The Cultural Marxist Ghettoization of Northern Folkways

As has already been noted at Occam’s Razor (here, here, here, here and here), one of the on-going wars of Cultural Marxists / the Cathedral is the war against traditional European folkways, most recently demonstrated by the ghettoization of Western norms.  Yes, one sees the usual suspects behind all this, although others, like blacks and mestizos, are quick to join in, and their bête noire above all others is often the traditional folkways of Germanic peoples.

Exhibit A:  A recent piece by some black woman named Aisha Harris at Slate, entitled “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore.”  Yes, she thinks Santa henceforth should be a negro, nevermind the historical reality of Santa, which is: Santa is a composite of various European pagan and Christian figures, starting with Odin leading his ghostly yule procession through the sky, which was later overlaid with Christian elements like the Sinterklaas stories of central and northern Europe.  In short, Santa is European, which is precisely why these people want to wallpaper over him.

Exhibit B:  The recent Hobbit movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (released today).   Although this movie suffers from other problems, such as superfluous action scenes at the expense of story, this is the first movie of LotR franchise that displays diversity, although it is minimal.  Early on, some negro bounty hunter is briefly seen, and later in the film, at the Lake-town, one sees various negroes and other non-whites standing around with wassup? expressions on their faces.  Disappointing.  Peter Jackson was able to withstand Cultural Marxist pressures in his first four movies, but the pressure must have been too great.  (Looking at who now controls New Line Cinema, one shouldn’t be surprised.)  Of course, all of this is quite egregious when contrasted with Tolkien’s linguistic-mythological melieu, which is grounded in Germanic paganism. (There were dark people in Tolkien’s writings, but they were from the south (Endor / the Hither Lands, not Middle Earth), evil and sided with Sauron, and probably looked more like Asian Indians than negroes.)

Of course, there are other examples, like the movie Thor, which has already been thoroughly discussed by others.

One can only imagine the uproar if, for example, people tried to wallpaper over the racial realities of Chinese or African folkways.  Only whites, suffering from pathological altruism, seem to tolerate the complete and deliberate sabotaging of their folkways.  I, for one, am tired of it.


John Maelstrom writes:

On a lighter, and final note, Hobbit #2 finally delivers its first Black resident. You won’t even need a quick set of eyeballs, as the camera focuses on this townsperson at least twice to make sure you notice. I’m sure Peter Jackson feels this buys him an “Escape the racist accusation” card.

Not so fast, Pete!

For some reason, likely a “racist” one, this lone Black extra is cast in the Middle Earth equivalent of Detroit – Laketown (eerily evocative of Motown). For all their focus on aesthetic quality, this team of Kiwi filmmakers had to eventually cave in to the forces of political correctness, who have been crusading for a rainbow Middle Earth since the release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy a decade ago. No doubt this token Black will only wet the appetites of the Multicult and accusations of even deeper levels of racism are sure to follow this act of appeasement. Say a prayer of thanks that filming is complete for the Hobbit series and gird yourself for Hollywood’s adaptation of The Silmarillion.

And Trevor Lynch writes:

But it gets worse. As the greedy, scheming master of Laketown (played by the Jew Stephen Fry) addresses his people, the camera pans over the audience. At first, I thought some Uruk Hai had crept in. But no, when the camera returned again and again, it became clear that Laketown is afflicted with dark, vibrant, nappy racial diversity.

Peter Jackson endured more than a decade of kvetching about the “racism” of his faithful adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, in which the races of Middle Earth are portrayed as white and their enemies dark. But now he has caved. The first Hobbit movie pullulates with pasty orcs and goblins. And now we have Negroes and Papuans in frigid Laketown.

This movie is an insult to the taste and intelligence of its audience and to the memory of J. R. R. Tolkien. I can’t recommend it, and it will only be out of a sense of duty to you, my audience, that I will rouse myself to see the final film next December.

Santa is really Odin (via Land)

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13 thoughts on “The Cultural Marxist Ghettoization of Northern Folkways

  1. As noted within the Thor discussion, much of the “ghettoization” may be explained as owing to the superior quality of European culture, and we shouldn’t be ashamed that others wish to appropriate what is “white,” by which we usually mean European (not caucasian, the racially accurate rendering). In our own past, the Romans adopted Greek gods, mostly intact, becuase these deities provided a superior narrative. Some centuries later, Europeans all adopted an Canaanite/Palestinian/Israeli/Anatolian deity, YHWH, in a Romanized form, the Christ, because this provided us a better narrative than the old north gods and myths, but we were sure to add a few adjustments to make these three new deities and the supporting cast a bit more palatable (that is, spicy), rather than succumb to the unmediated mediocre flavor of Middle-Eastern religions.

    My son is presently enrolled in a martial arts school taught by a white man who has, himself, mastered several martial arts styles. While I do not doubt the overall superiority of American culture (the founder of the style was a Vietnamnese man with significant American ties and many academic and professional accomplishments who eventually settled in America), we cannot completely ignore the ridiculous mastery of the human body which Asian martial arts perfects. So, post Bruce Lee et al, we have begun to adopt martial arts into the instruction we provide our children and ourselves, among the more common skills such as riflery, running sports, and ball sports, all of which are modestly tied to martial pursuits that come later. While there are some Asian kids (half adopted by white parents) and a couple black kids, there’s still no Hispanic. I credit that to the lack of integration of Hispanics into American culture, and our adoption of martial arts as pragmatic. In like manner, these other cultures want the best for their children, so they adapt European ways. It’s a compliment; just don’t let them forget Santa’s white.

  2. The Avengers movies have a little diversity, but they confine it to characters who while it can be claimed are significant (Heimdahl, Nick Fury) are in fact pretty peripheral to the story. All the rest of the characters are white people acting white, as is the story, with the exception of Natalie Portman as the damsel in distress, who is also a pretty marginal character in spite of her screen time.

    “The Avengers” is actually a relic of a past age, a World War II movie, from when TPTB wanted European-Americans of different national backgrounds to come together to fight TPTB’s enemies. You have an Irish-American, an Italian-American, a Welsh-American, a German-American, and a Danish/Jewish-American all under the leadership of a British-accented aristocrat, teaming up (not without some friction!) to fight another British-accented aristocrat and his subhuman minions (since British-accented aristocrats can be both good and bad guys, but the bad guy BAA will have subhuman minions.)

  3. Netherlands negroes chimping out about tradition of ‘Black Pete’. If you don’t like Dutch trads, go back to your African mudhuts.

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    • Yeah but they had all kinds of different alien characters and background figures in the Star Wars movies. Whereas The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are clearly based in a northern European based setting.

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  7. Regarding The Hobbit 2, it was so contrived. There was basically one scene in the movie where some guy is speaking to the town crowd, and the camera makes sure to focus on the few non-whites in the crowd for the shots where they show the crowd’s reaction to the speaker. It was obvious they were deliberately showing the non-whites for those few 2 ~ 3 second shots. That was it and there aren’t any other scenes with non-whites. It was so insincere and contrived. Not to say they should have been sincere and featured non-whites even more. But if just a few insincere and contrived shots are sufficient as a response to charges of “racism”, why even bother having them at all?

  8. I haven’t seen The Hobbit – because I suspected as much. I never asked anybody, hadn’t read any reviews or even seen the trailer, but I knew that the all-white caste couldn’t last. I felt that this good thing (from the previous installments) had to have come to an end. So thanks for confirming this for me. Now I know I was right.

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