Are Republicans retarded? #CPAC

When listening to some of the rhetoric coming out of CPAC this year (see twitter feeds of VDare and Richard Spencer for highlights), I can’t help but wonder whether many Republicans are simple.  I mean, do Republicans *really* want to invest money in trying to win Detroit?   Did a Republican speaker actually say that immigration restriction is bad because it raises wages?  These people should be forced to live in Haiti for a year.

This much I know.  When it comes to the policies governing big, multiracial cities, the policies of the Democrats, as flawed as they may be, are generally better than the proposals put forward by Republicans.

For instance, in the big multiracial cities I’ve lived (all run by Democrat machines), Democrat leaders typically ward off all the blacks and mestizos into subsidized projects, give them some free handouts to calm them, and try their best to get them into family planning.   Democrat machines also oppose school vouchers / school choice, which keeps all the blacks and mestizos in the public schools.

Now, here’s what the Republicans want to do:  get rid of the walled-off subsidized housing, which means more violent blacks and mestizos will move to white areas.  Republicans are generally opposed to subsidized family planning (which means blacks and mestizos will reproduce more).  And Republicans support “school vouchers” so that low-IQ blacks and mestizos can attend largely white private schools (almost guaranteeing the destruction of private schools).

Let’s all pray for the destruction of the Republican Party.

15 thoughts on “Are Republicans retarded? #CPAC

  1. “Now, here’s what the Republicans want to do: get rid of the walled-off subsidized housing, which means more violent blacks and mestizos will move to white areas. Republicans are generally opposed to subsidized family planning (which means blacks and mestizos will reproduce more). And Republicans support “school vouchers” so that low-IQ blacks and mestizos can attend largely white private schools (almost guaranteeing the destruction of private schools).”

    I know what you mean. I can’t stand liberals, but I hate so many Republican policy proposals, such as the ones you mentioned, although I’m not really familiar with what you mean by getting rid of the walled-off subsidized housing. However, it sounds like a terrible idea. But school vouchers are a horrible idea. Where do they come up with this crap?

    I also didn’t like the Republicans ideas for privatizing Social Security, because I could just imagine that if a bunch of people were retiring at a time when the market was down or if a considerable number of people made bad investing decisions, the government would be forced to come in and bail them out. It would just be a disaster.

    • Perhaps it would be a disaster. But keep in mind that under the current convolution the government has to bail everyone out who has not accumulated a private retirement which is sufficient on it’s own, because social security has been made unsustainable. I suspect that the worst that would happen in the case of retiring when the markets are down, would be that one would have to retire a few years later and wait out the slump, or a t least part of the slump.

  2. Firstly, yes, of course a republicans are retarded. They’re not called the stupid party for nothing. That said, of the points you mentioned, I hadn’t thought of school vouchers the way you phrased it, essentially through the other end of the microscope.I’ve tended to reflexively favor them, because teacher unions hate them. Silly, I know.

    And, somewhat to my additional embarrassment, living as I do in the suburbs of Houston, it hadn’t occurred to me that the Democrats walled off the folks you mentioned, because, well, that’d be racist! Which shouldn’t shock me at all, because of course I know that white Democrats are almost as racist as black Democrats.

    • Also, if vouchers are used to let kids attend private schools it opens the door to lots of government meddling in private schools, because government money will essentially be supporting them. Privare vhools will lose their independence. Conservatives must stop adopting policies because they hurt groups they don’t like, and focus on policies that promote and protect our values and beliefs in a positive way.

  3. When they tore down the Chicago projects, all they did was spread the criminal element around the metro area. One of the formerly viable black middle-class neighborhoods, Chatham, has been practically destroyed by them. Some suburbs too. The gangs splintered, which led to a spike in murders. This wasn’t a Republican policy, but it was a bad one, and Republicans shouldn’t want to repeat it.

    Otherwise, Republicans have the idea that ghetto pathology can be neutralized by a combination of enterprise zones, school vouchers, and religion. If they seriously believe this, then yes, they are retarded.

  4. With pinpoint accuracy, you’ve described the way the Democratic party chooses to deal with (control) blacks/hispanics. The majority of blacks/hispanics obviously agree with this shepherding because they continuously vote to keep themselves locked away from the rest of society. They also belittle/degrade anyone who has the audacity to offer a way out of the downward spiral. God forbid a black man or women stand up and suggest that personal responsibility would be a path to prosperity.

    The projects in Chicago were like living in Haiti. The fact that Chicago’s violent element has dispersed throughout the city is due the refusal of the “progressive” authorities to target and take out the most violent of the violent. Denying the right of law-abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves and their communities with firearms simply emboldened the criminal element.

    Allowing minority children the ability to gain a good education via vouchers is simply a way to prevent them from becoming a productive part of society. Having skin in the game has a tendency to make people question why their taxes are so high and how those dollars are being used. A generation or two of minorities dispersing themselves into our communities via their personal successes would have dire consequences- Democratic politicians would be forced to justify their waste, fraud and abuse in order to clasp onto their dwindling voter base.

    The pseudo-intellectual GOP established ruling class are scared out of their wits. They can see their greatest fear coming to pass this November. The Republican Party has a real shot at taking back the Senate. On the surface that may sound good, but not if the majority is gained via Tea Party Conservatives who want to shrink the Government, stop the corruption, balance the budget, and abide by the Constitution.

    GOP Leadership can clearly see their gravy train leaving the station. The only way they can maintain control is to divide the party, ignore the wishes of their constituents, and water down the voice of the citizenry by pushing through amnesty.

    I don’t think I would characterize their actions as retarded. Pathetic money-grabbing turds is my analysis.

    • Also, if minorities were spread out, it would destroy their political power. If every congressional district or census tract consisted of 13% blacks, you’d have almost no black elected representatives. The Dems must be smart enough to realize that segregation is good for them.

  5. Instead of “one black a block” we need to have laws that limit section 8 rentals to 1 a block in the suburbs. That is manageable, and is at a threshold low enough not to trigger wholesale white flight or poison the local public school district I would much rather be much more restrictive, but one section 8 rental per block (or say 5% of every 100 houses) is politically feasible. I don’t like it, but it is better than the section 8 cancer spreading throughout many inner suburbs.

    That combined with Stand Your Ground laws, and property owning suburban jorors ought to keep the underclass in line.

  6. As I understand it, blacks tend to choose charter schools which are almost exclusively black, assuming that they are available. That is to say that they often self segregate. It may be possible to have a school voucher system which does not destroy private schools.

    • It’s probably best to keep government money out of private schools. We can continue to try charter schools, and see how they work out, but why would you want to give the government entrée to private schools?

  7. Idiot white evangelicals who oppose abortion – it’s the only thing that has stalled the black crime and birth rates.

    Everyone is brother in God. You see what’s wrong with Christianity.

  8. Of course Republicans are complete retards.

    If any politically rightward movement is to be made in this country, the Democrats’ controlled opposition will need to be destroyed. Modern ‘conservatism’ (i.e. conserving leftist policies from a decade ago) is just the first line of defence that the Left uses against dissenting rightist elements, who they funnel into a party this harmlessly stupid and incompetent.

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