Cheerios peddles Cultural Marxism

It seems that Cheerios is peddling Cultural Marxism:

Yes, I know, some of my readers are of mixed-race, and I wish them well. There have been and will be mixed-race couples. But, still, from the perspective of a healthy race, this is a question of normalization, and you should want your racial norm to be one of same-race marriage so as to ensure that individuals of your race are able to maximize their ethnic genetic interests.  In other words, I don’t want my race to go extinct.  No one should want his race to go extinct.  I want my children and descendants to look like me and my ancestors.

It’s interesting that when it comes to peddling Cultural Marxism, American corporations seem to be worse than any old-school state-sponsored socialism.


8 thoughts on “Cheerios peddles Cultural Marxism

  1. Dude, there is no good reason to be against this. Interracial marriages will always be the minority. Seeing the occasional mixed race couple on TV won’t hurt anybody.

  2. This commercial is why anyone with children should just throw away their televisions or disconnect cable and only let them watch approved DVDs. This Cultural Marxism is disgusting!

  3. Jay I think you live in Brooklyn with me and are younger Are you insisting you have not noted a significant uptick in inter racial couples adoptions and acceptance and that the quality is higher making it more tractable?

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