White Flight from Christianity?

Regarding my previous post on increasing ghetto elements of Christianity, John Derbyshire responds:  “A White Flight From Christianity?”  It’s well worth the read.

5 thoughts on “White Flight from Christianity?

  1. The not-so-secret secret in my town is that Catholic parishes are segregating into white, black and latino congregations.

    More intellectually-minded whites are circling the wagons in the “traditionalist” wing of the Catholic Church and in Eastern Orthodoxy. The rest are heading out further into the Protestant frontier.

    +Francis’s heart is clearly in the Third World, not Europe, and I am reading nothing about this other than stray comments here or there on reactionary blogs.

    I think traditionalist Catholics are still in shock.

  2. There has been more talk of transhumanism in the past 10 years. Perhaps it should be used as a replacement for Christianity. Transhumanism is essentially a DIY version of organized religion.

  3. Christianity was never the religion of the people of Europe.It was spawned in the Middle East. The same place that gave birth to Judaism and Islam. Why is everyone shocked when Islam brings fire and sword through the Middle East to force conversion when it’s predecessors Judaism and Christianity did the same through out the world.We Europeans should go back to the religion and culture that was stolen from us by Christianity rather than stay with a religion that was forced upon us by a foreign land. It is also no small surprise that Christianity perfected this art of forced indoctrination in Europe and then turned its eye on the First Nations of the Americas and repeated the process. Perhaps it is time to cast off the shackles of a Middle Eastern God that has ruined the balance of equality between the sexes(Yes we all know women and men were physically different however in early Celtic and Nordic societies they had equal say and ability to own property and lands up until the conversion.) and tore from us our instinctive appreciation for nature.

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