Another Paganism vs. Christianity Debate

Regarding our recent conversations here about identitarian religion, another interesting debate has sprung up over Paganism vs. Christianity:

Matt Parrot:  A Defense of Christianity

Gregory Hood: A Defense of Neo-Paganism

Greg Johnson:  Racial Civil Religion

Of course, through the lens of identitarian religion, one could envision a society where identitarian Christians, identitarian pagans, and identitarian atheists/agnostics were able to co-exist in harmony.


Religion 2.0: Identitarian Religion

Are Christian Leaders Today A Bunch of Girly Men?


Speaking of ethnocentric religious groups, check out Philip Weiss’ “Jewish success– is it ever a story?” and the recent news that Israel wants to administer ancestry DNA tests to potential immigrants (to prove their Jewishness).

20 thoughts on “Another Paganism vs. Christianity Debate

    • I like that – it disturbs me that people want to follow a religion due to its utility rather than because they believe it to be true.

  1. I am religious. I am a Christian. Being Christian limits my actions towards others irrespective of the laws of my country. If I murder you, will I get executed or get life imprisonment? Sure. Those punishments, however, troubles me me far less than receiving eternal damnation. That’s quite along sentence – infinity..

    There are religions that teach to enslave or convert by force. The Koran says explicitly that there is no compulsion in religion. Yet, Muslims under Sharia law are obliged to kill someone who is an apostate. That also means that you are not “free” to become anything other than a Muslim.

    The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 ended Christian Wars and began the wars of atheism: The French Revolution, the Fascists, the Communists, the Nazis etc., all were opposed to religion of any kind although tellingly Hitler more than once suggested the Germans should not have chosen or have imposed on them a religion like Christianity but a warlike religion like Islam. Little wonder that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem al- Husseini was 1) Given plans to Auschwitz 2) raised Muslim divisions for Hitler and 3) Was a guest in Berlin in fancy digs during the war.

    It would be nice to have a philosophy embraced by all, that would limit people from violent acts against others but it will not happen except in individual cases of strong willed people. Why? The reason is religious people by and large are afraid of the consequences of evil actions against others precisely because they fear a God of retribution – a God of rewards and punishments. An infinity of damnation is quite along time vs. life imprisonment in this life.

    Odd that Islam appears to offer 72 virgins. Of course the joke is on them as they will also get 72 mothers-in-law.

    So ask yourself if you are walking down the street and see me and my family with bibles under their arms or a group of men with Koran’s under their arms. If you have a choice of which side of the street to walk on, should you be an atheist or an agnostic, which side would you choose. Your call.

    Just some random thoughts.

  2. For what it is worth, here are my thoughts on why whites are a demoralized, defeated people:

    And here are my thoughts regarding racial identity and Christianity:

    Essentially, I see the current state of whites as being due to our rejection of God, and see our only hope for survival as a people being a return to Him.

    The first piece doesn’t deal with the politics of white identity, it just suggests that loss of faith and obedience is what is destroying us as a race and what we need to do to fix that problem; the second argues for a Christianity that is consistent with ethnic identity for everyone, a Christianity that does not favor whites but that favors letting whites and everyone else maintain their ethnic identity within Christianity.

  3. To be clear, I am an Evangelical and a Baptist; what I mean by Christianity is obviously shaped by that. I also am not suggesting that the philosophy of Christianity per se leads to an intellectual basis to save the white race; rather, I am saying that if our current situation is a judgment (which I believe it is) turning to God will likely cause him to open doors that will enable us to achieve victory over those who would destroy us. In other words, Christianity can save the West, but through God’s providence rather than necessarily in a way that we can predict.

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