coast WASPs ran Harvard from its inception until about the mid 20th century.  In the early 20th century, WASPs opened up Harvard to Ashkenazis, out of a sense of fair play, who quickly came to dominate the school.  Since then, Ashkenazis have run Harvard.

What is most interesting is that the memory of the very WASP benefactors who built Harvard — so that others could benefit from it — is literally being wallpapered over.  White people can be very naive when it comes to racial politics.

Bust of Charles William Eliot (1834-1926), relative of TS Eliot and president of Harvard


Can Multi-Racial States Ever Function?

F. Roger Devlin:  “Madison Grant: Preserving Buffaloes, Redwoods—And Founding-Stock Americans



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