Catholic Church declares war on West

As if out of a Jean Raspail novel, it seems that the Catholic Church now openly calls for the Third World invasion of Western countries (i.e. the genetic replacement of Westerners) and the Vatican plans to do it from the pulpit.  The United States is the first stop, as The Washington Times reports:

The Catholic Church has put the word out to the faithful: Come September, the papacy will be pushing for a widespread and comprehensive immigration reform package on Capitol Hill that will open the doors to citizenship to roughly 11 million illegals.

The church announced the plans last week. Starting Sept. 8, services at participating churches around the nation will include a pulpit-generated push for amnesty, including a call for pew members to get involved, the New York Times reported.

In some ways, this isn’t surprising.  Christianity is fast becoming a non-Western religion in Latin America and Africa and within the West Christian Cultural Marxism has become the norm.  Combine both these trends, you have white people suffering from pathological altruism inviting in Non-European hordes who want to replace them.  On one side, mestizos and Africans, it’s a win-win situation (they remain ethnocentric and benefit from the success and wealth of whites); on the other side, Westerners, it’s a suicide-pact.

Sadly, we can expect the handful of Pro-Western Catholics to keep prattling on about the rise of neopaganism  among European intellectuals, when more than likely the bishops and priests of these very Catholics are plotting their genetic extinction.  If only these faithful Catholics would direct the same ire against a church becoming hostile toward Westerners as they do against a handful of largely obscure French writers.

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14 thoughts on “Catholic Church declares war on West

  1. The last time I went to a mass the whole church reeked of that body odor smell that emanates from Mexican food. The imagery of the church was all from Latino Mestizo / Amerindian themes. Not many whites left. I was told they all fled to other churches. The entire church seemed completely alien to me (and I imagine to other whites too).

  2. Yes, and the mass described above was all in Spanish with (from what I was told) some popular Amerindian phrases thrown in. It was also very emotional, more of an evangelical feel. I couldn’t understand a lick of it and only stayed for about 20 min.

  3. “If only these faithful Catholics would direct the same ire against a church becoming hostile toward Westerners as they do against a handful of largely obscure French writers.” – well, yeah.

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  9. This was quite shocking to me to read because I haven’t heard anything about this at my church, at all at all. Then I realized that’s because you are wrong.

    You might want to read more carefully. Both the NYT article and the vDare column clearly state that it is not the Church that is behind these efforts, but individual Catholic bishops and priests who happen to hail from a list of extremely progressive Democrat strongholds. I know it’s difficult to understand, but Rome is far away and the Pope does not actually have a telepathic mind-control link to American Catholics. There is, in fact, no Church doctrine on immigration, and because the Church tends to play by its own rules, this means that the Church has no authority over its members in what is strictly a political decision. The Church, after all, has a King – so it is somewhat less concerned with temporal political boundaries. Thus the Church has no authority to silence a priest or a bishop who is engaged in a political discussion that does not violate any tenets of Church doctrine.
    I hope this helps you make better sense of the situation than your initial effort. Again, both the NYT and the vDare columns stated clearly that this immigration effort is a work of individual Catholics and not of the Church. Christ really doesn’t give a shit which side of the border you die on, and neither does the Church in any official capacity. However when you bring certain pre-conceived ideas to your reading of the situation I can see that it’s easy to jump to conclusions and misinterpret the information provided in the NYT and vDare articles.

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