Satan, Dysgenics & Elites

Land draws attention to a statue of Satan that a group wants to erect at the Oklahoma capitol, which reminds me of the infamous 1972 Rothschild party (the inspiration for the cult scene in Eyes Wide Shut)  where Marie-Hélène Rothschild is dressed up as the Baphomet form of Satan:

Regardless where one comes down on Satan imagery of Rothschild parties, you have to admit that these parties had style —- unlike the Skull & Bones party of 2008 which involved hipster non-whites doing shots, listening to rap music, and jumping on furniture.

Still, one can see witness the progression of Western dysgenics in the form of parties of elites:  Beowulf party at Heorot –> Anthony Trollope’s depictions of decadent (yet grand) hunting parties –> Rothschild costume party –> Skull & Bones hipster party.

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