The Evangelical Adoption Scam

The theory of inclusive fitness predicts that people can maximize their inclusive fitness by reproducing with someone of the same race.  Such reproduction maximizes the number of genes that one can replicate.  Thus, it’s unsurprising that peoples’ natural tendency will be to reproduce with someone of the same race and have their own biological children.

Adoption has always been around, but it has usually involved adoption within the extended family or within the same race.  Well, until recently.  Enter the new strange marriage of contemporary Christianity and Cultural Marixsm, and you’ll find crazy Christian fundamentalists now obsessed with interracial adoption.  (These fundamentalists, I suspect, suffer from pathological altruism and are goaded on by profit-seeking church con artists.)

Luckily, even this unhealthy obsession has set off the political left, well, at least a sanitized criticism of said obsession. The NY Times has a recent piece on the Evangelical adoption racket by Kathryn Joyce, entitled “The Evangelical Orphan Boom.”  Although this article is dressed out with all the requisite politically correct disclaimers, it’s quite a good article, and a book is soon to follow.

It seems that many loony Evanglicals have not only become obsessed with interracial adoption, but are also now kidnapping Third World babies, inflating supply to try to increase demand to sell more babies, working with shady Third World adoption agencies (which often steal or buy babies and then sell them as “orphans” to gullible evangelicals), and are involved in all other types of international adoption scams.  But, hey, it’s all cool because “Jesus told them to to do it.”


Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages Relationships & Adoptions

20 thoughts on “The Evangelical Adoption Scam

  1. There has been a lot of talk about this phenomenon at other websites. Seems like nutjobs like Russell Moore and John Piper are in a race to the bottom to see who can out Jim-Jones each other.

  2. The evangelical con artists promoting adoption are laughing all the way to the bank. They make big money off book royalties and speaking engagements.

    I think that people who have had their lives ruined by adopting Third World babies should be able to bring lawsuits against these evangelical adoption promoters.

    • I don’t doubt much money is being made, but without a will there’d be no way. I am good friends with an evangelical couple who recently adopted two Haitian girls. The couple is undoubtedly brainwashed. However, their mentality is that they’re fulfilling the great commission by changing these girls’ lives for the better. It’s more of a psychological manifestation of egoism, heroism and altruism all rolled into one big complex mess. The couple is in their late 40’s. I’m afraid they’re in for much disappointment if not downright despair.

  3. Most interracial adoption is the product of status preening, especially if it is transnational. The further from blood, ethnicity, race, and religion that the adopted is adopted into the more difficulty they have. The best attitude, IMO, for the church to have for this is mild discouragement. Compassion international has a much better model—provide a moderate amount of support to the families/kin/etc of the children in question so they can decently raise their own children. White Christians in the US would be well advised to do the same.
    I know a pretty decent number of the children of interracial unions. To a one, they all have pretty significant identity issues. The adopted likely have even more significant issues. To inflict them out of mere vanity is preening.

  4. Like the tulip craze, future historians will be baffled by this phenom. it will “make sense” on some level, but emotionally it will be impossible to grok… “how did they think this would end up with a happy ending?”

    • Nothing has changed in Christianity.

      Christianity has always taught that the fictional kinship of believers trumped actual kin.

      All that’s changed is that we’ve escaped the hard Malthusian limits that circumscribed maladaptive behavior.

      Any Christian of yesteryear would have sacrificed their entire actual family of disbelievers for one non-kin believer, but they mostly never had the opportunity to act on such lunacy until the modern era.

  5. How much better off would Whites be if they adopted a race-conscious religion? We’d have settled the colonies rather than allowing the non-White parasites to settle and destroy us.

  6. Its not just Evangelicals. Mormon’s are really into this. I live in Utah, and adopting Third World children into already large families gives you huge PC cred here.

    I frequently see people online talking about how Mormonism is one of the last healthy Christian sects out there.

    My experience is that they are some of the most PC out there where it counts.

    • If certain people are to be believed, the Mormon leadership no longer believes their sect’s founding documents and are desperately trying to figure out how to engineer a metamorphosis into mainstream Protestantism. The Mormons are becoming just like everybody else: a unitarian-universalist book club that meets on Sunday. Adopting brown babies is entirely in character.

  7. I’m got a family story about interracial adoption. My aunt discoved that she couldn’t have kids around 30 and her and her husband adopted a baby girl from Korea. I was told at the time that they adopted a girl from Korea they’re wasn’t enough white babies to go around. I don’t know if that’s true. So my aunt raised my “cousin” and eventually sent her off to college where she fell in with Asian groups that teach that she was exploited by my white aunt raising her away from her people. She was told that she was adopted because Asian girls are cute and white people adopted them do take them away from their poor but good parents(more likely my “cousin” was the daughter of a hooker). There’s apparently a big Asian movement about stuff like this. All bullshit, but it’s quite effective.

    So my Korea cousin began to treat my aunt very poorly and married a rich Asian guy after college. Around this time my uncle died and my aunt received the life insurance money. She was pretty broken up and gave the money into the care of my “cousin” and her husband to be invested while she tried to get her life back together. She stopped running her in house daycare and eventually needed some of the money to prevent the bank from foreclosing on her home. My “cousin” basically ignored her requests and played games with my aunt until after she lost the house. This was an intentional act on her part. My aunt ended up living with my parents. My cousin didn’t really need the money but I guess it was the last fuck you for taking me away from my people.

    Now my aunt’s been a raging progressive all her life, did all the right PC things, and worshiped at the alter of diversity. She was quite blindsided by her altruism being turned into stab in the back. Today she’s a wreck. She can’t keep a steady menial job down, she’s been moving from place to place house sitting while her “daughter” lives a life of luxury and my parents have spent quite a bit trying to help her out. Now she was always a bit nuts to start with, but there’s nothing like the pain of having a child you raised as turn on you like your good deeds were dog shit.

    Today I tell people that adopting someone who’s not a relative is a very bad idea and adopting interracially is pure insanity.

    • I am seeing more of these stories. I know a very “white bread,” liberal couple who adopted twin girls. They tell everybody the girls are Russian; the girls appear to be pure Mongolian They are smart, accomplished teenagers but don’t talk to anyone and rarely smile.

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