The rise of identitarian thought…

As Conservatism now scuttles toward its much-deserved death, in Europe, and to a lesser extent in the United States, we are witnessing the rise of identitarian thought.

What is identitarianism?  Well, it’s about identity, but not a superficial cultural identity, which one can easily exchange for another, but deep identity, that is a genetic / hereditarian /  racial-ethnic identity that cannot be exchanged.  (Yes, blank slatists / culturists / Cultural Marxists  will despise identitarian thought.)

We previously discussed the implications of identitarian thought on religion:  “Religion 2.0: Identitarian Religion

Now here are some other recent articles on identitarianism:

Gregory Hood: “Waking Up from the American Dream: Markus Willinger’s Generation Identity

John Morgan: “Identity vs. Globalism in Stockholm: The 2013 ‘Identitarian Ideas’ Conference

Saul Lilleby: “Identitarians Meet in Stockholm

Roman Bernard:  “Remaking A People

Georges Feltin-Tracol:  “Back to the Future: Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism

F. Roger Devlin: “The Rectification of Names: Guillaume Faye’s Why We Fight


9 thoughts on “The rise of identitarian thought…

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  2. Of all current political philosophies, identitarianism is most aligned with realistic assessment of human nature — which is precisely why the Cultural Marxists will oppose it.

    • Not only is Guillaume Faye a fascinating political philosopher, but he’s also an amateur economist who predicted the 2007 crash back in the 1990s, which puts him ahead of about 99% of academic economists.

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