As Christianity becomes a ghetto religion….

As Christianity becomes a Non-Western religion in much of the world, we can probably expect to see more of the following.

Philip Jenkins predicts Christianity will become more of a “black thing” and seem alien to Westerners:

(I must confess:  The first time I saw the above video I couldn’t control myself from laughing.)

Catholic mestizo rapper Two Ten with “How We Roll”:

The rise of mestizo Christianity — expunging European elements for Amerindian:

Some mestizo preacher kid condemning evolution:

And some creationists and black preachers talking about how “racist” Darwinism is  and how human biodiversity isn’t real:

The real question:  How much longer until white liberals experience cognitive disconnect?  Typically today, white liberals give lip service to science and evolution (although they practice liberal creationism), and in the white liberal’s mind the biggest barrier to progress is other whites, esp. religious white rednecks.  In reality, proportionally and absolutely many more blacks and mestizos oppose evolution on a global scale, which is unsurprising given their lower average IQs (evolution is a subtle theory).  White liberals, however, do not view blacks and mestizos as true competitors, so white liberals focus their hatred against religious whites.  But as the USA becomes more of a brown, Third World country, it will only become more and more apparent that the brown masses are in fact the biggest opponents of scientific understanding.  Idiocracy cometh.


15 thoughts on “As Christianity becomes a ghetto religion….

  1. I wonder if Islam is considerably more “ghetto” in Somalia than it is in Persia, for example. I also wonder if there’s a distinctly Asian quality to Christianity in Korea, for example (or whether they carbon copy it from the West).

  2. not only are white christian liberals pandering to darker colors, even the mormons are opening their floodgates to them. doesn’t any christian group have a soul that understands “g”?

  3. Maybe the issue is that it’s because Westerners are losing Christianity that they are waning and the non-West is waxing. Rather than rejecting Christianity as non-western, we ought to embrace Christianity, bring it back to the west (which does not mean keeping it from the non-west) and experience a western Renaissance?

  4. Traditional white Christians are already exiling themselves from the mainline churches… Universalism was fine conceptually when we made ourselves feel good with our little unicef collection boxes on Halloween. but when the brown folks start showing up on your doorstep– that universalism is no longer as appealing. the misguided naifs aside, you’ll see the formation of groups that will tend to spiritual needs without the universalism– there’s a big market for them right now and as the churches get browner, that market will grow

  5. When Algeria got independence they kicked out White Europeans. Why doesn’t France return the favor and kick out its Africans?

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