Spoiler: Falling Skies, Season 3

OK.  I admit it.  I don’t have confidential knowledge of the plot structure of Season 3 of Falling Skies but I can tell you what we’ll probably see a lot more of….

In a previous post, “Cheerios peddles Cultural Marxism,” JayMan noted that interracial romances are and will be minority.  This might well be true — in the real world.

In TV land, however, things are different. As noted in “Human Nature vs. Hollywood Political Correctness,” much of what Hollywood and the mass media push, although contrary to norms found in nature, is peddled in an attempt to alter society.  I wrote,

“Traditionally, stereotypes are in accordance with reality.  Like oral epic poetry, traditional stereotypes are the accumulation of generational wisdom of various folkways. Unhappy with the reality of the stereotypes, however, many Cultural Marxists began in the mid 20th century to try to reverse these stereotypes, the idea being that if the stereotype is reversed, so reality will be reversed.  Hollywood has  followed suit.”

A timely example of this phenomenon is the popular television series Falling Skies, where a significant number of characters in the series seems to be involved in mixed-race relationships.  In fact, miscegenation might well become the norm in this series.  Some examples:

Tom Mason (white) & Anne Glass (Asian)

Jeanne Weaver (white) & Diego (mestizo)

Lourdes (mestizo) & Jamil (black)

Ben Mason (white) & Denny (black)

And I expect there will be more….especially considering that this series is produced by Steven Spielberg, who has a long history of anti-Western hostility.

Yes, I know I have mixed-race readers, and I wish them well.  Mixed-race relationships have occurred and will happen.  However, if a forward-thinking group values its long-term genetic survival, then same-race relationships should be the projected norm.

The funny thing about most science fiction today is that there’s nothing truly futuristic about it, except for (often unbelievable) futuristic technology.  In terms of themes and morality, the genre is completely stuck in 20th century Cultural Marxism – which is most often maladaptive and not forward thinking at all.  What we need is a good  science fiction series inspired by archeofuturism… Now that would be daring!


Frank Salter: “Misunderstandings of Kin Selection and the Delay in Quantifying Ethnic Kinship

Human Nature vs. Hollywood Political Correctness


Outside In on burying HP Lovecraft.  (See also classic Sam Francis essay on HP Lovecraft.)

3 thoughts on “Spoiler: Falling Skies, Season 3

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  2. My daughter likes Falling Skies and at the age of 7 developed the family code word “skitters” (alien monsters in FS) for blacks. We thought it was pretty cute.

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