George Soros-Backed Conservative Evangelicals Lobby for Amnesty

In continuing with our “Are Christian Leaders Today a Bunch of Girly Men?” theme, I thought I’d draw attention to a recent development.  As noted this summer, a bunch of conservative evangelical Christians formed a group called the Evangelical Immigration Table to promote Third World immigration into the West, which unsurprisingly seems to be funded by George Soros.  Well, George Soros this week has paid for a bunch of conservative Evangelicals to fly into Washington DC to demand immigration amnesty from Republican congressmen (see full story here).  In short, from the video clips I’ve seen, you see a bunch of girly men talking about how much Jesus just loves Third World immigrants.

Nevermind that Soros is an anti-Christian leftist; hey, Soros likes brown people, and that’s what Christianity is all about these days.  Outside the West, Christianity becomes a non-Western religion.  Inside the West, Christianity merges with Cultural Marxism.   This could end up making traditional Bolshevism look enlightened, as at least its adherents had some survival instinct, unlike the real headline from today:  “Christian pathological altruists invite violent and low IQ Third World hordes to dispossess them”.


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