The greatest Tony Soprano scene ever

Too bad regarding James Gandolfini.  In his honor, the greatest Tony Soprano scene ever:


Human Nature vs. Hollywood Political Correctness



7 thoughts on “The greatest Tony Soprano scene ever

  1. Tony Soprano’s reaction is completely natural and is how most fathers throughout 99% of history would have reacted. Problem today is that most white fathers are pu****s and wouldn’t say a thing.

    • I was always fascinated by the show’s presentation of A.J. Soprano, and his parents’ frantic (and ultimately futile) efforts to turn him into an ambitious upper-middle-class achiever, a la Meadow.

      I’ve never seen anyone comment on this in depth, but I think this obvious example of regression to the mean is very interesting, since The Sopranos was made in a time and place where educational romanticism was the rule of the day. (You can even see some educational romanticism seep through here and there throughout the series––notice how all the doctors in various ER scenes are not only upstanding and ethical, but minorities, how ‘classy’ those Italian friends of Carmela’s mother are, etc. I’m not sure if I’m interpreting that right though, because I know very little about East Coast culture.)

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