Mexico & Genetic Diversity: HBD on the cutting edge of science

Mexico holds the record for many things.  For instance, Mexico is the fattest country on the planet.  Mexico also has the highest rate of diabetes on the planet.  (Interestingly, this astronomical rate of diabetes might be a result of the Amerindian ancestry of many Mexicans.)  Although not the most violent country in the world (esp. by African standards), Mexico is a very violent county; since 2006, more than 60,000 people in Mexico have been murdered, often the result of gang / cartel rivalries.

And, according to a recent study, it also seems that Mexico might be one of the most genetically diverse countries on the planet.   Mexico hosts various groups of Amerindians, Mestizos, and very small groups of Europeans.  Interestingly, a few dimwitted Cultural Marxist creationists have tried to spin this study to evince the Cultural Marxist mantra that “biological race doesn’t exist” — as if showing that elements can be blended together demonstrates that atoms don’t exist.   Probably most stunning, however, is how shocked people are – or at least pretend to be – by this study.  Are they clueless?  Where have they been for the past couple decades?

I mean, the CIA World Fact Book for the past couple decades has been reporting that Mexico is: 60% mestizo, 30% Amerindian, and less than 10% European.

Looking at the genetic ancestry of mestizos, Rubén Lisker in 2005 found the average admixture of lower-class mestizos of Mexico City to be:  59% Amerindian, 34% European, and 6% black.

Furthermore, for the past decade at least, HBD writers have been writing on the genetic diversity of Mexico.  See Steve Sailer’s: “Importing Mexico’s Worsening Racial Inequality” or SocioBiological Musings’ “What Race Are Hispanics?“.  Also interesting is Richard Lynn’s “Pigmentocracy: Racial Hierarchies in the Caribbean and Latin America,” which explores the racial caste system of Latin America showing that the upper-classes tend to be very European, while the lower classes tend to be more Amerindian, mestizo, or mulatto.  HBD bloggers have also argued that the cultural designation of ‘Hispanic’ should be broken down into racial groupings, such as Amerindian, Mestizo, European, etc.

The general surprise by many scientists and others who should know better on this topic – the genetic racial diversity of Mexico –  only underscores how much HBD is on the cutting edge of science.  If these people had been reading HBD writers for the past decade, nothing in this study would really be a surprise.

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12 thoughts on “Mexico & Genetic Diversity: HBD on the cutting edge of science

  1. It’s popcorn-worthy to watch the Cathedral freak out over this stuff. I mean, they had people like Jon Marks & Augustin Fuentes outright telling lies about Wade’s book…. I think these people know they can no longer win honest arguments, so their new strategy is to lie and spread disinformation.

  2. “Probably most stunning, however, is how shocked people are – or at least pretend to be – by this study.”

    Everyone with an ounce of a clue appreciates that Mexicans range from unadmixed recent European (and Near Eastern etc.) immigrants and substantially-European upper classes to unadmixed Amerindians, some predominantly West African populations in a few states, and — composing the plurality — a mestizo population with variable proportions of European, Native American, and African ancestry.

    What’s interesting here (but has been known for a while) is that pairs of *unadmixed* Mexican Amerindian populations can exhibit very high differentiation as measured by Fst:

    “The northernmost (Seri) and southernmost (Lacandon) populations define the extremes of the distribution, with very clear clustering of individuals by population, indicating high levels of divergence among groups (fig. S1). Seri and Lacandon show the highest level of population differentiation as measured with Wright’s fixation index FST (0.136, Fig. 1B and table S4), higher than the FST between Europeans and Chinese populations in HapMap3 (0.11) (11). Other populations within Mexico also show extreme FST values; for example, the Huichol and Tojolabal have a pairwise FST of 0.068, similar to that observed between the Gujarati Indians and the Chinese in HapMap3 (0.076). The high degree of differentiation between populations measured by FST argues that these populations have experienced high degrees of isolation.”

    You can btw see even more extreme Fst values in South America, iirc in the range of what you see for Sub-Saharan African/European pairs.

    This is not contradicted by significantly lower heterozygosity of Native Americans relative to Eurasians; the trend for Native American populations just seems to be that the groups are internally much more homogenous, highly drifted (less so in groups that have had larger effective population sizes like Mayan agriculturalists), and to have bridged by many fewer significant admixture events since their differentiation.

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  4. Mexican politics is also exceptional. It’s hugely ineffective and mostly ruled through bribery and nepotism. It probably doesn’t help when you have the same political party in power for 70-odd years.

  5. Why is there no discussion on the low-I.Q. Mestizos that we’re getting from Mexico, Central America, and South America? It sure isn’t the doctors, lawyers, or industrialists that are bombarding us from across the border….More mouths to feed, more crime, more poverty, more unemployment, and more ‘diversity’. Yay! The Mexican ‘elites’ are laughing as they dump their ‘undesirables’ on the US taxpayers. Thanks, Congress–you Marxist whores!

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  7. The remarkable thing about Amerinds is how dull they are. When you analyse any notable person from Latin America they are almost always of other ethnicity. Eg Salma Hayek and Shakira – both Middle Eastern. Gisele – German. Che Guevara – Irish. No reasonable def of Hispanic should include them.

    • Why do you consider Salma Hayek, Shakira, and Gisele to be notable? Che Guevara? Come on. I’m from Mexico and the most notable Mexican was a pure Zapotec indian named Benito Juarez, the first Amerindian to become president of a country in the Americas. Benito Mussolini was named after him. Benito Juarez was a brilliant man who was also a classical liberal. His most famous quotation was “Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.” He resisted the French occupation and restored the Republic. He separated the Church from the state.

  8. I’m from Mexico and I can tell you that after the 1910 revolution, which was a socialist revolution, the government started to promote the idea of a “Mexican Mestizo” race in order to create a sense of identity and unite the country. Schools started to teach that all Mexicans were “mestizo”, a mixture of indigenous with Spanish. I do not believe this is true. There are tons of mexicans with Lebanese, French, Arab, Chinese, etc. ancestry. I grew up in the state of Chihuahua where there are tons of blond and blue eyed people, which I’m sure are descendants of the French, not the Spaniards. For some reason, the Mexican government has recently started to promote our “black heritage” which is ridiculous considering the fact that there are more Mexicans of French descent than of African descent. It is obvious to me that the mexican government wants to alienate us from our European heritage, probably because Europeans are seen as conquerors (both French and Spanish). Anyway, I remember reading on the net that about 50% of the people of my state were predominantly European. This statistic doesn’t match the CIA stats (which do not come from the CIA but from the Mexican government data, right?) However, I do think this 50% predominantly european stat is true, at least in my state. I remember when I was in public school in Mexico, there was always a few students with Lebanese or German or some other foreign last name in every classroom. There was no French last names because the French adopted Spanish last names after they were expelled from Mexico and many decided to stay illegally. I think Mexico is really very racially diverse which I don’t consider a bad thing at all.

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