Legal Justice in Multi-Racial Societies

The concept of ‘justice’ is ancient.  First widely popularized by Plato and Aristotle, ‘justice’ has remained a common element in Western political and ethical thought.  And while blind justice might be largely attainable in racially homogenous societies of European-descended peoples, it might not be so in multi-racial states. People, esp. non-Europeans, by design, might be just too tribal. Perhaps the real implication of the Zimmerman trial / Trayvon Martin affair is that the quaint  and fragile notion of ‘justice’ is often unattainable in multi-racial states.


Can Multi-Racial States Ever Function? Some Examples with Caveats.”

Blacks on twitter threaten random violence.”


Cooper Sterling: “A Tale of Two Trials: What the George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson Verdicts Reveal About Racial Denial

9 thoughts on “Legal Justice in Multi-Racial Societies

  1. Singapore is a good example of a multi-racial society with a non-White majority that is pretty just. Harsh, but just because it is harsh without exception. Also the better functioning Caribbean countries are usually multi-racial with a Black majority and they seem to have well-functioning justice systems.

  2. But if fundamental concepts of justice differ between groups there is a real problem. Fundamental concepts of justice cannot be mixed or merged like some cultural traits can. You can eat both pizza and fried rice but you cannot have a judicial system based on both Islamic
    Sharia law and the Bill of Rights.

  3. Obviously, since what’s just for one culture is unjust for the other. Personally i don’t find stoning a teenager to death because she was raped very unjust, the same culture which thinks that the very best justice finds my nation’s female (and everyone else) equality laws very unjust.

    No way you can get the both world to coexist under the same laws without friction.

  4. “the real implication of the Zimmerman trial / Trayvon Martin affair is that the quaint and fragile notion of ‘justice’ is often unattainable in multi-racial states.”

    Precisely so.Which is to say, we’re screwed. And it’s only going to get worse, as the numbers continue to change.

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