Team Obama Wants Every Neighborhood in the USA to be a Ghetto

Fox News reports:

The federal government is getting serious about pushing racial and ethnic diversity into America’s neighborhoods–and is using big data and big money to achieve its aims.

A new interactive database will help regulators, local housing officials and individuals take action on a newly proposed regulation that would require agencies to “affirmatively further” the inclusion of minority residents in white neighborhoods.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the database and regulation at last week’s NAACP convention, saying the Obama administration was battling “a quieter form of discrimination” that was “just as harmful” as long-outlawed segregationist practices, like racially restrictive property covenants.

And so the progressive narrative has come to its logical end.  Deep in their hearts, even progressives know that blacks and mestizos will never be high achievers, so, instead of the quaint old narrative of lifting up the disenfranchised, the final narrative is to turn white enclaves of success into ghettos.  We’re now witnessing the terminal stage of the dispossession of European-descended peoples.

10 thoughts on “Team Obama Wants Every Neighborhood in the USA to be a Ghetto

  1. This is a necessary step. If they start bussing students again and building Section 8 housing in suburban enclaves, maybe white Americans will wake the fuck up.

  2. If your implausible egoistic gibberish proves to be correct, atoms would fall apart, harmonious co-existence (conducive to intellectual advancement) and our limited knowledge of the universe after eons of evolving primitive minds (somewhat higher on the evolutionary scale than yours) would not exist…

    • This make no sense whatsoever… quit using words you don’t understand… and if you do make it obvious who exactly whom you are addressing.

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  4. I saw part of Donovan’s talk to the NAACP. The basic justification that he gave for this new “affirmative” housing policie was “every person has the right to live in a neighborhood that they are proud of.” That is so bogus. For starters why can’t blacks creat black neighborhoods that they are proud of? I mean didn’t blacks build America like they always tell us? Why do they need to move into a white area to be proud. ?? The whole premise of this policy is riddled with holes. Will blacks be moved into all jewish neighborhoods? No way. Will blacks have to be moved to new neighborhoods once they destroy the white neighborhoods. This whole thing fries me.

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