School Vouchers: A Trojan Horse to Destroy Private Schools

While I am sympathetic to some libertarian ideas, I find it interesting how most mainstream libertarians are completely untethered from reality. The cause of this is probably two-fold:  (1) libertarians are above average in intelligence, and (2) they are highly analytical.  As a result, they tend to take models that might work in certain circumstances and then abstractly prescribe them for all of humanity.  (This tendency toward universalism, by the way, isn’t just a libertarian problem; it’s a white problem.)  For libertarians in particular, the problem of taking abstract models and then blindly applying them to all of humanity, is that, for the most part, mainstream libertarians are completely ignorant of human biodiversity.  In short, their economic models lack essential data.

Case in point:  school vouchers. Vouchers are the educational panacea for most mainstream free-market libertarians.  Some libertarian think tanks have entire teams of people devoted to promoting school vouchers.  “School choice,” they say, “will end all our woes.”

The problem with school vouches?  Let’s see….

Most public schools across America have been completely devastated by hordes of unruly, low-IQ blacks and mestizos. The only refuge for many whites is either homeschooling or private schools.  Many have not the luxury for the former, so private schools are the only option.

Unfortunately, private schools today are unable by law to discriminate against students based on race.  (Interestingly, you don’t see libertarians today arguing for freedom of association for private organizations.)  Private schools, however,  can economically wall off the ghetto:  tuition.  Most blacks and mestizos cannot afford or do not want to pay private tuition.

Now, if you wanted to destroy the last vestiges of civility among primary education, what would be more efficient than smashing this economic wall?

Enter vouchers.  Vouchers in short:  We’ll give taxpayer money to violent, low-IQ blacks and mestizos so that they can go to private schools and destroy them too!

Only the most myopic fool – i.e. beltway libertarian – would support such an idea. Granted, mainstream libertarians’ motivation for vouchers is usually a result of hatred of teachers’ unions.  But talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Has a more short-sighted idea ever been put forward?  (Well, yes, it has — open borders — but I’ll leave that for another discussion.)

I doubt most free-market wonks have even thought of the long-term implications of school vouchers.  But the left has, which is why more leftists continue to come out in support of vouchers.  Leftists, 1; Libertarians, 0.

We should start a Bryan “Libertard” Caplan award for some of the most short-sighted libertarian ideas put forward.


Even with school vouchers, one way Ashkenazis will get around the “diversity enrichment” is by having an esoteric ethno-religion.  The hordes will stampede to the upper-class white schools, not the Jewish day schools, which the hordes would find peculiar and uninviting.  There can be many advantages to having an ethno-religion in a multi-racial state.

36 thoughts on “School Vouchers: A Trojan Horse to Destroy Private Schools

  1. I consider myself a libertarian, but I am embarrassed by the idealistic postracial pretensions of the current crop of mainstream libertarian thinkers, too many of whom incline to doctrinaire anarcho-capitalism. This was not always the case. Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian economist after whom the Mises Institute is named, was himself a minarchist who acknowledged the inequality of the races. Naturally, however, mainstream Austrian personalities, eager for converts to their cause, do not emphasize this aspect of their forefather’s thought. The fairly strict propertarian Hans-Hermann Hoppe is somewhat unique among the current Misesians, I believe, in favoring free markets but restricted immigration. A race-realist YouTuber who calls himself Libertarian Realist, meanwhile, is representative of the type of libertarianism, tempered by consciousness of white identity, that will hopefully become more prevalent over time. There is also a Facebook page for “Libertarian Race Realists”, but it appears to receive very little traffic.

  2. Libertarian’s role in the Cathedral ecosystem – coming up with ideas to advance progressivism that will divide the opponents of the Catheral.

    Oh, and Megan McArdle gets to talk about how to better implement American communism – for which she gets vilified by “extreme” progressives but accepted as one of the tribe by professional leftists (Matt Yglesias was returning from a dinner party at her home when he had his encounter with diversity).

  3. incredible post – thank you – the truth has jarred me! i hadn’t thought about this – good comments above, too.
    another (admittedly lesser) reason to oppose school vouchers is that schools can’t make anyone smarter than they’re already pre-wired to be, so school choice merely gives the illusion of helping, etc.

  4. It surprises me to hear so many otherwise sensible people advocate for vouchers. You take government money, the government tells you what you can and cannot do, including who you must admit. Any school that takes vouchers will be forced to throw away any kind of academic standards.

    • Exactly. With Government money comes government rules. While private schools do have to follow many of the government rules with government money they would have to follow all of them. Not only would they get diversity but also have to follow every bad idea that comes out of the government/education complex

    • A salient point. However, if private schools can maintain a decent set of admission standards, a big “if” it is of course, then private schools will expand greatly with students who qualify and they will receive better funding than that to which they generally are accustomed. If the rules say, for example, that students cannot misbehave, then only students who behave will be allowed in. All others will have to go to government schools. Ta da.

  5. Just wondering, but wouldn’t private schools be able to kick out unruly kids, where public schools basically can’t? I mean, I see you larger point to avoid that eventuality in the first place, but if they were allowed in, I’m thinking private schools have more leeway to enforce their own policies, to include expulsion. Although, maybe if they decide to take federal money in the form of these vouchers, they then become subject to some sort of federal ‘rules’ about such unruly minorities.

    • If the economic walls come down, then any attempt to expel troublemakers will inevitably create “disparate impact” on non-whites, and the school will be crushed by discrimination suits.

  6. Your argument isn’t correct. Vouchers would have a monetary value. Academic schools in the private sector, partly at the behest of the parents of children attending them who wish to keep the school elitist, will demand a substantial premium to the basic voucher. This would result in essentially the same demographic as the private schools have already.

    • Yes, total agree. Vouchers might be for the cost of a government school student, say $10,000. Any decent boarding school is $50,000 these days. These same schools charge $30,000 a year for day students. Good luck coming up with the extra $20,000 to $40,000.

  7. I suspect a minority of schools would fit John’s comment #1 above: fear and loathing of vouchers; and most of them will welcome the flood of free money, and the opportunity to -finally- have some vibrant diversity. Why, maybe we can get a decent basketball team going, and a jivey, butt-shaking cheerleading squad!
    Another problem I see arising from vouchers, is that blacks would quickly form their own community skoo systems, skim and scam most of the income while providing a dogcrap education to their customers, and then complain that their vouchers need to be higher, to equalize the results. It’s just tougher in the inner city.
    A voucher system would, however, expose the universal education ideal as a naked “Robbing Peter” tax scheme, as stealing wealth from one group (the childless) to benefit the other (with children). If it isn’t wealth redistribution, then why would I pay taxes to the State, so the State could simply pay me back with the voucher? That aspect remains obfuscated under the State public schools model, where they can at least pretend the money is funding an object rather than individuals.

  8. So why not have a school that is white ethno-nationalist? If the Jews have Solomon Schecter schools that warn about the perfidious gentile and stress race purity, and the blacks have Amiri Baraka Revolutionary Black Power Academies (with mandatory dashiki uniforms) that teach race-consciousness, why not have a EuroCulture Academy that teaches all things European–and does not “celebrate” any other cultures? The Tiger Mom Asians would glom onto it, sure, but there would be no blacks, certainly. Can you imagine a pledge of allegiance to the white race?

    The Jewish schools proudly display their national flag (Israel). Imagine a school in which all the flags of Europe were displayed in each classroom, and were marched into the gymnasium (like the Olympics) at each gathering. Rituals like that would be intolerable for NAMs. And there would be no need to slam any NAM. Just never mention NAMs or NAM countries. Unthinkable? Just imagine a typical US classroom 50 years ago.

  9. OK. Let’s try this. I have used the only national school voucher system and it worked well. I got enough money to pay my tuition for 6 years. I could attend any accredited school that would accept me.

    I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1975 with a BS and used my last 2 years of eligibility to obtain a MBA from Harvard.

    My secret? I served in the US Army from 1966 to 1970 and got the GI Bill educational benefits in return.

    It’s Veteran’s Day today and I am glad I served.

    Considering the second school I graduated from, it is arguable that minorities would overrun the school. Harvard’s average GMAT score is about 770 and that equates to an IQ around 142 I believe.

    The prep school I attended for 4 years had 20% of its graduating class go to Harvard. Trust me you can set up whatever academic requirements you want in order to restrict people. Shove Latin and another foreign language down their throats every year, Calculus in your junior year and going to school for 4 hours every Saturday and you winnow out the garbage. We also had mandatory chapel: (Vespers) every evening and twice on Sundays.

    If vouchers turn out to be a back door to forcing schools to do certain things then do as Grove City and Hillsdale Colleges have done. They won’t take DOE dough and have told Obama and his Marxist friends to go screw.

  10. As I tweeted, I think this is very unlikely. I oppose vouchers, but most private schools are fully aware that their existence depends on their ability to filter out students the other parents are trying to get away from. What will happen–and has happened–is that a bunch of terrible private schools created purely to cater to URMs, purely to get voucher money, will be created.

    It’s actually charters that pose a huge threat to private schools. Charters are, for the moment, allowed to sculpt their populations, so parents who want to escape public schools can go to a charter for free (or for $10K or so, if they are a founding member). About a third of charter populations come from private schools. That means that we are going to be paying far more teacher salaries and pensions, as more teachers who would otherwise be hired by private schools go to work for public charters.

  11. Vouchers in short: We’ll give taxpayer money to violent, low-IQ blacks and mestizos so that they can go to private schools and destroy them too!

    I’m not convinced that vouchers will have this effect. I was a teacher in a Title I (economically disadvantaged) school district, and it’s not just the schooling that is free. The children were bussed to school and received a free breakfast and lunch. Sports teams were free, as were most other extra curricular activities. Free backpacks and school supplies were donated to our district, which we distributed to all the children. Uniforms were not required, so the parents did not have that expense either. A low cost dental clinic came in twice a year to do basic dentistry on the children, many of whom would never have seen a dentist otherwise. There were many other perks like this.

    Contrast that with the private school my children attend. Not only do we pay tuition, but I must drive them to and from school. There are no free meals. The sports teams cost extra; so do the orchestra and band. We have to buy all their school supplies and also purchase uniforms for them to wear. Vouchers likely won’t cover these things. Not to mention, many private schools require parents to perform service hours, which would not have appealed to the parents in the Title I district where I worked.

    What will happen–and has happened–is that a bunch of terrible private schools created purely to cater to URMs, purely to get voucher money, will be created.

    Yes, I think that is quite possible and represents a bigger concern. That has already happened with charter schools.

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  13. Trust the markets. Parents aren’t all stupid. They will not use vouchers for bad schools. Bad schools will disappear in a heartbeat,

  14. unfortunately there aren’t really “bad” schools – mainly just bad students – b/c it all depends on the neurons in the heads of the students – & how smart their parents are (which determines how smart the student is) — sometimes an individual teacher is good or bad. but not really a whole school of them. except when all the students are smart – then that’s a “good” school. the conventional wisdom wants you to believe that schools can make kids smarter. that’s magical thinking. twin study data consistently indicate about 70-75% of the variability in achievement is genetic. the US needs to wise up & stop playing magical thinking games.

  15. panjoomby,

    You make a valid point and one that makes little sense.

    1) Intelligence is largely inherited. No one but a Marxist or Obama voter disputes that. I’ll gladly concede that point.

    2) Inner city schools are largely made up of the lower IQ students. No one questions that. Nevertheless, to write these kids off is insane. Most inner city parents or single mothers demand good education for their kids, and they can not get it. These kids might grow up to be like Dr. Ben Carson but most won’t. Watch “Waiting for Superman”. Then watch “Stand and Deliver”. If we don’t educate these young people to be productive citizens, we just have to build more prisons. Is that what you want? Inner city schools are bad schools and inner city parents know this even if you do not.

    3) a) Education majors have the lowest entrance exam scores of any major discipline in our colleges. b) Anywhere from 80 to 90% voted for Obama. so, c) why on earth would anyone want dumb Obama voters anywhere near children no less teaching them? d) My step daughter is a government school teacher (Mark Steyn: “Unionized Child Abuse Centers”). I wouldn’t let anyone under the age of 19 anywhere near her. Her worldview is warped and shared only by people who run Cuba and North Korea. Just in case you are asking, I didn’t raise her. She was in college when I married her mother. By then it was way too late.

  16. you are good to be thinking about what to do. all i can think of is to try to gear the 50% of the black population with IQs of 85 & below (& the 16% of the white population) toward trades & service work. if we could give them decent social skills they could work in food service. the least employable are those below 85 without social skills. we should take the below 85s (instead of IQ we’ll just say those who are 1 standard deviation below the mean on reading & math:) & steer them toward a trades education, taking them out of the academic realm by 5th grade (& having their middle school years be reteaching them 3rd, 4th & 5th grade!) then have their 8th to 11th grade years be trade related skills. then give them a special diploma & send them on their way. that’s all i can think of. it is a very difficult public policy thing – i don’t know what to do.

    public education is definitely warped with its leftist leanings – which only encourages magical thinking instead of reality. & yep, the mean IQ of elementary school teachers dropped almost 15 points from 1960 – mid 1980s (sorry, no link – i learned it from steve sailer – it had to do with smart women could then become lawyers or doctors instead of having only teaching or nursing as options). teacher IQ has only a small effect (see the Coleman report from the 1960s) however — statistically it would have a larger effect if we didn’t restrict the range – i.e., if we let teachers in with IQs of 30 or 40:) that’s kind of what we’re doing, only to a lesser degree – we now have plenty more 2-digit IQ elementary teachers than ever before – & it makes education worse. but smart teachers are not going to help the below 85 IQ crowd much – teaching the low ones social skills & trades are all i can think of. & no longer subsidizing them or giving them incentives to procreate! the military used to be a good place for those with 90 IQs & above (I’m ex Navy), but now the military is pretty much all triple digit IQs, so that avenue is out, too – & i don’t know what we replace that with.

  17. Agree with you here. Great ideas. The culture of the “underclasses” is really bad in addition to the IQ problem. You try to succeed as an inner city black in school and you are accused of “acting white”.

    Germany, when I lived there 50 years ago, had a similar system to what you are proposing. Grundschule to 8th grade for the low IQ types , Realschule to 10th for the middle IQ types and Gymnasium to 13th grade for the college material. Something like that might work here.

    I enlisted in the Army in 1965 and they took everyone back then. They are picky now so you are correct, that is not an avenue open to the low IQ folks anymore. In World War II only 25% of the enlisted men had a high school diploma. Forgot where I read that.

  18. “I enlisted in the Army in 1965 and they took everyone back then. They are picky now so you are correct, that is not an avenue open to the low IQ folks anymore. In World War II only 25% of the enlisted men had a high school diploma. Forgot where I read that.”

    The ASVAB is racist. Someone needs to malign encourage a disparate impact lawsuit against the US Army — let get some number of NAMs reflecting their population prevalence operating the nuclear reactors on submarines (and/or the publicly for our position such a lawsuit would bring).

    • your subtle sarcasm is brilliant – i think i missed it the first time thru! so, bear with me here: the ASVAB predicts equally accurately for all groups (a low score on whatever accurately predicts poor performance on whatever outcome, etc.) the lawsuit should’ve been over the time in the late 1970s (when i went in!) when they misnormed the ASVAB & inadvertently let many low scoring people in – most of whom performed like low scoring people (from any group) do – more dropped out during boot camp, very few completed their enlistment, but every once in a while, one made it thru (a career even) who would not have gotten in otherwise. admission requirements were purposely lowered for a time during the war in vietnam to get more people in. but the 1978 misnorming was accidental – some of my boot camp friends barely made it thu 8th grade, etc. it was kind of rude to all the ones who were let in then who intellectually could not hack it – they could claim some kind of trauma i suppose. more traumatic tho for those of us who stayed in!

  19. Andrew Clark, Your letter is the Trojan horse. You are the real mask behind the Union run racist public schools system… it’s amazing that progressive Dems like you can get away with this secret for so many years. Your anti-christian, pro-choice mask that actually wants NO choice for the living.

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