Religion 2.0: Identitarian Religion

Recently, there have been many discussions about ethnocentrism and religion (see here, here, here, herehere and here).

Something interesting is taking place in Western religion.  Although the waves are small, one is witnessing the rise of identitarian religion.  What is identitarian religion?  It’s ethno-religion, basically the religious norm for 99% of human history.  In fact, the extreme universalism of Christianity over the past few centuries is the historical aberration. So, when I say “religion 2.0,” this religion is really nothing new, but a return to a traditional concept of religion.

For more on the rise of identitarian thought in general, see Génération Identitaire, Golden Dawn, or Identitär Idé.

With Christianity today, two things are simultaneously taking place:

(1) Outside the West, Christianity is rapidly becoming a non-Western religion.  (See Philip Jenkins writings on Africa and Latin America, for instance.)

(2) Inside the West, a hyper-PC, hyper-universal for of Christianity has taken hold, what some people are calling Christian Cultural Marxism.

Nonetheless, on the periphery of the extreme universalist Christianity in the West, one is witnessing the rebirth of an older form of Christianity, Identitarian Christianity.

Some examples: Pro-Western Christianity; Traditional ChristianityLawrence Auster; Thinking Housewife; Chronicles; Faith and Heritage; Spirit, Water, Blood; Kinist Review; Tribal Theocrat; OrthoSphere; Generation5; etc.

Yet, we’re simultaneously witnessing the rise of neo-paganism, people of European ancestry returning to their ancient ancestral religions.

Most popular example of neopaganism:  Asatru Folk Assembly.

These two groups are often antagonistic toward each other.  But I wonder.  As Nick Land has written of the different groups of the Dark Enlightenment putting aside their differences, at least temporarily, to oppose the Cathedral, I wonder whether these two religious groups (Identitarian Christians and Neo-Pagans) could do the same?

Poll:  To oppose rife political correctness / Cultural Marxism, could various identitarian religious groups (like Pro-Western Christians and Neopagans) temporarily get along?


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39 thoughts on “Religion 2.0: Identitarian Religion

  1. On one side is the lament of “Christian universalism” and on the other side is a fracturing down to the single individual in search of his “identity.” The irony of course is that the unidentified individual cannot find what it is looking for because it is deceitful concerning the nature of the Christian “universalism.”

    The “dark enlightenment,” WHICH IS CHOCK FULL of white male liberals, thinks that if it denies the SUPREMACIST nature of Christianity then it can somehow turn that nature into a “universal” pejorative.

    Christianity ASSERTS the existence (read: empirical evidence) of the Perfect Man. This self-evidently suggests the existence of God the Creator of Perfect Man.

    The Perfect Man can be translated as the man who could do no wrong or the man who only does right.

    A standard set for all time and in all places.

    It is quite clear why nerdy white males with scientific fetishes WOULD DENY THE EXISTENCE of the Perfect Man.

    They are an anti-Supremacist EQUAL to every other variant of radical liberationist.

    The “dark enlightenment” is just another radical liberationist movement with particularly scientific and racial particularities DUE to it core adherents, i.e., white male nerds.

  2. Another trend you will see amongst the “darkly enlightened” is their labeling of other liberationist movements as “supremacist.” Think jihad, “feminism,” Cathedral, etc. So while they attempt to undermine a truly Supremacist religion, they are also subtly BOLSTERING fellow liberationist movements to near invincibility.

  3. The revival of pagan cults is a dumb idea. The people who worshiped the old gods rejected them for Christianity, because they found the heathen deities failed them. They would be better off if they would read historical sources from Rome, Germany, and Scandinavia, and discover why Christianity succeeded paganism and turn back to that kind of Christianity.

    • Christianity largely succeeded in Europe due to the tyrannical forced converting of the people by their Christianized leaders. This was especially true in Scandinavia, where many people publicly accepted Christ due to the threat of execution, but privately carried on their pagan worship and customs. Many old Christian churches in Scandinavian countries were built by pagans and include imagery of the Germanic pagan pantheon and tales in their woodwork.

      If the heathen gods truly failed us, their names and tales wouldn’t still be so pervasive in Western culture despite centuries of Christian dominance. Those of us who still recognize the gods and continue the customs of the European peoples prefer our ancestral spirituality over what we view as an alien religion.

      I don’t say this with the intention of offending, but to illustrate that there are many more people interested in returning to the ancestral religion than you seem to think.

      I’d like to believe that white nationalists of both the Christian and Heathen variety could put aside religious differences in order to work together, but it seems that many Christians still have a rather Crusader-like mentality toward other religions.

      • Christianity largely succeeded in Europe due to the tyrannical forced converting of the people by their Christianized leaders.

        That is wildly distorted and exaggerated, but that debate is precisely what would keep the two sides from ever working together. Aren’t European pagans the first victims of Western Christian colonialism? If you’re to take that tone, you may as well align yourselves with the Native American resistance movements.

      • It’s hard for this American to imagine Christianity as an “alien religion” as though there were some instinctual longing for ancestral pagan religion. Maybe things are different in Europe, but Christianity there looks anything but dominant and so allusions to such seem wildly out of place. Yes, Christianity dominated at earlier times and this is merely evidence for a greater desire for Truth by those who came before us.

        Certainly Christianity can be imposed. But if it is also just plain Truth then its dominance speaks for itself and its rejection means many Americans and Europeans alike have no desire for Truth. Of course, this is recipe for disaster.

        The biggest fallacy of pagan religion is the implicit idea of multiple creators. Pagans are of “many fathers.” Which is to say “mother” is dominant because the “many fathers” cancels out any individual dominant authority father figure. There is a reason for the “heathen” label. Pagan “society” is ultimately matriarchal and matriarchs create heathens.

      • “Christianity succeeded in Europe due to the tyrannical forced converting of the people by their Christianized leaders.”
        ———-Yes, absolutely. Many of the Germanic tribal chiefs who refused to convert were killed.
        “Many christians still have a Crusader like mentality”
        ———-Yes. Even towards their fellow Europeans. Like Matt Parrott and his guest Orthodox Mike on the recent TradYouth radio show trashing European peoples who follow their tribal religions

  4. For as long as christianity ruled over Europe, it has done nothing to make the continent the multicultural mess it is today. Most european countries are composed by many small nations, each one with its people living within each region’s borders, with their own culture and language.

    Take a look at France, the oldest daughter of the Church, it was composed by different nations. The Church has never attempted to blend these nations into one, it was the revolutionaires, anti-christian to the bone, who tried to do so.

    Yes, christianity has an universal approach, but that does not means you have to abandon the customs of your people. Being nice to foreigners is not encouraging young women to marry them. In fact, for most of christian history, marriages were arranged. The notion of marrying who you’re in love with is very recent, largely influenced by U.S. culture, especially jewish Hollywood.

  5. The people who refuse to work together are mainly the ethno/racial European christians. The ethno/racial European tribal religionists are the ones who will work with others. The christians are the ones who put their christian religion first, while mocking/attacking the tribal religionists.

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  8. Kinism stands ready to work with others of different Christian communions/confessions toward White Western renaissance and the birth of our ethnostate. We will even work with non-Christian groups so long as they set aside their criticism of Christianity for the purpose of winning the day.

    We also stand ready to unite our cause with our European brothers of the New Right and other confederated groups, if they are willing to uphold comity for the sake of more pressing and critical mutual interests. Together, we can work out the accommodations for the various faiths (and non-faiths) when we have secured a future for our people.

    I am positioned to represent the interests of several hundreds of Kinists and sympathizers, and have influence among the publishers of all its major internet outlets. Inquiries can use the email address below, or the contact link at the website.

    W.M. Godfrey | | wmgodfrey(at)kinism(dot)net

    Thanks all for your willingness to think about fighting this fight before us.

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  12. There is also a movement today in a post-Christendom era that resembles the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century. A rejection of the Church militant and triumphant with a focus on following Jesus rather than blind worship. Anabaptist’s “choose” to be disciples and Christians rather than merely being culturally born into it. It is in a sense Christianity once again on the margins of society instead of ruling it. Some see Christianity crumbling, but some see a rebirth of the traditions prior to Constantine and the Romanizing of Christianity.

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