The ghettoization of American Culture

Regarding John Derbyshire’s response to my recent post on the increasing ghettoization of Christianity, one might add that this ghettoization goes beyond Christianity.   One could give many examples, but I’ll limit it to a few.

Children’s entertainment:  One of the most popular children’s shows in the USA right now is Dora the Explorer, some low-brow mestizo form of entertainment that teaches kids Spanglish and was dreamed up by Latino-savvy consultants.  We’ve come a long way from D’Aulaires, Sutcliff, and Marshall in a short span of time.

Perhaps even worse is the degradation of Thomas the Train, which was once a rather innocuous British book series turned television series that taught lessons such as not to lose your temper.  In recent years, however, the Thomas the Train television show has been completely Americanized, which of course means ghettoized, replete with tribal African rhythms:

For adult examples of ghettoization, just watch NFL football, which has turned into a showcase for black thugs.

And then there’s the exporting of America’s ghetto culture.

In particular, I think of the 2005 riots in France, where many of the African rioters were wearing American ghetto clothing (e.g. NY Yankees hats on sideways, etc.) and flashing gang signs at the cameras.

Has America reached rock bottom?

Perhaps we’re reaching the terminal stages of what Alexis de Tocqueville labeled the “tyranny of mediocrity,” where this final stage of American depravity culminates in what Elizabeth Wright more recently called the “negrophilia” of American entertainment.

Of course, this isn’t meant take away from the ghettoization of Christianity, which is a more global phenomenon — occurring not only in the USA but also in Africa and Latin America.  The empowered wretched of the Earth are coming home to roost.

8 thoughts on “The ghettoization of American Culture

  1. This is what whites cannot comprehend: blacks are operating off a completely different median. The two groups are immiscible; they construct completely different societies. Since they are not allowed to separate, then whites level “down” because it’s impossible (as in undoable, non-existent, never, no-how, no-way) for all but the highest-g blacks to level “up.”

    Think about how this works, folks: take every professional, every bureaucrat, service worker, every family member, extended family member, preacher, club president, everybody you deal with in your life, and shift their general intelligence and impulse control one standard deviation to the left while you stay the same. Can you even bloody imagine?

    That’s what it’s like, having white society accomodate black society.

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  3. The MSM worships at the feet of the degenerate ‘Black culture’, and broadcasts this swill 24/7. The ‘magic negro’, on television and in the movies, is giving a false representation to all of the naïve Whites that are still living in ‘non-diverse’ areas of the country. The non-goy ‘media’ wants the White to emulate their ‘useful idiot’ Blacks, so that we all take part in the great devolution. You wouldn’t want to be called ‘raaaycis’ if you don’t like ‘Black culture’, do you?

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  5. In school, they teach us that Alexander Hamilton was Black.
    That the ancient Egyptians were also Black.
    That the Middle East races invented such things as Flight (the “magic carpet” is “proof” of this).
    And, of course, that every Black man shot by a White is a conspiracy against the White Race, since we all know that Whites have an agenda to kill all Blacks since slavery was terminated…

    Anyone who Denies any of the above is therefore a Racist.

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