Poll: Would you rather be governed by Putin or Obama?

I’ve heard many people talking about this recently, so I thought I’d put up a readers’ poll.


Personally, I’d go with Putin in a heartbeat. The anti-Russia sentiment in the USA now almost entirely stems from a group of neocons who are still angry because (1) things that allegedly happened to their Ashkenazi grandparents and great-grandparents a long time ago Russia and (2) Putin thought it better for Russian resources to be controlled by ethnic Russians rather than a small cadre of oligarchs.

Putin may be no angel, but at least he kicked out the corrupt oligarchs, is making efforts to  curb immigration, is stabilizing white birthrates (although the “demographic crisis” is a myth), and has not let Russia’s ethnic ancestral traditions be completely trashed by globalist Cultural Marxists.  And Putin’s just a cool-looking alpha.



Primer on Human Biodiversity and Immigration

Philip Giraldi on the Neocons, Ukraine, Russia, and the Oligarchs


Comment: “And in terms of racial genetic distances, white Americans would be around 55x more closely related to Putin than to Obama (notwithstanding Obama’s white mom).”

And not only is Putin more athletic than Obama, he also is better educated.  While the “internationalist” Obama only has somewhat mastered English, the more “isolationist” Putin knows Russian, German and English.  (Funny thing, that. The “isolationist” Calvin Coolidge knew Latin, Greek, German, French and Italian, and the “isolationist” ancient Spartans had the best army of their time.)

25 thoughts on “Poll: Would you rather be governed by Putin or Obama?

    • Good point. Putin is better than Obama as he feels solidarity to the nation he governs, whereas Obama does not. On the other hand, Putin is not an American, so if he governed the U.S. there is no guarantee that he would care about our interests instead of governing us for the benefit of Russia.

      I would rather be governed by Putin if I were a Russian than I would by Obama as an American. I’m not certain that I would rather be governed by Putin as an American, though, as Putin’s first loyalty is to his people and I am not one of them.

  1. You know, I would be more considerate of Obama’s presidency if he actually had a connection to the American slave experience. He really is a foreigner, or just a deracinated SWPL with the ultimate cachet: a black father.

    From what I can see, he defers heavily to Jews and menopausal women.

  2. The fact that I’m homosexual would probably make most people think I hate Putin, but I don’t. I don’t like him, but I don’t automatically hate him. I wouldn’t want to live in Russia; I’d rather not be harassed on camera or immolated in my own car, even if my behavior and mannerisms are gender-typical. But I trust Putin more than I do Obama. I know what Putin is going to do, if only because I’ve read a lot of realpolitik works, which is probably the system Putin subscribes to. That said, what’s good for a Slav is probably not what’s good for a (mostly) German.

  3. Why the heck is anyone worried about Obama’s Ethnicity? It’s immaterial–he’s either incompetent or actively trying to damage the Republic. Putin is trying to maintain and improve the Russian Republic. IF we exchanged leaders, Putin would try to maintain and improve this republic, and Obama would try to run down the Russian republic. Put however, has the courage to lookat special interest and sexual groups and say “No–Not Here”.

  4. Coin flip, leaning towards Mom Jeans as the lesser evil. Putin is not a nice man, and he has the balls to act on it a lot harder than Jug-Ears does. If Urkel had Putin’s ‘nads, he’d have done a lot more damage by now.

    An American Putin… what’s that, T.R.? FDR?

    No thanks. Give me Coolidge or give me Washington.

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  6. No-brainer, Putin reps his people. Obama is part of the Hostile Elite (ChicagoZio). O is hostile to the historic people (White) of his country.

  7. Well, I’m pretty ambivelent about volunteering to be ruled by Putin, but I will say this: if it ever comes to war between the US and Russia, I’ll be sitting it out. Let the gays, the feminists, the illegal immigrants and the welfare recipients go fight them. They have something to defend. I don’t.

  8. Since Putin isn’t a warlord like Obama or Bush.

    Putin could address the needs of the country way better. I will go for Putin here.

  9. No one commenting here can see beneath the facade of either Putin or Obama. This makes the commentary a bit masturbatory. Nothing wrong with masturbation, of course. It won’t be long before bioscience is able to grow new eyes. 😉

  10. My friend in Ukraine says his family in Crimea are happy about the Russians taking over. They are ethnic Ukrainian. Kiev on the other hand is in chaos.

    Putin wins hands down for two reasons. He loves his country and doesn’t actively hate America like O. I don’t think he loves America but he doesn’t despise us.

  11. I’ve read someones want to exchange Putin and Obama. Let’s do it. Russia needs such kind of a president to rule it, a black but softer than a Caucasian who are named black (churniya) in Russia. Such people like you call black in Russia are named niggers (niegry) with no racism in the mind. Don’t be worry, Putin won’t seek for Russian interests after his ass found in American chair, because he’s seeking only for the interests of his neighbors by country house community Ozero. But he’s a real boon for your mentality. He destroyed almost all social facilities in Russia. And, of course, you’ll need his pet hamster Mr. Medvedev firstly to touch up your constitution a little, as this sweet pair made with Russian one to make Putin’s ass sit longer in his comfortable chair.

  12. I live in eastern Ukraine.I just want to let you know that Putin is our only hope.He is the only one who is telling the truth about the situation in our country.Just right now our illegal Nazi goverment is killing russian-speaking people here.They arrest everyone who does not agree with their policy.We try to protect our culture and life but we have no weapon.It’s a shame that this Nazi regime is supported by American government. Don’t believe your mass media.They disinform you.I’m happy for those people in the Crimea.At least they are protected,we are not.I wish I had moved to Russia a couple of years ago.The Nazis follow the pieces of advice of american politicians here.They will be happy if we just die out.Hope you believe me,hope we’ll be able to survive.

  13. Calvin Coolidge was the greatest president of the 20th Century: Low immigration, high tariffs, minimal foreign intervention and for real small government. Incredibly,USG actually shrank during his administration. But they don’t make WASPs like that anymore, the best we could do is to get some thuggish, cliché-spouting Southern Baptist general via a coup.

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