The Western “Demographic Crisis” Myth and the Cathedral Hive Mind

John Derbyshire has up an insightful post about Japan, wherein he surmises that the 21st century might belong to Japan since Japan appears to hold steadfast in avoiding Third World immigration and to be solving internally its own demographic transition.  History suggests that labor shortages (tight labor markets) often lead to greater efficiency and innovation.  David Frum wrote recently along these lines about robotics undercutting the “need” for immigrants.

Nonetheless, it has become a mantra in the West that declining birthrates and an aging population will lead to catastrophe — unless we open our borders to the Third World. These warnings, though, often seem greatly exaggerated.  Dennis Mangan wrote, “Russia’s population today is about the same as it was in the early 80s. That constitutes a crisis?”

History doesn’t really bear out this supposed demographic crisis.  The Malthusian and pre-penicillin West often saw great population vicissitudes that worked themselves out.   The Black Death might have killed off 1/3 of the European population, but the end result was tighter labor markets, increased efficiency, and an eventual increased standard of living.   Europeans and North Asians are resilient and can respond to changing circumstances.

The call for “more immigration” really isn’t a reflection of a “demographic crisis” but one of the Cathedral’s central religious doctrines:  Immigration Is Good.

How the chattering heads could be so wrong about the need for more immigration reflects a central problem with Western democracy today: no effective feedback system.  Nick Land writes,

The result is that every effective discovery process — whether economic, scientific, or of any other kind — is subjected to ever-more radical subversion by political influences whose only ‘reality principle’ is internal: based on closed-circuit social manipulation…. Democracy is thus, strictly speaking, a production of collective insanity, or dissociation from reality….

In short, Western democracies believe and promulgate Immigration is Good, and that’s all that matters.  Everything else is inconsequential; the Cathedral Hive Mind says so.

Interestingly, a hive mind in nature is generally adaptive. For instance, in a hive of honey bees, various worker bees perform dances demonstrating the location of food.  The information of some scouts might be wrong, so the hive mind eventually is able to discern the reliable from the unreliable information, which results in the creation of more honey, an absolute necessity for the survival of winter.  If this feedback system fails, the hive dies.

Our Cathedral hive mind, however, figured out how to make honey for multiple winters in one season, which provided immediate benefits, but now results in living off stocked-up capital and inaccurate signaling feedback.  The Cathedral has become a closed system, and it no longer receives signal feedback from nature; it is at war with nature.

But in the end, my money is on nature.


Helian Unbound on Derb & Demographics.

17 thoughts on “The Western “Demographic Crisis” Myth and the Cathedral Hive Mind

  1. Where are the nubiles ready to inspect my noble phenotype? Forget this Cathedral stuff.
    That’s not the feedback loop I’m looking for, nudge wink know what I mean.

    And WHERE’S MY MONEY!! What Billionaires_?!!

    You will of course here this again 😉

  2. Well to get serious, the key to a Hive is the Queen. Now..what is it? we know it’s no “Who”. It’s a what. So..What? I think Yarvin could answer.

  3. Yup, more or less, the demographic catastrophe nonsense that floats around is all bullshit. Temporary sub-replacement fertility can be a plus, long-term.

    But then, I’ve been saying that for a while…

    • And it’s not as if fertility can’t be raised by government intervention. This is taken as dogma by the entire Cathedral, but Putin tried it and it worked. Hell, East Germany didn’t have the problem of low fertility among college graduates… but, no, there’s nothing for it but cheap chalupas.

  4. For the Cathedral it’s not simply that “immigration is good,” it’s that “non-white immigration is good”. It’s not advertised as such, of course.

  5. I agree with this argument that the so-called demographic crisis is being used to promote immigration for its own sake. The entire developed and semi-developed world (China, Russia, rest of East Asia) will experience stable or slightly declining populations in the coming decades. The West (both Europe and North America) have chosen immigration to “solve” this problem. The Japanese choose increased automation instead. From a scientific experiment/risk management stadpoint, it makes sense for different regions to try different methods to resolve this problem. An experiment with no control group and with all test groups being subject to the same parameters is meaningless. Nevertheless, this is precisely what the Western pundits propose for all societies, that ALL societies must solve the coming depopulation with immigration. That one society, Japan, might try a different approach seems not to be acceptable to Western pundits.

  6. Something else that annoys me about these “demographic crisis” people and their insistence that it can only be fixed with immigration is that many of these people are the same people who argue for why we have to reduce our material standard of living in order to prevent global warming or some similar crap. If this is a real issue, would not having more immigrants make it worse?

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  8. This nonsense is eagerly promoted by realtors and related persons, who believe monetary inflation is growth. 90-day thinkers don’t consider their grandchildren’s lives, even if they have them.

  9. The demographic crisis IS actually a crisis – for the cathedral. Consider who breeds and who doesn’t in white countries, the cathedral fears that future. Also a constantly expanding population is necessary for cathedral’s progressive tax and welfare policies to function. Bring in the third world, swamp the whites, and expand the taxpayer base – crisis averted and power stays intact.

    The demographic crisis is no crisis at all for the people under the cathedral, without immigration it would actually be blessing…

  10. I think dissociation from natural reality, and thinking it possible to construct a reality independent of nature’s constraints, is the female mind taken to its extreme. (the MSM, feminists)
    Dissociation from social reality, thinking it possible to construct a reality independent of society, is the male mind taken to its extreme. (engineering nerds, survivalists, mountaineers, lone wolves of all sorts)
    Neither is particularly beneficial to the individual. But technology has already given us the tools to overcome nature, and it is progressing towards the ability to do without social interaction.

  11. Well, yes & no.

    Yes: all else being equal, there’s no particular reason to want more people around rather than fewer. There are more than enough people around as it is.

    No: all else is not equal. Some people are declining in number, while some others increase.

    *That’s* the “Demographic Crisis.”

    • Indeed. The rightist demographic crisis is “there’s less of our people; other cultures/ethnicities will have more influence in the future.” The leftist demographics crisis is “there’s not enough new workers to prop up our socialist pyramid scheme! Quck, find some immigrants!”

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