Is Contemporary Christianity Suicidal for the West?

Continuing along with the theme of the Catholic Church declaring war on the West, it got me to thinking about the most prominent “conservative Catholic” politician in the USA, Sam Brownback, and some of Brownback’s fetishes, such as:

– Not allowing white South Africans to immigrate to USA, although blacks commit genocide against them

– Encouraging tons of non-whites, esp. mestizos, to immigrate to the USA

– And encouraging white people, instead of birthing white babies, to adopt non-white babies

This is what Brownback does in his spare time; he’s even teamed up with George Clooney to attempt to achieve some of the above goals.

Of course, Brownback is not alone in these goals, as they even extend to prominent Protestants like Richard Land, John Piper, and Russell MooreChristian Cultural Marxism is the norm among nearly all sects of Christianity in the West.

More recently, the ever maudlin Rod Dreher was praising the likes of Caleb Stegall, representative of a new type of “crunchy-con localism”. It’s interesting that for these religious conservatives “localism” seems only to extend to baseball and BBQ, and not the traditional understanding of ethnos or gens, as Stegall made a legal practice of representing whites who tried to steal black babies from Haiti (because Jesus told them to do so).  Jim Jones’ notion of the Rainbow Family, extreme during its day, is now the norm for many mainstream Christians.

In short, the modern system is set up to reward whites who encourage pathological altruism and whites to reduce their inclusive fitness, and Christianity is a major player in this system.  Anyone who doesn’t see this is willfully blind or a liar.

Rev. Jim Jones and the Rainbow FamilyIs there any hope that a new, pro-Western form of Christianity could arise, or is Christianity in the West doomed?

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30 thoughts on “Is Contemporary Christianity Suicidal for the West?

  1. Only Eastern Orthodox Christianity seems structured to recognize the personhood of nations. When North America comes out the other end after the inevitable break-up, I expect it will be one of the stronger Christian sects left standing.

    (I should add that from my perspective Orthodoxy is the Church.)

    I am surprised at the lack of comment on what the Catholic hierarchy has planned. Are the Trads in shock?

    • Whatever else the Great Commission says, it doesn’t say ‘Bring ye all the world into your homeland.”

      The passage in Matthew presumes national identity and that was the historic ecclesiology. The missionary Church reveals to the host culture the true substance underlying their cultural practices. Over a span of generations, the missionary Church becomes wedded to her people as a national institution, then takes her place as a peer in the global community of Churches. Contrast this with Rome’s insistence on the Western Church’s universal jurisdiction.

      • Point taken.
        But the inclusiveness of other ethnic groups isn’t the main reason the West is in the condition its in. Take the Anglican church. They abandoned the doctrine of Christ’s deity long ago. Is there any surprise then, that they have championed gay and lesbian clergy? Theological liberalism has led to more damage in the West more than anything I’m aware of.

      • The Anglican Church is an interesting case study. It’s really just the “Church of the English” and if Rome had an idea of Orthodox ecclesiology, the English Church could have gone its way and either be in communion or not depending on their adherence to the Councils. Of course, that’s long-gone alternate history and the English proceeded to make it all up as they went along.

        The Catholic Church seems strongest where she acts like a national See instead of a universal See, as in Hungary, Croatia and France.

  2. I don’t have a problem reconciling pro-white ethnocentrism & nationalism with Christianity in the bible, but the bible and Christian tradition don’t really explicitly push a man hard that way. If you embrace that way you are at odds with almost all of today’s Western Christendom.

    The current rotten Enlightenment-infused form of Christianity in America is certainly no defense of Christianity, in my book.

    I say this as a Christian on the fringe, at odds with almost all of today’s Western Christendom.

    • I’ll be the first to admit that Islam doesn’t seem as nearly as suicidally universalist as Western Christianity. Most Muslims seem to have a healthy dose of ethnocentrism. But, still, Islam would be an alien religion to the West. It’s center of gravity is, and will probably remain, the Middle East.

      • The nasty trick behind my religion is that European men have access to Arab women, but not the other way around. Therefore European identity is patrilinear, and at least some polygamy is allowed.

  3. Christianity in the West will endure, but it won’t be because of idiots like Sam Brownback. And as far as I’m concerned, Vatican II was the beginning of the end for the Catholic Church, and I’ll bet a lot of Trad-Cats now secretly agree with me on this. Admittedly, my church (Episcopalian) is even worse, but Catholics are catching up fast. How does SSPX feel about immigration? Or maybe I need to look into this Orthodoxy thing…

  4. Well, there is always Shia Islam.

    It is centered around historically Indo-European lands in West Asia, rather than the Middle East.

    Iranians are no longer white (about 70% white, 30% non-white) due to some admixture from South Asia and Arabia but nothing says we have to let them all move here just because we’re the same religion.

    Shiites also seem to be less evil than Sunnis, so that is a plus.

  5. The idea of turning to Islam is something I see on occasion popping up among nationalists and rightists but theres a number of huge problems with this idea.

    1.Why convert to Islam? Do you really believe that Allah sent Muhammed with the Quran to give to mankind
    2.For many who don’t like Jews Islam is still at least in its own claims basing itself on the Jewish prophets and God and you would still basing your culture on a semitic base which unlike Christianity is in many more ways more demanding of following its ethnic cultural aspects notice how from Morocco to Indonesia many people were the abba and hijab not much room for difference.
    3.One major issue is that turning to Islam won’t save your people Muslims consider Aasabiyah (Nationalism) a sin let a alone racialism of any kind which is against the Quranic teachings on there being one Ummah that is Islamic community.
    4.This would imply that if your nations were part of the Ummah those Muslims would come there anyways.
    5.Look at places where Islam had conquered for a good period of time in Europe such as Spain and the Balkans it leaves the place in heavy chaos.
    6.You also have to take into account the fact that even though cultural exclusivity and hostility toward certain western decadences are practiced does not mean that Islam promotes them even though it happens under its cultural umbrella don’t forgot pederasty and homosexuality as well as transsexuality(Afghanistan) are rife in Muslim countries.
    7.Despite whatever view you have on science and religion if you think Christianity and science are incompatible then Islam is even more so there is no room for naturalism as the Quran makes it blatantly clear everything is the result of Allahs constant actions which is how it was elaborated by Al Ghazali who popularized that notion more than anyone else
    8.Lastly Islam has completly ruined whatever cultures it came into contact with wheras Christianity has at times done similiar things the very structure of Christianity can allow various cultures provided they don’t do something overtly sinful i.e.Aztec human sacrifice, adultery, theft etc…

    • Islam forbids non-Arabic Nationalism, but my religion of course is EURO-centric. But the ban on Aasabiya could be used to wreck Islam, just like “anti-racism” is used to destroy Christianity. Why do Turkish and North-African not have to wear beards etc. in order to enter mosques, while e.g. Dutch converts do have? Isn’t that aasabiyah, and very wrong?

  6. ‘Contemporary Christianity’ is not Christian.

    It is status seeking socialism.

    AS I try to point out to my family about their church….

    The elders are always happy to serve and condescend to those they are superior to.

    But they would never serve those they thought were superior to themselves.

    Very revealing.

  7. The mainlines sold out to the zeitgeist long ago, and the Catholic Church and the Protestants cited (Moore, Land, Piper) seem bent on doing so as well, whether on social / sexual issues or ‘racial reconciliation’ and discouragement of national preservations. But the Church today isn’t identical to the Church of yesteryear, and not even all elements of the Church today are like that; Counter-Currents or a similar site once published an post arguing that continental Reformed churches could easily be swayed to become even more ethnocentric than they currently are (can’t find the post, alas), which I agree is possible (not agreed that such be desirable, being mixed-race, myself). The Faith isn’t the problem; the Faith to the extent it has been corrupted by the culture can be blamed, though, certainly.

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  9. In your musings about the necessity of maintaining white racial “purity”, don’t forget that we are all descended from one set of parents, Adam and Eve. Paul reiterated this when he said that we are all of one blood.

    It is not racial purity that is needed but rather obedience to God’s Law. Whether one have little melanin (i.e. “white”) or much (i.e. “black”) or one of the shades in between, we are all sinners in need of God’s grace to first repent (i.e. “turn around” in our thinking – be born again) and then to live in ever increasing knowledge of and obedience to God’s Law.

    That and that alone will save the West and any others nations/peoples who will do likewise.

  10. @Yaakov: Are you really under the impression that you’re in the company of Bible-thumpers, here?

    And do you or don’t you understand the proper use of quotation marks?

    I.e, are you a fool, or a liar? There is no third choice.

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