What is New Creationism?

New Creationism can be thought of as the anti-Darwinian religion of many of the far Left.

Terms and Sacred Rites:

New Creationists:  Those who profess to believe in Darwinism but deny biological reality of race and seem to think that human evolution for past 50k years has occurred only from the neck down.  In other words, New Creationists believe in miracles.

“Race does not exist” – the Nicene Creed of New Creationists (orthodox version)

“Race is a social construct” – the Nicene Creed of New Creationists (reformed version)

In short, New Creationism is the religion of the Cathedral.  As the Cathedral subscribes to an ideological form of radical universalism, New Creationism naturally follows from this.  And the religious implications are not accidental.   Just as many modern values are mere secularized Christian virtues (cf. MacIntyre), so New Creationism is a secularized form of the Christian idea of the unity of mankind through Adam & Eve.   The mere thought of taking evolution seriously — i.e. that human biodiversity naturally follows from evolution — is a horrifying thought to the gatekeepers of the Cathedral, so horrifying that the nakedness of evolution must be clothed with the shroud of New Creationism.

To see how much like a religion New Creationism is, look at all the scientific fraud of the last 100 years to promote New Creationist myths.


The Laws of the Cathedral. Obey or Perish!

Why the religious should reject Intelligent Design


The New Creationist meme is really catching on.  See here and here.


13 thoughts on “What is New Creationism?

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  2. It’s funny but the guardians of Cultural Marxist “science” — like PZ Myers, Gould or Lewontin — are just as big of creationists as any religious fundamentalist

  3. so New Creationism is a secularized form of the Christian idea of the unity of mankind through Adam & Eve.

    Despite ultimate human unity, the Bible, in particular Genesis, is actually pretty clear about the existence of race and about how races come about. See the table of nations after the Tower of Babel. So don’t blame the Bible or biblical literalism for egalitarian fundamentalism.

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  5. It doesn’t follow from young-earth creationism that micro-evolution didn’t happen. If it didn’t happen then all people would look like Adam & Eve, would have the same set of adaptations for disease resistance, diet, etc.

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  8. Cultural Marxists have long been at war with Darwinism. These Cultural Marxist “scientists” are really just ideological purists out to censor and silence politically incorrect science. They could care less about the truth. Just look at all the fraud of Boas, Gould and Lewontin.

  9. This may be the point where your blog jumps the shark. Certainly, goes in my trash bin.

    There is absolutely no difference between what you are doing here and godwining a conversation. And that is the best I can say about this.

    • Greggy Boy is just just frantic that some of us still have the balls to side with Darwin against the religion of New Creationism. I actually feel sorry for Greg. Here, Greg, read this and grow your balls back. Some free advice. Next time it’ll cost you.

    • I’d say that Laden is of the white race, almost certainly not a shark.

      …and that should surely be God winning rather than wining (and dining).

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