The Achilles’ Heel of Northern Europeans: Outbreeding?

“The native stock of the West is clearly suffering from a mental sickness caused by too much outbreeding.” ~ Heartiste

I suppose that different conclusions can be drawn from the amazing work that HBD Chick has done on the Hajnal Line and outbreeding of Northwest Europeans, but I tend to agree with the sentiment of Heartiste above.  While outbreeding (i.e. outbreeding among co-ethnics but only distantly related ones) might have created certain advantages in smaller, homogenous countries (such as increased trust and individualism), in modern multiracial states it’s an Achilles’ heel, perhaps the Achilles’ heel for Westerners / whites, which in recent years has resulted in pathological altruism and ethnomasochism.  I mean, you actually have many SWPLs and white fundamentalist Christians now opting to adopt low-IQ black babies in lieu of passing on their own DNA. At some point, outbreeding becomes maladaptive.


Benefits of Hybrid Vigor Overstated


More discussion at Mangan’s.


Outbred White Pathological Altruism?

12 thoughts on “The Achilles’ Heel of Northern Europeans: Outbreeding?

  1. Someone on email list was also suggesting that North Asians might be also be too outbred, but you don’t see North Asians flying to Africa to adopt babies instead having or adopting Asian babies. Thoughts anyone?

    • The Asian continent, from Western Asia to Central Asia, to Southern Asia, to Eastern Asia, to Southeastern Asia, has valued colorist caste system for centuries. In their own continent, the Australoids, the darker Asians, act barbaric, primitive, matriarchal and are seen as lower.

    • It’s the whole “familiarity breeds contempt” thing. They have dark-skinned people on the Asian continent and are familiarized with them on a distant level. That’s why they fear dark skin.

  2. What a way to miss the point! It’s because a certain malicious group has parasitized and brainwashed Whites via media/education/banking control (women are esp vulnerable). They don’t have the same hatred for North Asians so don’t push them to act in suicidal adoption.

    • Meaning, 40% of Billionaires on this human earth are Jewish. Together their billions would make about 1 trillion not just in wealth accumulation, but in political influence as well.

  3. I think outbreeding may be greatly beneficial up to a point but beyond that point the glue holding a society becomes too weak. However I don’t think that’s enough on its own to destroy it; there still needs to be some kind of catalyst. The world wars would be one possibility. If the outbreeding eventually led to the large, cohesive, maximum synergy European nations it also led to their ability to fight incredible wars so I think at least part of the catalyst in the destruction of the West is a reaction to that – except the people who believe that are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  4. I have a genuine concern with dwindling northern european birth rates, de facto institutionalised feminism combined with the open door immigration policy business desires due to the profits to be made from globalisation that in about 50 or 100 or so years they will be ethnic minorities not just on the planet, but in their own native lands. It seems there’s some perverse form of socially engineered genetic and cultural suicide going on.

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  6. I don’t think those fundamentalists are adopting in lieu of having their own children. It looks like “in addition to” from here. It certainly isn’t so from my limited observation. Have you got any data to support the criticism?

  7. Why not just bring the solution in instead of complaining? Infographics like that are so hostile considerng that you could just specify the problem and then coherently outine a solution and execute.

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