How HBD Will Make you a Better Person

I like Rod Dreher, but all too often Dreher will happen upon a truth, only to back away from it.  Case in point:  Dreher’s recent post on HBD, where in essence Dreher says (1) human biodiversity is real but (2) it shouldn’t be publicly promoted as it conflicts with the precepts of the Cathedral.  Dreher’s chain of reasoning somehow concludes that public recognition of HBD could result in genocide.  He writes:

I flat-out don’t trust our species to handle the knowledge of human biodiversity without turning it into an ideology of dehumanization, racism, and at worst, genocide. Put another way, I am hostile to this kind of thing not because I believe it’s probably false, but because I believe a lot of it is probably true — and we have shown that we, by our natures, can’t handle this kind of truth….

You start out exploring the science of genetic differences, which is, or ought to be, a neutral thing, and before you know it you have the greatest scientific authorities in the world coming up with eugenic theories supporting the idea of “life unworthy of life,” and then you end with Auschwitz.

I do applaud Dreher for his candor.  He writes what many people probably think in secret.

But there are a number of flaws to this view.  I’ll list  a few.

First, the bogeyman of eugenics.  Eugenics is nothing new.  Plato and Aristotle popularized eugenics.  In fact, at least for Europeans and North Asians, eugenics has probably been around in various forms for the past 10,000 years.  And although the popular imagination conjures up images of gas chambers when thinking of eugenics, in reality eugenics has often been prudent government policy such as encouraging the best and brightest to have more kids.

Second, forbidden knowledge does not result in genocide.  The problem with this view is that genocide has been the norm throughout human history — that is, until very recently.  On a historical timeline, our recent scientific knowledge of racial differences actually negatively correlates with the historic trend of genocide.

Third, HBD in the broad view is not some new, radical way of looking at the world.   A pre-scientific understanding of racial differences has been around since at least the ancient world.  It’s nothing new.  In fact, the hereditarian outlook was the norm in both Ancient and Medieval Europe.  Blank-Slatisim is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Fourth, Dreher fancies himself a Christian evolutionist.  He accepts the obvious truth of Darwinian evolution, but simultaneously holds an ultimate Christian view of the world.  If, extrapolating from Dreher, God set the laws of evolution into motion and evolution brought about HBD, why should one be obliged to ignore this obvious truth of the world?  I don’t get it.

Fifth, Auschwitz?  Yawn.  The Reductio ad Hitlerum is so 20th century.

Now on to some of the benefits of HBD:  How HBD will make you a better person:

– Understanding limits.  You will understand the limits of certain groups and not become frustrated when certain groups cannot attain the same success as other groups.

– Recognition of HBD would lower white liberals’ expectations for blacks and mestizos, which in turn would lower blacks and mestizos’ expectations for themselves.  For instance, part of the black psychosis — high narcissism with poor performance — is that blacks are told the reason they always are below whites in all meaningful indices is because of white racism, not their own abilities, which can result in violent black-on-white crime.  As any wise teacher or parent knows, realistic expectations produce more content children.  A public recognition of HBD, after the initial shock wears off, could actually make blacks happier.

– Although HBD might not be the guiding principle of policy, it could certainly inform it — especially on topics like immigration.

– In the long-term, acknowledging veritas, however bitter that pill might be, will only make one wiser and stronger.  Realism is a good thing, and naively idealistic people like white Americans need more of it.  (Just look at the disasterous American foreign policy, devoid of both truth and realism.)


Outsideness: Shorter Rod Dreher: “We’re lying to everyone, and they’re telling the truth, but we’re the good guys (because Hitler).”

Land on Dreher.


30 thoughts on “How HBD Will Make you a Better Person

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  2. “- Recognition of HBD would lower white liberals’ expectations for blacks and mestizos”

    Or maybe we should actually encourage interracial marriages as a way of overcoming HBD and promoting equality between all races.

    • Since mulattoes tend to average between blacks and whites in IQ, race-mixing might be beneficial for blacks but detrimental to whites. Talk about leveling: The black race lags behind the white race; ergo, let’s destroy the white race.

      Besides, in places with widespread miscegenation, like Brazil (50% mulatto), there still exists a hierarchy of pigmentation: light on top; dark on bottom.

      See: “Benefits of Hybrid Vigor Overstated

    • Arthur is the leftist commentator who is promoting “equality” by advocating for the genetic genocide of European caucasian people.

      Arthur is the type of person who claims to believe in diversity but wants to destroy all of the unique, beautiful, separate races.

      Arthur is the type of person who claims to believe in tolerance, but wants to genocide a group of people because he can’t tolerate the idea of hbd.

    • Please Arthur, don’t ever hesitate in genociding out european nations worldwide (nor the partial ethnocide of non-euros) if you feel it will help your aprioristic acritically-assumed moral goal of Über-Equality. They are your brothers, but just think in the moral status you’re going to achieve.

      You know you’re the good guy deep inside of you.

  3. If noticing HBD will lead to genocide, then racial differences must be huge. If racial differences were trivial, why would they bother us?

    HBD bothers us because it shows that blacks are much stronger and tougher than whites and therefore pose a serious physical-sexual threat to white pride and survival. Blacks pose a serious threat to the well-being of whites.

    Ignoring this fact is leading to white genocide in South Africa. White Afrikaners should have duly noted racial differences and carved out a separate state of their own. But they embraced the myth of colorblind society and are thereby being raped and beaten.

    Also, HBD shows that Ashkenazi Jews are smarter and will use their elite powers to wage democidal war on white America. Thanks to Jewish power, American and European whites have been reduced to whore-slaves of the NWO.

    So, the evidence is in that ignoring HBD leads to genocide of white civilization.

  4. Interesting to see the hissy fit that liberals are having over Dreher’s comments, see here and here, for example. The comments sections in particular are a treasure trove of liberal creationist stupidity. These people who no doubt fancy themselves as members of the “reality-based community” are stumbling over each other in a competition over who can come up with the most scientifically illiterate argument in favor human neurological uniformity. The great psychometrician and behavior geneticist Stephen Jay Gould is naturally the highest authority they rely on.

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  6. Excellent post, AWC.

    Dreher may not be a genius, but he’s surely smart enough to understand that if one believes (1) that hbd is true & (2) that people cannot be trusted with the belief that hbd is true – well, then, ONE MUSTN’T SAY SO IN PUBLIC. Which he just did.

    Truly strange.

    • @VINTEUIL9

      You’re absolutely on spot. You’re onto something, for sure.

      Dreher is not exactly brave, nor the smartest guy out there, but he is no stupid at all. The most beautiful part of his trick is its simplicity. It’s childish, in the good sense. It feels like something uttered in the playground.

      “You know guys, I’m completely against biological realism, because I also share your leftist-inoculated irrational fears (Hitler), but those evil eeevil guys, the HBDers, well, they’re right, y’know… ”

      Unrelated: Andrea was faster and pointed out exactly the same idea I was going to:

      “…Dreher’s chain of reasoning somehow concludes that public recognition of HBD could result in genocide…”

      Well Rod, what is empirically true, because it is happening exactly in front of our eyes, is that HBD negationism is driving euro peoples to extinction. Worldwide. Our maladaptive morals, with their emphasis in universalist individualism and egalitarianism, are driving us to extinction.

      “Social shaming of mongrelizing? Raciiiiiist!!!!!”

      “Moral criticism of immigration? Heartless monster!!!!!”

      And so on.

  7. Random chance and mutation (in any population of living things) will ensure that there is a spectrum of aptitude across all specimens. At one end are the highly productive and capable (as in self-reliant, resilient, and robust), and at the other end are the least productive and capable (as in ill, weak, needy, and loud). If you are in the former group, cooperation is an enhancement to the survive and thrive imperative. In you are in the latter group, coercion via egalitarian entitlement is a desperate necessity for survival.

    If you are quite intelligent, but think that you may be in the latter category due to possessing a skill set that may not be particularly valuable during times of deprivation and hardship; then the idea of government as the Cathedral will have great appeal. It is in your self-interest to advocate for third party redistribution of resources. Trying to persuade someone to alter or renounce a core survival habit is a bit like trying to persuade them to give up bipedalism and become a quadruped again.

  8. HBD is a failure for two simple reasons:

    It posits “equal” mechanical origins and denies man’s free will just as one would expect a “good” liberal to believe.


    It’s adherents adamantly deny the homosexual “nature.”

    HBD is a false front designed to advance the autonomy of a certain type of “white” liberal known as “nerd.”

    • “It posits ‘equal’ mechanical origins and denies man’s free will just as one would expect a ‘good’ liberal to believe.”

      (Not so well-behaved) liberal here. No, free will does not exist.

      “It’s adherents adamantly deny the homosexual ‘nature.'”

      Not quite.

      “HBD is a false front designed to advance the autonomy of a certain type of ‘white’ liberal known as ‘nerd.'”

      Some of us are Black.

      • Jayman…

        From your perspective, my kind of free will does not exist BUT that is only because you believe in “equal” mechanical origins for ALL life. HBDers argue about unequal results, but that does not alter fundamental facts. HBDers and Liberal blank-slaters both deny man’s free will BECAUSE they believe in “equal” mechanical origins.

        Your second point seems to suggest a mechanical cause for homosexuality. Again, where your mind seeks solution it is first to be understood that you operate under the claim that man has no free will and so a solution MUST BE mechanical. I simply see homosexuality as the manner in which one pleasures himself to death. Certainly, memetically infectious.

        And what can I say about a black nerd?

        THEY.DO.NOT.EXIST… But the “white” male nerd (doubly redundant) isn’t about to face that provocation face on.

        It’s why HBD was born…

      • Jay man,
        we are not radical, I think there may be a free will but with individual biological limits. I mean, I can fly?
        No, I do not have wings, have no biological conditioning mechanic that makes me fly, but I can skip.
        I can think in abstractions and metaphors? Yes, I can. I can think of applied mathematics and non-theoretical physics? No.

        Free will is the choice of what you have on hand or genes. The rest is pure genetics. I mean, our genetic variability inside makes us able to choose.
        What I think Thordaddy said really makes sense. You and many others continue to believe especially in mechanism. His children of Descartes, humpf.
        I’m pray to you, G-O-D ever hear me.

    • 1. Most cultures and pagan religions throughout history believed in some form of fatalism due to the awareness of cause-and-effect.

      2. There’s nothing inherently “leftist” about it, in fact most of the far-right and alt-right don’t believe in free will either. Most popular beliefs about freewill come from the liberal values of the enlightenment.

      3. What proof due you have of hbd being a false front?

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  10. @ thordaddy re: “unequal results”
    biologically there are no “results” – only current snapshots in time – things are the way they are right now due to natural & sexual selection & some traits being more valuable in some geographic regions. it’s clear that mean group differences in IQ are pretty biological, & even though they’ve been consistent for a century (many centuries if we count developing civilization & writing as a proxy for IQ), we would not call them “results” – just a current fact. 3000 years from now perhaps only small mammals will be around & humans were just a temporary thing, or humans will select for nimble quickness & eventually became more like large marmosets or whatever. we’re not a be-all & end-all apex of anything – it’s just a process – we’re part of the process. some of us leave god(s) out of the explanation b/c He/it/they are not necessary to explaining the process. (e.g., see the name of this blog:)

    • Panjoomby,

      I’m not really interested in arguing whether the “white” collective is smarter than the “black” collective and this is due to the sum total of all past interactions with their respective environments. I get it, bro. The thing is, the “white” collective is self-annihilating without question. And the “black” collective, it would certainly self-annihilate if forced to separate and segregate from “white man.”

      So when you take this observation and add “equal” mechanical origins, it equals certain DEATH for the “white” and “black” collective.

      Now, there are those who take glee in such inevitability, but nonetheless, do not dare speak about or against this unraveling for self-evident reasons.

      • dude, i should’ve asked before – what do you mean by “mechanical origins?” sounds like an engineering term! it’s hard enough figuring out what people mean by “free will” – the philosophers have bunged that term up. i’ll take edmund burke over thomas paine – that’s all i know.

      • “Mechanical” origins are those origins to which the reality of free will can not ever manifest within any organism.

  11. so it means like “no ghost in the machine?” (if i’m right you don’t have to respond, but if i’m wrong..:)
    tho i’m a staunch bio-evolution guy – i hold out for there’s something funny, possibly eternal, going on inside us & all around (even knowing the reason i think/hope that way may be purely biological… or not:)

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